The Privileged

I finally went for a run! Yayyyy!
I did just under 3 miles down the Embarcadero yesterday morning. I think it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last run. It felt awesome.

I enjoyed breakfast with Hulk and the Squish before blasting off to work. A quick lunch at my desk in the afternoon, then headed home to an impromptu party with some neighbors and friends.

Oh, in case you were curious about my Stitch Fix, this top came with it. It is soooo soft and comfortable!


There was a networking party at a nearby bar we were thinking about attending, but the pre-party started at our place and went longer than planned. So everyone just went out while I put the Squish down and finally watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. Now I understand why so many people hated this season. I didn’t exactly *hate* it, but I definitley think they’re running out of plot ideas and I don’t particularly prefer their method of shaking things up, to put it nicely. There is really no reason to make me cry every other episode, D.A.

Anyway, dinner was leftover beef curry topped with bacon. Because everything is better topped with bacon. Squishy agrees with me.

Oh, we also got some roof time in. I had no idea you could see Union Square from our roof. But you can.


A coworker and I were musing about how techology has transformed my generation. Just yesterday Carrots ‘n’ Cake talked about her first experience with the internet. When our parents were growing up, they were discouraged from spoiling with stories of how their folks lived through the Great Depression, the Holocaust, etc. The worst I will be able to tell my kids is life without cell phones and internet. We are truly a spoiled, privileged genration. Anyway, just a rambling thought for your Thursday!

The Munchies:
Breakfast – egg scramble with red pepper and spinach, coffee x 2


Lunch – spinach salad with evoo, lemon juice, bell pepper, chicken, sweet potato


Dinner – leftover beef curry, bacon, lots of wine

The Works:
2.5-ish mile run, ~ 10 min/mi pace (gotta download my Garmin data at some point)

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