Running and other Randomness

Happy Friday, kids!

Things are still ballz-to-the-wall crazy around here. My department was just “restructured”, so there is suddenly a mountain of work to do and no one knows who’s supposed to do it. Which means I end up doing it. At least it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

It's been kind of like this.
It’s been kind of like this.

(source)I did run 3.5-ish miles this morning. With the sun.

– Up Kearney to the sketchy part on Broadway with all the girly bars
– Down Broadway
– Along Embarcadero
– Up Market

It took me almost an hour from when I left to when I returned. Since I hardly use my Garmin, it takes a good 5-10 minutes to find the satellites, and that’s if I’m out in the open with good access to the sky. Um, I live downtown in the middle of blocks of highrises and skyscrapers. So I either have to A) sit on the roof until my watch synchs, then lose reception in the elevator down to the street, or B) walk accross the street to the park and stand in the middle of the green where there’s decent sky exposure. This morning I opted for option B since I wanted to walk around and warm up in the downtime rather than stand on the windy roof and freeze.

Anyway, after a 10-minute warm-up in the park I was able to do my run in 33 minutes. Then a 10-minute cool down so I could talk again. But I forgot to stretch and now my hamstring is killing me.

God, my life is so hard. Kind of like Squishy’s



Ice cream!




Ice cream!


Here’s another what-I-wore-to-work-today, exposed toilet edition.


Blazer – from my Stitch Fix
Top – Ann Taylor
Pants – Macy’s
Shoes- I don’t remember, they’re a million years old

And this concludes your Friday Edition of Emily Rocks the Randomness. Have a happy weekend.

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