SoCal Family-Palooza, Part 2

Wow! This week went by so fast. We have been enjoying all the family hijinks and shenanigans of our San Diego vacation.

Every day we hit the beach. Every day. I got so burned tan!

Hulk went surfing. It was his first lesson ever. This is the best my iPhone camera could do to capture the memories, apparently it’s not good for long-distance sport shots.

Other than laying on the beach doing absolutely nothing, we also toured the USS Midway in San Diego off the Navy Pier.

I’m on a boat!

I also indulged in some horchata,

Pretended to be healthy by eating salads,

And enjoyed some homemade pesto with basil straight from the garden. Perfect topping for both pasta and tilapia, it turns out!

And lots of undocumented snacks.

Time to pack the bags and head to the airport, to join with the real world once again. Boo, real world.




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SoCal Family-palooza, Part 1

Hello! Everyone is taking some downtime this morning from the family adventures so far, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on all the SoCal craziness that’s been happening around here. Also, I’m experimenting with Photobucket to save/archive my pictures. I have no idea what the best way is to import them into WordPress, but since I have about 2000+ photos now loaded, I had better figure it out. Oh, and they all need to be organized and tagged, too. Project!

We arrived in San Diego in one piece Saturday afternoon.

As soon as we got to the house, Squish made quick work of playing with his cousin’s toy trains. Run all the trains!

Sunday morning Hulk and I found a cute coffee shop in Fallbrook, the Fallbrook Coffee Company.

Hulk doesn’t take kindly to my blogging crap before he’s had caffeine.

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted straight up coffee, or something more indulgent. But since it was about 80 degrees already, I opted for an iced coffee.

Hulk feels much better once properly caffeinated. Preferably with a super-extra-jumbo-large coffee.

And then we beached. All the beach.

This was the only picture I took, since I was afraid of my phone ending up buried in the sand. But, you know, it’s a beach. With sun and stuff.

Time to rally the troops and find some more adventures. Make it a great day!

Any family vacations this summer?

If you blog, what do you use to store/edit your photos? After using Photobucket for this post, I am a fan! Super easy to edit and import stuff.

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And We’re Off!

I’m sitting at the airport again, this time with the whole family!

We’re headed to San Diego/Orange County for a week of family vacation fun.

See you in SoCal!


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Regroup and Reset

Okay! So, after writing about my funk yesterday, I knew that something has to change. I thought back to when I felt really in control and good about my life, and the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” came to mind. I read it back in 2008, and it really helped me focus my energy on the things that I wanted to accomplish. When I think about the years that followed, those years included some of my biggest accomplishments. I received a big promotion at work, I completed two marathons and a half Ironman, Hulk and I chased our dreams to living in San Francisco, and we started our family. But when Squish was born, I sort of tossed my “7 Habits” habits of goal-setting and planning aside to enter the crisis mode that comes from taking care of a newborn. Over the past couple of years, I’ve slipped back into my old, reactive, wait-and-see habits instead of firing it up and going for what I want to do. I’m in a funk because I’ve lost focus on what I’m working towards in life, and it’s not a good place for me to be.

After having a good talk with Hulk, he reminded me that, “when was the last time your life was perfect, and you had no problems and were completely happy all the time?” Hmm, I’ll take “Never” for $1000, Alex. I have really let myself sink into this reactive, victim-like mindset, where I am no longer in control of my life and happiness. External forces and people determine if I have a good day or a bad day. And this is really annoying, because I know I’m better than this.

So, no more! I’m putting on my big-girl pants (which are growing bigger by the day, thank you Baby v2.0!) and going back to the drawing board to identify where I am and where I want to be. Big changes coming up soon, I’m sure!

Okay, enough with the heavy stuff. Despite being all cranky-pants and mopey, it was still a good day yesterday. Sometimes, I need to pay attention to the small things that make me happy. Like having my most favorite lunch ever for Whole30 Meal #2:


Spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, hardboiled egg, tuna, and olive oil. I do my happy dance as I eat this, it is so delicious.

Pre-lunch coffee. I am so glad I decided to walk to Starbucks instead of grab a coffee from the break room, the weather was beautiful yesterday!



