The One About My Mommy-Son Breakfast Date

I like Saturdays. Since Hulk has the Squish all week, weekends are my turn opportunity to get some quality time in.

We usually start out with breakfast next door, so the house can catch up on sleep from the night before without a raging toddler pitter-pattering and smash-crashing around.


He was perturbed because they forgot his cappuccino.

Then we run around the park, do some shopping, and maybe take a coffee break.


Oh, I picked up some of this stuff after I heard some folks in the Whole9 forum rave about it. Yes, Squishy us eating his shoe in this one.


It rained in the evening, and there was the most spectacular rainbow over the Bay Bridge. I figured out how to use the Panorama feature on my iPhone just in time.


Pretty cool with the sunset.


Well, the Easter Bunny has the baskets all ready to go, and now (s)he’s going to meet some friends for some wine in the roof before hiding the eggs! Have a happy Easter!

The One Where I’m Excited About Everything!

Oh man, there is so much going on that I don’t even know what to talk about today! I am simply quivering with excitement (and complete randomness) over here.

First, Hulk is at a job interview right now (squeeeeal like a 12-year-old girl)! I am super nervous and excited to hear how it goes. Excited because, you know, being employed is kind of awesome. Nervous because if they want him to start next week, um, we don’t really have any childcare plans for Squishy. Like, none. So we might be scrambling over the weekend to figure something out, since most daycares have a wait list. Fail to plan …

Next, my mom just got a role in a movie! Like, a real movie! It’s called “Matthew 18”. I am sooo excited, I read the plot summary on the movie’s Facebook page and it sounds really good. I just can’t wait to be related to someone famous.

This morning was a flurry of activity between me getting ready for work, Hulk getting ready for his interview, and we had a friend come to stay with us that didn’t get in until super late last night. Plus, we already have another friend staying with us. Four grown-up adults in our little apartment. Needless to say it was a very rambunctious morning getting everyone dressed, breakfast’d, coffee’d and out the door. Food pictures were not a priority, but I had an amazing veggie frittata with pesto. Pesto is awesome with everything.

That’s okay, Hulk made me a killer lunch yesterday. This may be one of my new favorites (sorry, tuna salad). Hamburger patty on a bed of greens & balsamic vinegar, with a sunny-side-up egg. Holy foodgasms.


Then last night we went to Chipotle for dinner with a few friends. Squishy made some great work out of my burrito bowl; there was shrapnel everywhere. I’ve been having a hard time taking pictures of him lately because as soon as the phone comes out for a picture, he wants it. I blame my distracting him with Elmo videos on YouTube. So, there will be fewer Squishy pics until I can sneak them here and there.

After dinner we went walking down the Embarcadero and enjoyed the light display on the Bay Bridge.


I’ll say it again; I ❤ SF.



In an anticlimactic closing, I found my watch I thought I had lost in an old bag. The battery is now dead. Sad Panda.


Whole30 Update:

I’d better start getting in the habit of these.

Who’s excited for April Whole30? This girl. I am pumped. And I am pumped for all my bloggy friends who have either coerced me or are joining in on the Whole30. So awesome. I even made Hulk take some “before” shots of me. Let’s just say I really hope this Whole30 makes a difference in my body shape, because right now I’m only comfortable using the pics as either burglar deterrant or rodent control.

2 more days … until “wine season” is closed for the season 😦

P.S. I forgot to run this post through spell check. You will see typos and misspellings. And since this is a post-script, it should really say that you have seen typos and misspellings. Meh.

The One Where I Respond to MDA and Rant on Responsibility

Mark at Mark’s Daily Apple did a post today that totally hit home for me, especially on the upcoming Whole30 I’m planning for. He talked about how health is personal responsibility, and how you need to own your health journey despite how society tries to influence your decisions.

Now as far as the Paleo community goes, I’ve been a big, fat phony. Sure, I post my super-nutritious breakfasts of eggs and mixed greens, my superb dinner roasts. But I’m not posting the box of candy I have stashed in my desk drawer, or the cookies I pick up on my way to the office after lunch. This is a big reason why I am embarking on another Whole30; I lost control.

