Fire Burnin’ on the (31st) Dance Floor

Found this on Facebook, don’t know the source. Sorry, anonymous cheeky sign maker.

This weekend was totally cray cray all up in here fo’ sho’ yo <insert another urban cliche here, if I haven’t used them all already>. We managed to pack it full of food, wine, parades, wine, shopping, wine, and to top it off, an emergency evacuation.

Better start with the most drama-licious – the fire alarm that erupted Sunday evening just as Hulk walked in the door from his boys’ day in the forests of Marin, I had dinner in the oven, and Squish had finally settled down for a late nap after about an hour of arguing me in baby-ese that he wasn’t tired (baby-ese for “not tired” is a lot of tearful yelling and flailing, apparently). We sort of stared at each other in disbelief as the alarm blasted and the mysterious voice of authority told us to evacuate our floor. Then I snapped out of it, grabbed Squish, Hulk put Duke on the leash and we headed for the stairwell.

Realize that we live on the 31st floor. I’m carrying a bowling-butt baby, and Duke is no longer a young and spry pup. After about 6 stories Hulk decided he’d had enough of the stairs and since the alarm was only for our floor, we exited into the hallway where we grabbed the elevator down to the lobby. Fortunately it only took about five minutes for them to figure out that one of our neighbors had been cooking (poorly, apparently) and let their door open to air out the smoke, triggering the hallway smoke alarm.

Which leads me to the moral of the story: always read your lease, no matter how long or boring it is. Hulk and I read ours, which specifically stated to never open your door to relieve kitchen smoke as it will set off the hallway smoke detectors.

Rewind before the dramatic weekend conclusion, I conducted a Whole Foods run after work Friday because we were out of food. Which is always a good reason for a WF run. Not that I usually need one, but it’s nice to have a legit reason for a change.


Don’t worry, there were plenty of delicious veggies under the cheese and butter. I didn’t just buy cheese and butter, although that would be delicious, too.

Then Hulk went out while I stayed up until 3 a.m. trying to watch Season 3 of Downton Abbey. I made it through about 4 episodes and fell asleep right before Hulk came home.

Squish decided to get up at the ripe hour of 7 a.m., so I made us an egg and veggie scramble, leftover sweet tater, and drank copious amounts of coffee.

20130225-113950.jpg 20130225-114004.jpg

Then we built a fort. Squish’s new favorite activity is “push all of the chairs around the room”, so naturally I assumed he wanted to make space for a fort.

This is our secret place. Shhh – don’t tell, it’s a secret!
I got a good leg day in, and figured out what to do with my “gym hair”.


What a sad little ponytail it is now.

I snacked on apple and AB while I made some hamburger hash for lunch. And a salad, which I forgot to photograph. Sure, I make sure to snap the ugly food but not the spritely mixed greens and red pepper.


Some friends from down the hall spontaneously decided we should go see the Chinese New Year parade since it was going down right behind our building. We headed to the street but were too late to get any good views.

I think there’s a band somewhere …
Next year, don’t stand under here.

So we ordered pizza and watched it on TV like the other 99% of the Bay Area.

Squish liked the TV version better. Such a Gen-2000 kid.
Squish liked the TV version better. Such a Gen-2000 kid.

Then Hulk went out again, and I proceeded to try and finish Downton Abbey again. I only made it to 2 a.m. this time, and called it quits right before the season finale. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend now.

Hulk left for his boys’ day at the beach, leaving Squish and I to our own devices. Given my sleep-deprived state, I thought french toast would be a good brunch.

15 minutes of deliciousness, followed by 15 hours of heartburn and sugar crashes. you’d think I’d have learned by now.

FT atop an apple fried in butter. Something not for everyone in this dish, from Vegans to Paleo and everything in between.
FT atop an apple fried in butter. Something not for everyone in this dish, from Vegans to Paleo and everything in between.

Once Squishy was up from his nap, we headed to Macy’s because I was in a shoppin’ mood and had a gift card to burn. I picked up a couple skirts and a new top, then came home to this:

AHHHHH! (13-year-old girl squeal)
AHHHHH! (13-year-old girl squeal)


I’ll post the pieces I received later, but I am pleasantly surprised by the whole deal: a dress, two tops, a blazer and necklace. Definately were not things I would have purchased myself, but they’re different from the mom-jeans-and-tshirt rut I’ve been in and offered a little variety to my wardrobe.

So now I’m exhausted for only sleeping five hours a night this weekend, but I have lots of pretty things to wear. This must be what Oscar celebs feel like when they’re on tour or whatever. 5 a.m. wake-up calls for hair and makeup, designer dresses, and stand and look pretty for 12 hours.  At least I can skip out on that last part.

The Munchies:
Breakfast – egg scramble with spinach and zucchini, coffee w/ milk x 2
Lunch – apple w/ AB, hamburger hash, spinach salad w/ bell pepper and evoo
Dinner – combo pizza x 2

Brunch – french toast & fried apple, coffee w/ milk x 3
Snacky Lunch – leftover slice of pizza
DinnerMoroccan chicken, root veggie bake

The Works:
Saturday: Leg Workout
1. 5 min on elliptical
2. Leg ext. 3×15 @ 40 lbs
3. Deadlift 3×10 @ 65 lbs
4. Squat 3×15 @ 40 lbs
5. Leg Ab/Adductor 3×10 @ 40 lbs each

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