Lately my neighbor friend Phillip and I have been teaming up to make dinner about once a week. We take turns picking out the recipe, gather/buy ingredients, then we prep and cook it together. It’s been really fun, and I like having a “kitchen buddy.”

Last night we made The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat. Ever from The Clothes Make the Girl. I wanted a Whole30 complaint recipe, and Phillip had never brined chicken before, so it was a win-win. This is one of my most favorite chicken recipes! So moist and flavorful. And yes, I said “moist.” *shudder*

Anyway, I also made some mashed sweet taters and a salad. Phillip made an incredible balsamic vinaigrette for the salad as well.


Dig in! So tasty.

Time to clock in and get the work party started! Go make it a great day, everyone. And don’t forget to refuel:


Mmm, coffee. Can’t get enough.


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Writing Through the Funk

Hey gang,

I’ve been having some trouble coming up with writing lately. It’s not for lack of content or time. I’ve just been going in and out of this funk I can shake, and when I’m not in a chipper mood, I don’t like to write because I feel the depression leak out into my post, and I like to keep blogging a happy place. But if everything was always roses and ponies and freshly baked bread, it wouldn’t be real. So my cranky-pants and I are plowing through a post today.

Whole30 Day 3 today. I did off-road last night. We had friends over for dinner, and Hulk ordered our favorite Indian. I was planning on having the curry on top of a salad, but once we started dishing up I found my hand dishing a small serving of rice and naan on my plate. I was just mentally weak and didn’t make the choice I should have made. It’s done, moving on with life. The mistake I’ve made in the past is when I off-road, I give up and go back to my old habits. This time I’m just going to brush myself off and make sure my next meal is complaint. Take it one meal at a time. Otherwise I go nuts.

The weather was beautiful for our dinner party.


I was feeling rather sick yesterday morning. I was just completely fatigued and had a horrible headache I couldn’t shake. I tried to sleep it off, but it didn’t seem to work. So I went to the gym to get some blood moving to see if that would help.


It woke me up, but my head and stomach still feel crappy. Not sure if it’s psychosomatic symptoms from Whole30, stress, or what. I’m just not feeling 100% myself today.

I can’t end this on a downer. So here’s a goofy kid picture. Snoogle attacks are really fun.


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Weekend Shenanigans

Ahh! It’s Monday already? I totally slept through my alarm this morning, thinking it must only be Sunday. Maybe if I believed it enough, it would happen, right? Eh, well. It was worth a shot.

Today is Day 1 of Whole30 reset. I spent a ton o’ time yesterday getting all my food prepped and planned, so this morning whipping up a veggie scramble was a breeze.



Eggs with zucchini and mushrooms, some olives, and a cup o’ blueberries, because I have no room in the fridge to fit in the blueberry carton and I’m afraid they’ll go bad really fast sitting on the counter.

I had a busy weekend. Friday night Hulk and I went out! We met some friends at John Foley’s Irish pub, where they do dueling pianos on Friday nights. If you have the opportunity to see a dueling piano show, go. They are hilarious and very entertaining. In a dueling piano show, there are two piano players on separate pianos. They play songs on request, and when you request a song you include a tip amount. The song with the highest tip amount is played next, and if a song with a higher tip comes in when your song is playing, the new song trumps your song. And if they’re playing a horrible song you don’t like, you can give them money to stop playing it. A good “tipping war” broke out when they had two $20 rap songs – “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Just a Friend.” People kept throwing money for their favorite and the pianist kept switching back and forth as soon as the scales tipped in the other song’s favor. It was crazy. Anyway, the pianists also banter and hassle each other and the bar patrons, and it’s always a pretty good show.


Saturday I went on a quick run. I really wasn’t feeling it; maybe my time to hang up my running shoes has come (noooooooo!). But I made it a little over two miles out to the Ferry Building and back, with walk breaks peppered in between good stretches of running.


And a chrome Aston Martin. Because if you have enough money for an Aston Martin, why not make it chrome?



