I Have a Girl Crush on Jennifer Lawrence (with the rest of America)

I’m still trying to get the hang of WordPress. It took me a while to figure out how to upload a photo. I was expecting a “photo” icon or something that says “picture”, “photo”, or even “image”. Nope, it’s under “Media”. “Media”,  as if I’m in a library. Meh, that would be nice. I like books.

I had a nice egg and veggie breakfast scramble before running off to work. I am almost always late Monday morning. It’s like I’m still on weekend mode and don’t realize that I haven’t all the time in the world to curl my eyelashes or whatever. Then I had a little apple and a handful of coconut chips for a mid morning snack.


Then, when it was FINALLY lunch, I had some leftovers from last night with greens in EVOO.



Work was rather uneventful, and Hulk had a chicken roasted by the time I got home. We had a little family dinner where I found that Squishy discovered how to pop off the tray to his high chair.


Add that to the list of items he can now disassemble. Duke was beside himself because all of the chicken on Squish’s tray dumped on the floor as a result.

In other news, if anyone truly loves me they will get me a Katniss doll. Since it’s not my birthday yet nor is it Christmas, I will accept one from the Easter Bunny.


Badass. I bet Jennifer Lawrence has so many girl crushes, even the guys are getting girl crushes. But maybe those are real crushes, I don’t know. I did try to watch this during work and it did not go well, I sounded like I was going into anaphylactic shock I was trying to hard not to laugh out loud.

Oh, and since I live in San Francisco, Hulk found this link. They’re not lying.


Anyway, I didn’t work out today, but I did eat some vegetables so that’s a win.

The Munchies:

Breakfast – egg scramble with zucchini, spinach and cheese, coffee w/ milk x 2

Lunch – chicken thigh, roasted root veggies, mixed baby greens, EVOO

Snack – apple, coconut chips

Dinner – rotissarie chicken, beer. mmm, beer

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