My First Days of Whole30+ Round 2 Eats

Originally I wasn’t going to post on weekends, but here I am in front of the computer, and I feel like posting. Surprise!

Image(Sorry, I can’t remember where this one came from. Let me know if it’s yours.)

I’m wrapping up Day 2 of being back on the Whole30. It’s been good. As I suspected much easier to get started than last time, and just as delicious as I remembered it. The only bummer is the lack of wine. We have a lot of wine (that’s what happens when you live in Wine Country for 5+ years) and I was thoroughly enjoying our evening bottle in the living room overlooking the city. Fortunately Hulk is extremely supportive when I adopt healthy habits. As I replaced my wine glass with my tumbler of water with lemon, he replaced his with bourbon on the rocks. At least I don’t like bourbon so there’s no competition there.

Any-hoo, Friday for breakfast I made a mistake that actually ended up being really yummy. I was going to make a frittata, but in my coffee- and sleep-deprived state I forgot to scramble the eggs when I poured them in the pan. I made sort of a sunny-side-up frittata thing instead. It was actually really good, better than a traditional frittata I think. So Hulk made it again for breakfast this morning.

Spinach, red bell pepper, tarragon, and rosemary under sunny-side-up eggs. All fried in coconut oil, because it rocks.

Don’t let my super awesome coffee fool you. That’s black; no creamer here. That’s the crema from the beans Hulk roasted the other day. Don’t act like you’re not jealous.

It was pretty foggy in the morning. I love it when our view is completely obstructed by fog. It’s so other-worldly and creepy like a Stephen King novel or something. It mostly passed by the time I left for work, but there were still a few clouds creeping on the neighboring highrises.


Back to my usual kitchen-sink salads with tuna for lunch. God, this is still the best meal ever. I always think I should mix it up so I won’t get bored, but tuna is just such an awesome salad topping. Friday’s was mixed baby greens, bell pepper, EVOO and tuna. Simple (mostly because I hadn’t purchased groceries all week) but awesome.


I also snacked on some AB and Carrots I’m going to start calling this ABC.

For the record, that’s about 1/4 cup of AB. I know my portions, I just choose not to control them.

Man, I’m clever. And I got all classy, no Ziploc bag in that shot! I finally brought a plate to work and stash it in a drawer. Much easier to eat leftover steak and stuff this way rather than from the little plastic container I cart it around it.

Had a pretty low-key evening. Since we had so many late nights out I really wanted to get to bed and catch up on my sleep. Hulk was kind enough to put together a little ground beef curry for dinner. Then I did a few chores and passed out for the night.

Ground beef, sauteed onion, sugar snap peas, coconut milk, curry & random spices I don’t know since I didn’t make it.

Friday nights are laundry nights. That’s how we roll.

I didn’t take any pictures of Saturday’s meals. I honestly completely forgot until there was an empty plate in front of me. They were awesome, let me assure you. Whole30 is awesome as long as you never leave your house and are assaulted by the 4 bakeries on your block.

The Munchies:

Breakfast: mushrooms, onion, spinach, bell pepper under sunny-side-up eggs, coffee w/ coconut milk x 2

Lunch: salad: mixed baby greens, bell pepper, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, herbed roasted chicken (roasted chicken breast in the oven with coconut oil & Italian herbs), sweet tater (1/2)

Dinner: the Salmon Cakes from “It Starts With Food”. They turned out delicious but I’m not gonna lie, de-boning canned salmon was the grossest thing ever.

The Works:

Friday – another rest day, ’cause I so needed it

Saturday – Cardio, Abs and Back:

1. Warm Up 10 min on treadmill, alt. walking and running @ 5.5 mph

2. Lats, 3×10 @ 30 lbs

3. Bent-over rows, 3×10 @ 20 lbs

4. Superman Tabada

5. Plank Tabada (I’ve never done either of these moves as a Tabada before, it was a good mix-it-up)

6. Ran 2-ish miles outside down to the Embarcadero and back. There was no way I was going on a treadmill again; I hate running on treadmills. Walking, okay. Running, I need space and variation.

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