Squish and I went on a date Sunday morning. We were both up early, so we decided to hit up the playground and get some breakfast. It’s been so humid and foggy in the mornings, the playground equipment was all damp. We left with some pretty wet butts from the slides. But nothing that a trip to La Boulange can’t cure.



Time to start a busy week. Five days and then we go to San Diego for a family vacation! Next week is going to be sooooo fun!

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Baby v2.0 Update, Week 22

Well, I’ve done sort if a crappy job with baby updates. I just never know what to say besides, “hey, I’m still pregnant! High five!” But for posterity’s sake, I want to try and remember some if these detail before they are forever forgotten between my naturally poor memory, preggo brain, and repeated late-night nursing. So, here’s a scoop on the latest baby happenings:

Week 22

Baby size: around 11 oz and 7 inches, apparently the size of a banana, but that is pretty objective depending on where you get your bananas. Conventional bananas from Safeway are ginormous and about the size of full-term babies individually. So we’ll go with a crunchy-hippie-health food section-sized organic banana.

Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions started a couple weeks ago. Those are light, fake contractions the uterus uses to tone and prep for delivery. Those are fun. Also some side ligament pain as everything stretched out. That’s fun too. Surprisingly, I’m not as emotional as I was a couple months ago. Partly because some of my crazy life stuff is starting to settle, and partly because I’m just trying to consciously relax more. Planning everything is both a blessing and a curse.

Food Cravings/Aversions: none, really. Well, I crave sugar/carbs constantly, but I am fairly certain that’s just my natural state and not baby influence. I really do enjoy fresh fruit and veggies more than before, though. That might just be my resolve to try and eat healthier and also not baby, either.

Weight gain: I think around 15 lbs so far, but some of that is from my carb free-fall the first trimester. I definitely started showing food baby bump before real baby bump.


(okay, this was from two weeks ago. But you get the idea)

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been in maternity pants for a few weeks now. They are just more comfortable when riding my bike to work. I just started breaking into my maternity tops, but most if my looser regular shirts can still handle the bump.

Baby Kicks: These started right before my 20-week ultrasound. I usually feel her stir about 2-3 times a day. Last night I was pretty sure she was having a dance party in there.

Other Thoughts:

I’m firmly in the 2nd trimester, when baby growth and weight gain are supposed to start to pick up. Fun, I’m already having a hard time putting my shoes on.

I’m modifying workouts like crazy. I just finished the Summer Shape-Up, and I pretty much had to modify all jumping and core work. I’m not comfortable doing planks and sit-ups, so I did side planks on my knees for most of it. I’m actually in pretty lousy shape so it was good to do something challenging.

I don’t know if a lot of other moms get this, I didn’t so much the first time around, but I’m battling some really frustrating body image issues. I feel so fat and out of shape. I’m sure that’s mostly because I was in pretty good shape when I got pregnant with Squish, and now just carrying groceries home is winding me. I’ve went up a size in clothes, and not because of the bump. Sure, I’m all making a baby and should cut myself some slack, but I’m worried about after the baby, and what an uphill battle it’ll be to get back to a place where I feel good again. I shouldn’t worry about it, but I do. Because I’m perfect and superhuman and the things that plague and bother normal people shouldn’t affect me.

Other than that, things have been going as expected, maybe better than expected. I am definitely happy to have the 1st trimester pukey-ness behind me! Now on to having the baby, so I can drink wine again. I miss wine.

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From Pooh to Woo-Hoo

I had another awful night of sleep last night, and ended up wide awake an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. So I dismissed the whole “pooh, another crap night of sleep” whine that was going through my head and headed to the gym early for a workout.

After a 10-minute warm-up on the elliptical, I grabbed the 12.5 lb dumbbells and went through three rounds of the following exercises, decreasing reps with each cycle from 15-12-10.

  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Lunges (bodyweight only)
  • One-arm rows on the bench
  • Deadlift

I didn’t think I was sweating a whole lot when I was doing it, but now that I’m sitting at my desk I am dying. I love that afterburn effect.

Breakfast was a quick egg scramble and the last of the KIND granola. I found the bag in the back of the pantry and figured I might as well finish it off before Monday’s Whole30 re-start.