Now here is when, as supported by our culture, that you try to assure me that it’s okay, that everyone snacks once in a while. You know, the “80/20 rule” and eating “so healthy” all the time “it just not sustainable” and “you need a treat every once in a while!”

Um, no, I don’t. I don’t NEED treats, and I can’t figure out when this whole madness started where if you weren’t eating crap on occasion you’re depriving yourself. Okay, yes; if you really want a cookie and you’re beating yourself up because you can’t have a cookie, then mentally you wear yourself out. For most healthy people, that’s appropriate and I get that. But if you’re like me where you just can’t stop at one cookie, it’s easier to not eat any cookies than to eat one then give in and eat ten. And you know what? The world keeps turning and life moves on despite my passing on that cookie.

For me, it’s not difficult to eat Whole30 … when I’m isolated in my little happy bubble. I have the willpower to make good choices and I make the time to prepare nutritious food when I’m on my own. But I cave because of peer pressure. I feel bad at restaurants substituting and ordering off-menu. I hate it when my husband spends time that he doesn’t have to prepare a delicious dinner only to have me say, “I can’t eat that … and I can’t eat that.” And I hate the nagging feeling every time I give my son a bottle of cow’s milk that I’m actually causing him more harm than good. If I don’t want to eat it, why the hell am I giving it to him?

And in the end, someone always comments how I eat so “healthy” over my lunch salad like I’m being showy or obnoxious about it. Maybe I am. But with the plethora of nutrition information out there, good and bad, everyone is an “expert”, myself included. We are all obnoxious. Eat this, not that. Butter is bad. Butter is good. Never skip meals. Ok to skip meals. And if you don’t agree with me, obviously you’re wrong and not a specimin of health like me.

At the end of the day, everyone’s a skeptic, and everyone’s a critic. But it comes down to doing what I feel is right for me, even if Hulk thinks it’s extreme or my coworkers think I’m ridiculous. As I’m approaching my Whole30, I’m already steeling myself against the judgement and discouragement that I’ll inevitably encounter. I am making my own choices since I am responsible for me. If my choices make you feel bad, that’s not my fault, nor anything I have control over.

Do you feel like a minority with your eats?

How do you handle people making either well-intended or critical comments about your lifestyle?

The One Where I Share My Whole30 Goals and Drink Bad Wine

Yesterday morning, I elected to do an easy workout to see if it would help clear out my system from the snifles I have. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. It did make me feel better afterwords, although I feel like death today.


It was a bright and clear morning. I love my commute. Five blocks through downtown SF. Are you sick of city shots? Too bad, because I’m not.


I had lots and lots of green tea because it felt good on my throat. I got this tea from a work friend that brought it back from a visit to China.


On the canister in English it says, “Tea is widely recognized as the most healthy and inexpensive daily beverage in people’s daily life.” I assume that’s true given you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to China to obtain tea.

Lunch was leftover roast and some veggies that Squishy didn’t eat.


And some chicken broth that we made last week. Perfect sick food.


Which brings me to my next topic, Whole30 goals. Now that I’m starting another Whole30 next week, I should probably, like, plan out some goals or something. My #1 Objective is to Kill All the Sugar Demons. You are all dead to me. As soon as I finish this bag of Swedish Fish. And then you are gone. That’s it. That’s all I’m looking for. I want my life to no longer revolve around sugar.

On the other side of the fence, can wine go bad? Hulk opened a bottle of Vigonier last night, and it was horrible. It didn’t taste corked, but the nose was super sweet, like honey, and the taste was terribly flat and acidic. It was just bad. Not sure if it was just a crappy wine, or something went horribly wrong. Plus, the color was super brown for a white wine. Almost amber. Any wine affectinatos out there know what happened? I couldn’t finish my glass and we ended up dumping it. No wine for me last night. Le sigh. I only have a few more precious wine-drinking days before April.

Two Things Tuesday (or Wednesday)

It’s another round of “Two Things Tuesday!”

