Such is Life

Hi all,
Sorry for the MIA yesterday, there was some drama-licious craziness at work and I never made it to the computer to write a post. This whole work-life balance thing is no joke!

Yesterday I did an awesome 3.6 mile run around FiDi. Today was an arm workout which made it difficult to blow dry my hair afterwords. You know you got a good workout in when …

On the food front, my diet is gradually slipping back to $hitty. Egg sandwich this morning. There may or may not be gummy bears in my desk drawer. I was good and only had half a bottle of wine last night rather than the whole thing. I did go shopping last night, so if all works out I’ll do a marathon food prep session tonight and get bfast/lunches ready for the rest of the week.

I did make an awesome accidental dish the other night. It was supposed to be a curry stir-fry, but I felt fancy and started making meatballs instead of just dumping the ground beef in the pan. The curry was done before the meatballs, so i decided to purée the veggies and curry. Wow, it was surprisingly amazing. Sometimes mistakes are good ones.


Later, Gators!