“Food Box” and Other Food

First of all, still pregnant! And my pregnancy brain is getting more and more out of control. The other day I wanted Hulk to grab me something from the fridge. But I couldn’t remember the word for “fridge”. So I called it a “food box.” That happened.

At least I’m still enjoying semi-nutritious meals from the Food Box. Like frozen Costco spring rolls and mixed veggies.


At least I’m still hitting up the gym. It’s a different experience lifting heavy things over a belly.


And there’s not many things better post workout than a coconut chocolate almond yogurt. I love these Chobani flips.


Time to get ready to go out for Indian with the family. Go make it a great day!

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Bacon, SF Fog, and Hanging In There

First off, I’m still pregnant. For those of you keeping score at home, my due date was yesterday. The little miss is certainly going to be fashionably late.


Yesterday I climbed 25 flights of stairs. Not sure if that’s really going to do anything to usher baby to the outside world, but it is a really good sweat when you only want to do things for 10 minutes at a time. It’s been my go-to lately for when I feel like I need to move, particularly when I’m getting those fake contractions and the only thing that provides relief is moving around for a bit.

I’m doing my best to stay upbeat about now being overdue. Since Squish was almost 3 weeks early, we were 100% convinced that Baby v2.0 would be early, too. How the gods laugh at the plans of man. But, there are some perks. Despite my massiveness, I’ve been getting really good sleep lately. And as a precautionary measure, we sent Squish off to stay with some friends for the week, in case I go into labor in the middle of the night and we can’t scramble to find someone to watch him while we go to the hospital, so I’m kid-free for the time being. And I’ve been working from home, so I gain back the 3 hours of daily commuting. Basically, I have all this free time on my hands now to sit and ponder what I can do to make baby arrive and not have all this free time anymore. Not sure if this is First World Problems or your garden-variety of irony.

Anyway, the perks of working from home include home-cooked breakfast, usually bacon and eggs.


Mmm, bacon. With a view.


Rain and fog have apparently returned to SF! Normally I was digging the warmer weather, but since I’m carrying around my own personal space heater these days and our apartment faces South, I was miserably hot all the time. Our big windows acted like a greenhouse and as soon as the sun hit them in the morning it would just cook, even if we drew all the blinds. That for sure is a First World Problem right there. “Boo, my 30-some story apartment with amazing views gets too hot when the weather is nice. FML.” So I’m pretty pleased with the fog and dreariness at this moment. Ask me again in two months, and I’ll be whining that isn’t California supposed to be warm and sunny? If I’m not too sleep-deprived from baby to realize what the weather is like.

That’s it for me. Go make it a great day!

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Favorites for Friday

So, I’ve been a bit of a Debbie Downer lately. I guess it’s mostly expected and forgiven, but it’s still annoying to be around someone that’s all Eeyore-like in life views for any extended amount of time. So I’m kicking myself in my maternity pants-clad butt and am finding some happy things to be happy about. So why not do a Friday Favorites post? Yay, favorite things! Here’s what’s putting a smile on my face lately:

1. Massive bags of frozen veggie blends from Costco. Seriously, why do I keep on forgetting that this is the easiest snack/part of dinner possible? Dump some veggies in a bowl, throw on some butter, salt, and pepper, then nuke until hot. So cheap, easy, and guilt-free.


2. Speaking of butter, this Buddah butter dish. Hulk just recently complained how long it’s taking to spread butter on veggies and stuff. And by “stuff” I mean all of the muffins I’ve been banking. So, we need to get a butter dish, since I don’t like having the butter sit on a plate on the counter. I just drop stuff in the unprotected butter all the time, like pans and elbows.  Anyway, this butter dish is awesome, especially when you say, “Buddah butter” out loud repeatedly and giggle.



Buddah buttah!

3. Freaking people out by doing very un-pregnant lady things. Last night I was feeling a bit pluckier than usual, so we went out to a bar. It’s very amusing to be seen at a bar nearly 10 months pregnant, dancing to dub step and sneaking sips of your husband’s Bud Light. I’m sure the management was thrilled at how I really brought to fruition their dreams of the hip, trendy bar they’ve always dreamed of managing. And while I was there I heard a remix of The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World.” No joke. Then today I went to the gym to lift some heavy things to see if that would induce labor. It didn’t, but people were giving me cautious looks. After the gym I went to Target to pick up some groceries and the lady checking me out was six months along herself. She asked me when I was due and I said, “Tuesday.”


That cheered me up so much. Good lord, people. I’m pregnant, not helpless, or dead.

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Stair Runs and Bake All the Things

Every time I’ve sat down to write a post, an overwhelming “ugh!” Hits me. Not because I don’t want to write, but because I feel like I have nothing to write about, besides, “still pregnant!” I don’t like only blogging about babies and stuff; that’s not really what I want this blog to be about. But I do want this blog to be about my life, and 39 weeks pregnant is my life right now.