“But, it’s Wednesday,” you say.

I know. But I forgot yesterday. You can read more Two Things Tuesday posts here.

So here are a couple more answers to two questions out of my noggin:

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Minnesota, raised in Nebraska, and am currently a California transplant. Which makes me originally a midwest girl. Like, WEST midwest. When I hear people say, “I’m from Cincinatti; you know, the midwest!” I’m like, “Wait, isn’t that East?” Growing up in the smack dab center of the country slightly skewed my regional perception.

2. Why paleo? What IS paleo? Do you eat, like, bugs and stuff?

Um, no. I haven’t eaten bugs. But I did have a friend that made a mean cricket meal bread once.

“Paleo” has exploded in definition depending on who you ask. In short, it is a diet focusing on whole, real foods and avoiding processed food, refined sugars, and grains. Everyone in “Paleo” mostly agrees that meat, eggs, veggies, and fruit are awesome. There are gray lines on dairy, alcohol, and non-gluten grains like rice depending on who you ask. Check out my “Blog Roll” for some Paleo people that are much smarter than me if you would like to learn more. But overall the focus is to eat food that your body was evolved to eat and avoiding “food” that humans now eat that your body isn’t adapted to handle well.

My paleo evolution (and it’s still evolving) is a blog post in itself, but in a nutshell Hulk was the one to find out about it and after many months of gentle encouragement and badgering I climbed on board. When I’m eating clean Paleo, my chronic heartburn disappears, I sleep better, I have more energy, I don’t get sick, and my food bill goes down because I’m not eating out so much. So that’s why I do it.

That’s what I’ve got for today, but please throw some questions at me that are less boring for next week’s Two Things Tuesday!

The #Fail Blog

I was kidding around with a friend that I should rename my blog to The Fail Blog. Oh, the projects and themes that I have started and failed miserably.

My attempts to live life healthy usually result in a bottle of wine at night with an avoided workout in the morning.


I’m a mom but I don’t do any “mom” things since I work away from home. And I’m not a very good one.


And I’m a poor Paleo foodie.


And do you remember Post-Baby Fitness Fridays? Me neither.

My problem? Accountability. I have NEVER been able to keep something up without someone (usually Hulk) telling me to encouraging me to do it every step of the way. This too was my issue with Whole30+, round 2. My heart was half into it. We just scored a few cases of wine, I was in a tumultuous affair with dairy creamer again, and I may have had a bag of Swedish Fish in my desk drawer at all times. Plus, I loved that I could go out to eat with family and friends and not stress too much about where we were going. But now I sleep like crap, I have no energy, and I’m starting to notice an increase of “squishiness” that’s coming from me and not the toddler.

Fortunately, Kristen at Change of Pace is doing a Whole30 in April, and a little bloggy friend encouragement action is just what I need. We start April 1st (though in the back of my mind I’m trying to figure out how to turn it in to an April Fool’s joke). If anyone wants in on the action, leave a comment! Or if you know me personally, just tell me later today.

Any-hoo, since I’m still battling the run-down-it is, I had a lemon tea before breakfast.

(Oops, forgot the pic! There it is.)


I had intended on going for a run, but I woke up, got my shoes on, walked Duke, then said, “oh, HELL no” and had breakfast instead. My throat was throbbing like there was a grapefruit stuck in it, and the cold (okay, 50* but that’s cold for SF) air wasn’t doing it for me. So I wimped out and had breakfast with the Squish.


Who was not thrilled that I would dare pull my phone out for pictures and not let him play with it.


Seriously. So rude.


Went to work, then popped home for lunch so Hulk could work out during Squishy’s nap. I whipped up some pesto-mozzarella burgers (gotta use up the dairy before Monday!) and a quick salad, with more lemon tea.


And enjoyed the dining view.


Duke got kicked a lot. Accidentally, of course. Does anyone else step on/kick their dog repeatedly when in the kitchen? He is always right under my feet.


“You’re not going to eat ALL of that pesto burger, are you?”

And now back off to the Corporate Underworld. Hulk got a nice and sweaty workout in. At least someone did today.

