Procrastination from Pinterest – the Daylight Savings Edition!


Daylight savings kicked my ass. I have no food pictures, no stellar workouts to report, and no motivation to try and fake something. Therefore  today’s post is brought to you by Pinterest. I hope you’re a fan of the “Geek Humor” category.

First off, I think this is what they should do for therapy. I’d just make up symptoms to start going.



I can’t tell you how many dates with Hulk start out like this. Or maybe end like this. I don’t really know, I’m usually too drunk to remember at this point.

This is usually what outings with Hulk start out with. Or finish. I can't remember; normally by this point I'm too drunk.

In college we used to joke about being the “disposable Ensign”. Good luck, Ensign Ricky. At least it should be a quick and painless complete atomic dissolvement from the Quarkian Subparticle Extrution Device.

I just like his comment. Touche.

This one’s mostly for Hulk. It’s a happy Millennium Falcon!

This one's mostly for Hulk. Happy Millennium Falcons.

More Trekkie humor, this time for all you TNG’ers. This is an apron from an Etsy store. Please remember my birthday’s in November.

Finally, here’s an idea for when you want to break out your cross stitch kit again.


Goodnight, friends!

P.S. I obtained these images from Pinterest via my phone and couldn’t link back to the original URLs. Just search on Pinterest, you’ll find the source. I’m not an idea thief, I’m just lazy.

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