Anyway, I’m still pregnant. I generally feel pretty great during the day, then usually get whacked upside the head by the Preggo Symptom Fairy around 6pm where suddenly my energy tanks and I get super achy and crampy. Which sucks because when I feel great during the day I make all sorts of plans for the evening, only to wallow with my snoogle and a heat pack in bed by 7:30.

I’ve also been trying to increase my activity level in hopes of instigation any sort of action that will lead to some sort of active labor. I’ve been walking to the train and back from my apartment, about a mile each way, and in the evening I run (okay, slowly walk) stairs in my building. Not all of them, just about 26 floors worth. It takes me about 10 minutes and gives me a pretty good sweat and energy burst. And then I hit the couch with my snoogle.

The other night we walked out to one of the piers on the Embarcadero. Pre-pregnancy we used to walk out there a lot as a family in the evening, but I haven’t been there since maybe March. It’s been a beautiful autumn in SF.


Besides All the Walking and Stairs, I’ve been bitten by a major baking bug. Cupcakes, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin muffins have all made an appearance out of my oven as of late. Hulk also perfected a homemade pumpkin spice latte recently, but he doesn’t tell me how he does it, and I’m fine with that as long as he produces one on demand when I request it. Why bother learning how to do something when someone else can do it better, and upon request?

Hopefully some day one of these posts will be introducing you to the little miss and be filled with complaints about newborn care as opposed to pregnancy symptoms. And my progress on the Couch-to-5k I plan on initiating as soon as I’m cleared for activity again. That will be refreshing.

Until then, make it a great day!

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Still Pregnant, Working Mom Life, and Other Randoms

I sent this to Hulk the other day.


He said, “Yeah, because that’s my job!” Or maybe I said that for him. I can’t remember. Pregnancy brain FTW.

I had an early work call this morning, and I stupidly decided to take it in the living room because Hulk was still asleep. This is stupid because Squish was most definitely up at that hour. I thought the iPad would be distraction enough to keep him quiet while I was on the call, but I forget the magic excitement of “Mom’s home!!!” trumps all electronic playthings.


Because if Mom’s home, that must mean she’s 100% available to play! She doesn’t do anything else, anyway.

I’m 0 for 3 in getting to my doctor’s appointments on time in the last 3 weeks. There are three buses I can take, and I always seem to pick the one that either has issues or gets delayed. At least it’s still cheaper than driving to the clinic, with gas and parking charges and all.

Speaking of muni, sometimes you find wisdom on the 38 line.


Saw that sticker on a door rail. It’s my new mantra as of late.

Still hanging in there. Go make it a great day!

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Still Waiting

Well, hello! I’ve been taking it easy lately. Mostly because I’m still pregnant and boring. Still in that “Garfield” phase where all I do is eat and sleep, with some going to work peppered in between naps and meals. I am really ready for this to be done with. But then I’ll have a baby, and there will be no more eat and sleep. Well, for me anyway. Baby will get lots of eat and sleep. I’ll be lucky to remember to throw down a few bites of something before managing to lay down for 10 minutes at a time. Yup, looking forward to going to this rodeo again.

In other news, how adorable was Squish on Halloween?


He was a shark. It’s handy to have a grandma that’s a real theatre costumer. Squish always gets custom-made Halloween costumes. He also did awesome at his first real trick-or-treat experience. We went to Belvedere Street in the Cole Valley neighborhood, and it was a very good idea. They block off the whole street, and it’s basically a block party trick-or-treat free-for-all. Squish figured out pretty quickly that ’twas candy being tossed in his little pumpkin pail. Unlike last year, when he wanted to eat the candy as soon as it was given to him, he was focused on the trick-or-treat experience and preferred to play with all of his candy booty on the Muni ride home instead of eating it all right away.


Don’t worry, the massive sugar consumption commenced once we got home and loaded some random cartoon Halloween special on Netflix. And then we gorged. Yes, I made him share his candy with me.


Saturday was my birthday. Squish learned to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. He still sings to me even though my birthday has passed but I do not bring this up. This way every day is kinda my birthday.

In other blog-related news, I decided to jump on board with BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month, or #nablopomo. The goal is a post a day all through November. Since this is my first November post, I’m doing a swell job already. Meh, as my dad always says, “it’s something to do.”

