No Respect.

This will be a quickie post. I am tired and would like to make it to bed on time at least once this week. Plus, I plan on going for a run tomorrow and I reeeeely don’t want to oversleep and miss it. I haven’t run in a couple of weeks (Ironic now that you’ve just glanced at my blog title) and I want to do a half marathon by this summer. So sleep I must get.

I actually got my butt to the gym this morning for an arm workout. Then Squish and I dined together over some lovely eggs and bacon. He even used a fork like a real human, rather than use it to bang things loudly then throw it on the floor! So. Proud. *sniff*

Wait, is this the salad fork or dinner fork?

Then I went to work. Then I came home, Hulk had dinner ready, and we dined again. I decided to organize and clean up Squish’s toys, all inspired by my other new girl crush (sorry, Jennifer but you’re still always in my heart) to simplify and get rid of junk. Fortunately Squish only has 2 collapsable boxes worth of toys so it wasn’t that hard. Plus, he kept gallantly making more room in the boxes by taking things out as I put more in them. Kind of like the scene in “Rover Dangerfield” where Rover is unpacking Connie’s suitcase as she’s filling it up. (WHAT?!? You haven’t seen “Rover”? Get thee to Netflix now, you mangy mutt!)

“I know, I don’t understand these people either!”


Anyway, then I cleaned the toilets and we went to bed.

Just keeping it real over here. And with that, I bid you good night.


The Munchies:

Breakfast – 2 eggs sunny side up, bacon, 1/2 bell pepper, coffee x 2

ImageLunch: tomato bisque soup, olives, packaged salad, kombucha (otherwise known as Safeway-lunch-since-I-didn’t-pack-one-this-morning)

Dinner: beef curry stew with ground beef, coconut milk, all sorts of spices, onion, and bell pepper. Don’t ask me how it was made, Hulk was the chef on this one.

The Works:

Arm day:

1. 5 min treadmill warm up

2. Shoulder press, 3×10 @ 20 lbs

3. Upright row, 3×10 @ 15 lbs

4. Bench press, 1×10 @ 65, 1×10 @ 70, 1×10 @ 75 (trying to figure out a good weight)

5. Bench dips, 3×10 @ body weight

6. Bicep curls, 2×10 @ 12.5 lbs (ran out of time for a 3rd set)

Total time – 25 min, + 5 min or so stretching after

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