Pooh on you, Google.

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Still crushed that Google Reader is ceasing to exist? Need a Google Reader Replacement Shake (it tastes just like snozzberries without the cream filling!)? “But how will I read blogs without memorizing all of the URLs?!?”

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Thank you to Page at twentysixandthensome.com for the heads up!


Happy Friday, y’all. I like to use “y’all” even though I’m not from the South.

I had a crap-tastic night of sleep. Hulk was out on boys’ night, so I had the bed to myself … until around 12:30. That’s when Squishy decided to scream it up for no apparent reason. After making the rounds of the usual soothe-the-baby-at-1-am means (bottle, diaper change, Tylenol for teething), I decided to bring him back to bed with me. After some cuddling and another bottle he was out, but I was horribly uncomfortable being crowded out of my own bed by a toddler. Plus he was baby-snoring, which is only cute if you don’t need to sleep too. After an hour of that I gave up and put the now-crying-again Squishy back in his own crib.

Two minutes after he finally found his thumb and knocked out, Hulk came back from the bars. Now I have a gigantic, drunk baby crowding me out of my own bed and snoring. In defeat, I grabbed my pillow and headed to the couch where I squeezed in a few hours of restless sleep before the sun woke me up. Needless to say, the run didn’t happen this morning. Mamma needs her sleep.

There is not enough of this in the world.


Here’s to the weekend!