Run-down-itis Strikes Again

Note: this was supposed to go up last night, but my WordPress App seems to be having an issue with the Publish feature. Again. So it’s late. On the bright side, you just received two posts from me in one afternoon! You lucky, lucky kids.

Thanks to all of my irresponsible weekend shenanigans, I’ve been hit with a douse of run-down-itis. I think the last time I was actually sick, it was a year ago. And a horrible experience. This morning I woke up with some sniffles and a sore throat. Good thing I had a huge veggie-tastic dinner last night to help battle whatever I was coming down with. I made up another batch of Melissa’s Old-School Italian Meat sauce and topped it with a bag of frozen mixed Italian veggies.


The sauce is sort of a pain to make, but it is soooo good, and lasts for at least a couple meals. This one had chicken and Italian sausage links. We had a friend over to watch the Creighton game and all three of us had a hearty serving with plenty of leftovers for lunch today. To be honest, I really don’t care for basketball; it was more of an excuse to hang out and drink more beer.

I skipped my run (again) this morning. The alarm went off, and my throat and sinuses went, “oh HELL no!” so I slept for another hour. I’ve been such a get-up-early wuss lately. My alarm goes off and my brain just grumbles and rolls over. Obviously the solution is to go to bed earlier so I get the sleep I need to wake up on time, but I already go to bed at 9 pm. Any earlier than that and I’ll almost be going to bed earlier than Squishy which just seems not right. But maybe I need the same amount of sleep as my 15-month old.

For Bfast this morning Squish and I feasted on the egg bake I prepped yesterday. With my usual cup o’ joe and coconut milk.


Packed some leftover Italian sauce and a small salad for lunch. Never gets old.


Now I’m counting the minutes until I can snuggle down in my bed at home with my sweats and a cup of lemon tea. A couple of early nights and I think I can shake this thing.

Despite the run-down-itis, I still managed to cute it up this morning.


I’m surprised my modeling career hasn’t taken off yet.
Stitch Fix top
Skirt from a suit I got at Ann Taylor back in the day
Ancient black pumps from who knows where
Tiffany’s necklace and bracelet, because I am a spoiled princess

Oh, and I got a mani-pedi this weekend. Hooray for being a girl!


Girls: you into any girly things lately?
Guys: are there any girly things you secretly want to have/do? There was a guy at the salon getting a MAN-i-pedi at the prompting of his girlfriend. He seemed to enjoy it.

Sort of Easy Root Veggie Hash

I made this recipe a couple months ago planning on making a post out of it. Then I didn’t. Then I just found the pictures in a folder as I was organizing My Photos, so it was not lost to posterity. I call it “Sort of Easy” because it’s a simple recipe, but chopping is very time consuming (next time I’m using the food processor) and it takes a while to cook, so it’s not easy enough for the weekdays. But once it’s made you can keep it for several days so it’s a good weekly prep food.

Anyway, here’s what I used. You can use whatever root veggies are in your fridge or pantry, here’s what I had on hand at the time:


  • 1 large Sweet ‘Tater
  • 2 large Carrots
  • 1 medium Onion
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut oil
  • 2 tsp Oregano, or to taste
  • 2 tsp Basil, or to taste
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste
  • Prayer that a blog recipe actually works out

First, preheat the oven to 400*. I always forget that step, and then it adds 20 minutes to the total cook time.

Then, peel and chop everything up. I was going for the finely-diced hash but if you want to save yourself the trouble and just rough chop that’ll work too.


This takes forever with a knife.


Good thing Squish can keep himself entertained.


Anyway, toss the chopped veggies with the seasonings and oil.


Then throw it in the baking dish, pan, or baking vessel of your choice.


Cook for about 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or so. I’m a stirring maniac because I tend to forget I’m still cooking things and they burn. If I keep annoying what I’m cooking,  usually I won’t burn it. It’s done when it’s all nice and mushy.


Great success!

Top with some sunny-side-up eggs.


God, I love breakfast.

