SF Marathon & Happy Problems

Whelp, I went ahead and did it.

I signed up for the second half of the SF Marathon. I think I have just enough time to build my mileage back up for it. My totally awesome 2.8 miler Sunday is a good start, especially when you take to heart the old adage, “you have to start from somewhere.”

Any-hoo, here’s what I’ve been up to yesterday/today:

It was gray and gloomy yesterday morning. I slept in.


Snacked on a handful of coconut flakes while waiting for a picnic lunch with Hulk and Squish.


We met at a nearby park where Hulk produced the last of the Italian Meat Sauce, apples and avocado. We took turns between eating and Squishy-wrangling. I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Squish’s avocado-smeared face as he ran amok since I was terrified of him staining my dress.


And that is where my “being good” on Whole30 ended. That night we went to a birthday dinner, and the birthday girl chose pizza. We went to a small pizza joint in SoMa that was one of those places so authentic, the staff was off-the-boat Italian with thick accents to match. I could have picked apart the menu and requested a pile of lettuce with no dressing, but I was hungry and fatigued from Squish-wrangling (he was in rare form) and just ordered a damn pizza. I did avoid the wine and stuck with my water.

This morning I did a killer arms & shoulders workout an my arms were very jello-y to the point I had difficulty brushing my teeth. Tomorrow’s DOMS will be fun.

I had to pack my breakfast to go since I was in a rush to get to work (surprise). I threw together a completely random and weird salad with whatever I found in the fridge.


Mixed baby greens, beets, hb eggs, leftover homemade dressing, part of an apple that Squish left unfinished on the floor, and some sweet taters Hulk baked last week that were probably going to turn the wrong way soon.

Then a handfull of almonds when I felt a might peckish midafternoon.


And THEN I met the lovely Amanda at Burger Bar for lunch. Again, I probably could have connived and substituted my way to an acceptable Whole30 meal, but I just didn’t want to. I feel like my brain power, while being used mostly for evil, could also be used elsewhere. So I ordered the sliders and sweet tater fries.


So cute! Definately the cutest burgers I have ever had.

Hopefully tonight will be low-key. I have some really nice steaks I’m hoping we can eat before they turn to the dark side, and I still need to tackle Laundry Mountain from the weekend. We’ll see what kind of future my family holds for me later tonight.

Something I was thinking about:

I am a control freak. I like to schedule and plan out my whole life to the minute, and know exactly what’s coming up weeks in advance. However no matter how much I try to pencil in extra time in my schedule for the inevitable curve balls life throws in there, I seem to feel like I’m running behind the train to catch it more often than I feel on top of stuff.

The old me would see this as a problem. But in whatever effort this is towards self-improvement or inner peace or global domination, I am starting to see these schedule interruptions as “happy problems”. Such as,

  1. The expensive steak I bought last week for a romantic dinner is starting to go because of all the impromptu dinner parties we’ve been enjoying with friends stopping by.
  2. My toddler gave me a big spontaneous hug and left a smooshed banana stain on my new dress.
  3. Sunburned my face from playing in the park with my son all afternoon.
  4. I have a hard time cramming it all into the day – because I’m productive and am needed.
  5. Legs are still sore from my run the other day; I can enjoy going for runs and being fit.
  6. I’m so exahusted and really need a good night of sleep because of too many late nights in a row hanging out with the hubby.
  7. Two “dream job” job offers at once. Brilliant! (okay, this isn’t a current problem of mine, but I imagine it would be a nice one to have!)
  8. Fridge is too full to fit more food into. I don’t see why this is ever a problem, really.

Any other “good problems” to have?

The Eats:
B – Italian Meat Sauce, 1/2 apple
S – Coconut chips
L – Italian Meat Sauce, apple, avocado
D – sausage and mushroom pizza, bread w/ EVOO

The Works:
Arm & Shoulder Day!
1. Warm-up 10 min bike ride, interval intensity
2. Shoulder Press, 3×10 @ 20 lbs
3. Bench Dips, 3×10 @ body weight
4. Upright Rows, 3×10 @ 15 lbs
5. Bench Press, 3×10 @ 75 lbs
6. Bicep Curls, 3×10 @ 12.5 lbs
7. Stretch & cool down