That’s all for now. Go be awesome and make it a great day. I’ll be sitting here, willing myself to go into labor :)

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A First-Timer’s Experience at Massage Envy Spa

In all fairness, I’m pretty horrible at self-care. I know what I should do, but I usually ignore all of that preventative maintenance stuff. Stretching after a run? Who has time for that? My hamstring’s bothering me again, but I’ll just walk it off instead of breaking out my therapy ball and doing some rolling. I’m not even a very good flosser. But a couple of the things I keep meaning to do a better job lately of is getting routine massages and doing a better job of my skin care routine. Fortunately, my friends at Massage Envy Spa seemed to telepathically know that I really needed to get a good prenatal massage and facial in before Baby v2.0 makes her arrival, so they offered me an opportunity to check out their massage and facial services. I had not been to a Massage Envy Spa before, but my sister is a member and has only had good things to say about it. And she’s right; my first experience was fabulous and I can’t wait to go again!


Oh, and before you get all wowed by my sudden improvement in photography, I didn’t take any pictures during my visit. It felt weird. So these are some photos from the Massage Envy Spa website.

Setting up my appointment was easy. You go online to massageenvy.com, find a convenient location near you, and fill out the appointment request form. At least, that’s how I did it. They called me back promptly to confirm the date, time, and services I requested. I had originally scheduled my massage for Saturday afternoon, but then Hulk and I had a major “I thought you were watching Squish” moment when we realized we had both booked non-preschooler activities for ourselves on Saturday. So I called them Friday to reschedule, and they were able to move my appointment to Sunday evening no problem. Which turned out to be a brilliant move, really. I am always booking my massage appointments Sunday night so I can just fall into bed and tackle Monday morning stress-free and well-rested!

My appointment-booker-person advised me to come a few minutes early so I could fill out the first-timer paperwork. I was getting a prenatal massage and facial, so I filled out a couple of quick forms with some brief medical and skincare history, what’s been bothering me, what I’m looking to get out of my service, and other good stuff for my therapists to know. I was pleased with the attentiveness of the staff. They offered me a glass of water and a trip to the restroom before I was introduced to my therapist and escorted to the treatment room. We chatted briefly about the paperwork notes I had completed and what I was looking to focus on (my crunchy computer muscles in my arms and shoulders) and then it was down to business.


The Nap, I mean, Treatment Room

The treatment room was just right. The lighting was dim, they were playing some soothing music, and the temperature was cool enough where I wasn’t sweating like crazy but the warm table and blankets made me quite comfortable. For prenatal massage, there is a couple of ways I’ve done it. One is with a special table with a cut-out for the belly in the middle, but I’ve only had that done once. The way most places do it that don’t have the belly-cut-out table is for you to lie on one side with pillows to bolster you up. Since I’m a huge neck-and-shoulder massage junkie, I actually prefer this to the belly table. I feel like they can really get in and do things one side at a time, and sometimes the belly table is made for normal size humans and not petite little 5’0″ me, so it was quite comfortable. That hour was over with much too quickly, let me tell you.

After my massage I was offered another glass of water (yay hydration! I was getting parched) and then my facial therapist came in. He and I chatted about my skincare routine, what I was looking for in my treatment, and told me what treatment he was going to provide for me. We skipped the facial peel, since it contains some stuff that’s not good for pregnant women to use, but we did the rest of the Environmental Shield Vitamin C product line facial, which is great since that’s the skin care routine I’ve been using. Now, I never get facials. I’ve had one in my life, and that was several years ago off a Groupon. So I have not much to compare it to. And normally I have pretty great skin, so it never occurs to me to seek out facials as part of my usual routine (he kept telling me “your skin is like butter!” which made my day). So after the series of steaming, gooping stuff on, wiping it off, gooping really nice-smelly stuff on, wiping it off, wrapping my face in warm towels, doing a bit of “extraction” on my nose, and gooping more stuff on I really didn’t know what to expect. But holy wow, if my skin was like butter before, it was like silk now. I couldn’t believe how soft it was! I was absolutely glowing. And I wish I took a picture of my massage/facial hair. It’s like bed head with a glow.


Kinda like this, only not as cute.

After a final glass of water, I thanked my therapists and checked out, in a floaty cloud of post-pampering dazed bliss. Good thing I only had a block to walk to get home. And as I mentioned before, getting my treatments done on a Sunday night was brilliant. I floated home and right to bed, with my stress level back to a reasonable baseline and all of my achy spots relieved, ready to tackle the week.

The moral of the story? Be kind to yourself and get a spa day booked.

Disclosure: My treatments were provided to me free of charge by Massage Envy Spa. All opinions are my own.

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Home Alone, the Mom Version

Another day, another latte on the Metro.


I am slowly getting back to reality after my mom-cation last week. Hulk was out of town for work, and Squish’s babysitter took him to Sacramento to visit family for the week. So I had the entire apartment all to myself for the first time in I don’t know how long.  I spent it mostly doing this:


… and then binge watching “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix and sleeping. Oh, and I cleaned the whole place in two hours, because there were no humans around me to get in my way. And I had a couple dinner dates with friends. It was nice not having to be responsible for other people for a while. Single people with no kids have no room to complain that they don’t have time. Unless they have real hobbies or charity work or, like, work three jobs or something. But really, when your time is all your own, it’s amazing how much you can do with it. Or squander it, as in my case.