Then recruit the family to clean up, since you slaved so hard making them a nutritious and delicious meal.


Or just let them destroy the kitchen. Whatever makes everyone happy.


Long story short, we got a sitter for last night so we could attend a friend’s birthday party. There was this magical drink called a “Yacht Club” made with vodka, lemon, cucumber, and some magical fairy dust. I lost count somewhere around 3. So it’s been a slow morning.

But we arrived at the birthday party prepared.

BD Card

In my family, we like to give stupid cards. Bonus points if it’s a monkey card, but in a pinch you can get away with an obnoxious children’s card.

But THIS one came with a free princess crown, which Hulk was kind enough to model. Great success!

Tim BD Princess

Oh, it was kind of dark in the bar.

Anyway, I might as well recap the rest of the weekend as I procrastinate on going for a run.

On Fridays I like to grab an indulgent breakfast to kick off the weekend. This time it was a Specialty’s blueberry coffee cake. SO not paleo. In case you weren’t sure, with all the fluffy, crumby, brown-sugary goodness.

Bfast 3-22

Lunch was a quick sandwich that Hulk packed for me. Normally I don’t do sandwiches, but Hulk did the shopping this week and bought one of those 2-ft subs from Safeway to lunch with. We were out of salad greens, so it had to do.

Lunch 3-22

After the coffee cake, I really wasn’t feeling a huge French roll. I tossed half of it and just ate the meat and cheese.

We had a friend over for dinner, and I made this sort of slap-together chicken marinara bake. Then I drank a bottle of wine, did some drunk blog reading (sorry if I wrote a stupid comment on anyone’s post Friday night) and went to bed. Woot.

Saturday Squishy and I had a mommy-and-me date. I fueled up with some coffee and coconut milk.

Coconut Coffee 3-23

And we checked out the Children’s Creativity Museum across the street. I had been meaning to check it out since we moved here since they do a 10:30 little tyke class for 0-2 year olds on Saturdays. That usually happens during Squish’s naptime, but Saturday he was pretty amped and didn’t want to go down, so I decided to pack him up and go for it. It turned out to be a great idea. There was tons of probably-won’t-kill-himself activities with plenty of supervision so I could just turn him loose. He spent the first 15 minutes running around like a maniac, then he settled on some giant blocks and foam noodles.

Squishy Museum

Yeah, I ended up taking the pool noodles away from him because he kept trying to eat them. I found him chewing on a huge chunk of neon pink foam as we were leaving. But it was still a lot of fun and he had a great time.

Then we chilled out at home for a while.

Reading Nook

Squish found a new reading nook.

I made another throw-together lunch trying to use up the last of the veggies and open cans in the fridge.

Lunch 3-23

Ground beef, canned tomatoes, carrot, mushroom, coconut milk, curry, cumin, and some parsley for garnish. Not bad, sort of turned out like a Thai beef curry.

Squishy napped, Hulk and I watched a movie, then we got ready to head out to the party.

I had a quick carrots and AB snack. Duke wanted in on the action.

Snack 3-23

Our babysitter came and Hulk and I went out for sushi before meeting our friends at the bar. We went to 25 Lusk in SoMa. I drank a lot of vodka. It was a good night.

I’m still putting together a maybe Attack List for today. In my head it goes something like this:

  • Run 4 Miles
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shop and Meal Prep for week
  • Make bed/pick up bedroom
  • Cook roast for dinner, avoid drinking because I’ve had enough for a weekend
  • Pack lunch and work bag for AM/lay out work out clothes

In reality, it’ll probably end up like this:

  • Watch Season 3 of “Archer”
  • Nap
  • Procrastinate until Hulk goads me into running 4 miles
  • Order pizza for dinner, drink a bottle of wine because it’s too damn tasty
  • Panic tonight at 10:30 because I really want to go to bed but I have no clean gym clothes for the morning, the kitchen’s a mess, and I don’t have any food ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

And now, some coffee.

Pooh on you, Google.

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It’s also a lovely opportunity to do some Reader clean-up while you’re at it.

Thank you to Page at for the heads up!