New Tea Obsession & Randomness

I’ve been on a tea kick. I do both coffee and tea depending on the situation and my mood. But black tea is kind of blah unless you spike it with milk and sugar (thank you London for addicting me teaching me that trick).

So I pair up a black tea bag with an herbal tea bag. The herbal tea gives it a punch of flavor, while the black tea gives it body and caffeine. Precious, precious caffeine.


My recent herbal tea obsession – Peet’s Coffee Good Hope Spice Blend. It’s like a warm hug.


Meh, I don’t really feel like recapping all my meals from the past 24 hours, and I’m sure you don’t really want to hear about it either. So here are some highlights:

Apple and AB for a snack.


Made a big ol’ tray of sweet taters for snacking the rest of the week.


Breakfast of egg bake, HB egg, and coffee.


This was from the other day, but I just found it. Pillow fight with Auntie ‘Manda!


While walking Duke this morning I realized that he’s been sort of neglected on ye ole bloggy lately. I’ll work on bringing some more Duke-ness to your day. In the meantime, here’s your Fairy God-Duke.


The Munchies:
B – Egg bake
L – chicken, spinach (eaten out of the clamshell standing in the kitchen)
S – apple & AB
D – Italian beef stir-fry – ground beef, diced tomatos, zucchini, red pepper, fresh parsley & other herbs, garlic, coconut oil. And wine. And a beer.

The Works:
Legs hurt, slept in. Note to self: do not schedule run day right after heavy leg lifting day.

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