Two Things Tuesday

I was supposed to post this Tuesday. Oops. So I wrote it Wednesday, but WordPress apparently had better things to do then upload my scheduled post. So here it is, two days later. I know, the suspense must have been horrible.

Any-hoo, since I don’t run daily and my food is boring (tuna salad? Again?), nothing saves a blog like a cutesy weekly theme. Henceforth, Tuesday posts shall be forevermore dubbed “Two Things Tuesday,” where I answer two questions about myself (or make up two questions to answer about myself since I never rarely receive emails.

Here are my two things!

1. What kind of dog is Duke?
He’s a chihuahua-pug mix, to the best of our knowledge. Since he’s a pound puppy it’s sort of a mystery. But he looks like a “chug”, right?


2. What shoes do you run in?
I have freakishly fat (okay, wide) feet. The best shoes I’ve found that don’t give me blisters after 3 miles is the New Balance 860. Higher number means better, right?


They don’t come in fun colors, but they work. I’ve finally moved on from my shoe-vanity phase, where I would endure hideously ill-fitting Nikes because they were Peach and Purple zebra striped or whatever.

So there ya go. Now you can move on to something more interesting on the Internet.

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