How to Kill Your Quads in 15 Minutes

So, Tuesday’s post, which I wrote in Wednesday, still isn’t up yet. I’ve been using the WordPress app to write posts lately, and it seems that the schedule-to-publish feature is a bit fickle. I might have to rewrite the stupid thing, we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile in Workout Land, I can’t walk. I slept in yesterday morning and only had about 15 minutes to squeeze in a legs session. So I skipped my usually cardio warm-up for somebody weight squats and lunges and dove right in to the heavy stuff. I was feeling good so I added 10 lbs to my deadlift, then decided to do my leg extensions with one leg each rep. Using my normal weight. After I failed at 6 reps I realized I might not make it to my run this morning. And I was right; when I got out if bed this morning my legs all but collapsed as my feet hit the floor. Oh yeah, DOMS (“delayed onset muscle soreness”, the science-y term for “I can’t walk right or use stairs now”).

Warm up: 20 squats, 20 lunges
Squat: 3×10 @ 45 lbs
Deadlift: 2×10 @ 65,1×10 @ 75
Leg ext: 1×10 @ 60 (both legs), 2×6-10 ish @ 40-60 each leg (I played around until I could lift a full set)
Cool down: sprint to work (not recommended!)

Then this happened.


See all that electronic-y stuff? Yeah, that should be inside the casing. I tried to take the cap off my Garmin USB and somehow annihilated it. Off to Amazon I go and reorder a new one. As soon as that’s done I can upload the dozens (okay, maybe three) runs I’ve done since 2011.

I leave you with another Bathroom Blogger Fashion Moment:


Dress from Stitch Fix
Black rights from Target
Ancient pumps from Macy’s, I think?
Operation: Beautiful sign by my head 🙂

And … Yeah. That’s it for today. Have a happy almost-Friday!