Anyway, everyone came home over the weekend, so it’s back to live in the current normal again. We looked at houses. Again. I’m starting to lose faith that we’ll find something we really like before I go on maternity leave. I think we’ll have to settle for something we can do for now instead of something that we’re really excited about. But at the end of the day, whatever happens will happen and we did the best we could. I just fell in love with the perfect house again, and since the last time I let myself mentally move in only to have our offer turned down, I’m all morose and pining for it. Boo-hoo me, #firstworldproblems.

Speaking of boo, I actually put together a Halloween costume for this year. Squish’s grandma is making his costume and I know what it is, so I decided to theme it up to match what Squish will be going as. Here’s a hint:

download (1)

Too much awesome right there. Can you believe I haven’t seen it yet?

Hope you all had a glorious Fall weekend. Anyone pick up some pumpkins or apples? Go make it a great day!

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35 Weeks

I still haven’t wrapped my head around how much volume I take up now. I used to be able to squeeze in between the crowds in airports and busy SF streets without issue (benefits of being 5’0″ tall), but now I seem to have acquired all of this circumferential mass that I have yet figured out how to wield. Even at home, if Hulk doesn’t have is desk chair pulled all the way in, I get stuck trying to pass behind him on the way to my desk.


Elevator selfies are the best.

She’s still sitting breach from what I can tell. At my next appointment next week I may be sent in for an ultrasound and fetal stress test to see if she can handle being turned. I forgot to ask my doctor what happens if she can’t be turned. Well, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

Baby Size She’s about 20in long and weighs around 5 lb now. The doctor said she’s very similar in size if not a little bigger to what Squish was at this stage, and he was born at 6lb 8oz which was nice. Yay for small babies!

Symptoms Lots of puffy ankles, an achy belly from dragging all that weight around, and raging, furious heartburn. Other than that I’ve been feeling pretty normal.

Cravings I eat everything.

Weight Gain My weight gain has leveled off. I think I’ve gained around 30 lbs. My doctor said my weight gain has been right on par with what I gained with Squish, with some weeks the numbers matching exactly. And I dropped the baby weight like a bad habit when I was nursing, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be down to my “fighting weight” after a few months postpartum. I’m am really, really eager to start running again!

Other Thoughts I’ve been in a bit of a sour mood lately, and I think it’s been a combination of life stress, my crap-tastic diet, and hormones. I read somewhere that depression is pretty common during pregnancy (not to forget postpartum depression, which is pretty serious), and I am having a difficult time getting out of my own head and quelling the negative thoughts I tend to brood on. Hulk has been rock star awesome at being very understanding and helping me out where he can. Mostly I’m dealing with my own frustrations at no longer being able to do what I’ve always done but can’t now, and fear about how much life will change with 2 needy, small humans instead of just 1 that other people take care of for me. I’m not a very “maternal” person, and I always feel like a bad mom when I can’t figure out what Squish wants, or after four hours alone with him I’m totally done with him. I don’t know how Hulk and other stay-at-home parents do it. I keep thinking that it’ll be different with this baby, since I’ve been through it before and I know the mistakes I want to correct and it’ll totally be better. But I know that’s not the case. I may have already raised a baby, but I haven’t raised this baby. Who knows what fun surprises she has in store!

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Bad Blogger

I’m entering “bad blogger” territory again. After a good few weeks of feeling motivated and like I have so much to gal about, I then get into this major “meh” state where I don’t really feel like I have much worth saying. I talk about food, but really there’s nothing unique or creative about what I’ve been eating lately. Workouts are a long walk during my lunch break, where I get to say hi to the neighboring waterfowl.


I didn’t get hissed at this time taking the picture, so I think the geese are growing accustomed to my unusual obsession with aviary photography.

Last night I stayed up late to help write two more offers on some houses we toured last weekend. Since Hulk still has his San Francisco broker’s license he’s acting as our agent, which is super convenient since he has access to the realtor listings and can contact the seller’s agents directly which speeds up the communication process. But he is out of town this week without access to his files, so I had to actually write up the offers, which was kind of exciting. Let’s hope we get a good one!

This weekend I have a facial and massage scheduled with Massage Envy Spa. I can’t wait! I especially love it when my shoulders go “crunch crunch crunch” and the therapist is like, “you work at a computer, don’t you?” Then I’m hoping to take Squish to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I’m going to find a pumpkin that’s as big as my belly and pose with it next to my belly.

That’s all for me, make it a great day!

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