And some hot lemon water. I used to drink it every morning, but fell out of the habit. I hear it’s a good liver detox, so what the heck.

Time to fire up the presses and get this day started. Woo hoo! Go make it a great day!


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Some Thursday Randoms

Ahh, another day done. This morning I threw down a banana and some microwaved eggs before blasting to the train station just in time to jump on the train right before the doors closed.  I call that a close call; Hulk calls that perfect timing. Once again I was going to eat my packed lunch when I realized most of my coworkers were headed to Specialty’s. So I jumped in the car and enjoyed my cobb salad on the sunny patio.


When I got home, Hulk had purchased some 7-11 hot dogs for dinner (did I mention we have, like, no food in the house?). But Squish got to mine before I walked in the door and ate the bun, leaving the hot dog. That works for me. I nuked some frozen green beans and invited Squish to help me finish the rest off.


I’m feeling a bit random this Thursday. Here’s some internet stuff that has piqued my interest this week:

15 things to give up and be happy:

Kombucha for sugar cravings? I’m down.

I’m obsessed with this song right now:

And this one:

I remember listing to Weird Al’s “Bad Hair Day” on repeat in high school. Well, that just dated me, you’re welcome. Anyway, Good to know he’s still around and killing it.

Okay, I’m ready for bed now. See you tomorrow!

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Blogging Fears [Thinking Out Loud #1]

Can I confess something? Lately I’ve been more and more afraid about blogging. Which is stupid, I know, but I want to have my blog express my desire to unabashedly put myself out there all “here I am” in a blaze of sass and style. But what I feel like I actually put out there pales in comparison to what I really want to do. For a lot if reasons, fear being one of them.

See, I’m trying to do a lifestyle blog. And in my head I am living my own version of healthy. But when I look back on my days, I can’t imagine anyone would believe me. I’m living this weird hybrid of paleo/”healthy” SAD/whatever the hell I want, and I just feel weird about it. On one hand, who cares. This is how I live, this is what I do. On the other hand, what message am I sending? What is my goal in all this? To show you can eat fried shrimp and still feel like a normal human? How it’s hard to work and tend kiddos and travel and eat right/exercise but you do what you can because that’s what you have to do? I could try harder. But on a deep level, I don’t wanna. I’m doing good with where I’m at, a good balance between hanging in there and not feeling stressed about being too far one way or the other.

I guess there’s a little comparison trap in there, too. I follow folks that have green on their plate every meal, awesome “OOTD” posts (outfit of the day for all of your social media misfits; don’t feel bad, that one took me a few weeks to decipher), contribute to all the fun link-ups and still have engaging, original content. And the Tweeting. Who has time to Tweet?!? That’s not me. I barely have the time for the “oh crap, I should post now,” throw it in the iPhone app with some blurry pictures and hope it reads coherently. Because that’s me.

I guess in my head I want this blog to be one thing, but in reality it’s something completely different. It’s just an extension of me. It’s my lifestyle, it’s what’s in my head, it’s a reflection of my life and how I choose to live it.

I don’t use a photo editor. 90% of my posts are written on my phone while standing on the commuter train because there are no more empty seats. I don’t post “healthy” food, and I don’t take enough pictures to properly document festive occasions such as birthdays and baby updates. I wish I could, but at the end of the day that’s not what I make time for. Instead, I sit and chat with Hulk for an hour in the evening before dinner, catching up on our day and some alone time to decompress. I sit with Squish watching “Cars” for the seventh time that day or help him race his trains across the kitchen floor. I don’t photoshop, I don’t scour the internet for interesting articles to share. I live my life, and when I can I blog about it.

At first pass, I feel “blog guilt” about it. I should be doing more, but at the end of the day I just choose to spend my time doing other things (like catching up on sleep). So in a sense, this blog is totally 100% authentically me, in a “here it is, take it or leave it,” way. Because that is who I am, and really, at the end of the day, that is what I want to be on this blog.

Thank you to Amanda at Running with Spoons for the Thinking Out Loud Thursday link-up opportunity!



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