Long story short, we got a sitter for last night so we could attend a friend’s birthday party. There was this magical drink called a “Yacht Club” made with vodka, lemon, cucumber, and some magical fairy dust. I lost count somewhere around 3. So it’s been a slow morning.

But we arrived at the birthday party prepared.

BD Card

In my family, we like to give stupid cards. Bonus points if it’s a monkey card, but in a pinch you can get away with an obnoxious children’s card.

But THIS one came with a free princess crown, which Hulk was kind enough to model. Great success!

Tim BD Princess

Oh, it was kind of dark in the bar.

Anyway, I might as well recap the rest of the weekend as I procrastinate on going for a run.

On Fridays I like to grab an indulgent breakfast to kick off the weekend. This time it was a Specialty’s blueberry coffee cake. SO not paleo. In case you weren’t sure, with all the fluffy, crumby, brown-sugary goodness.

Bfast 3-22

Lunch was a quick sandwich that Hulk packed for me. Normally I don’t do sandwiches, but Hulk did the shopping this week and bought one of those 2-ft subs from Safeway to lunch with. We were out of salad greens, so it had to do.

Lunch 3-22

After the coffee cake, I really wasn’t feeling a huge French roll. I tossed half of it and just ate the meat and cheese.

We had a friend over for dinner, and I made this sort of slap-together chicken marinara bake. Then I drank a bottle of wine, did some drunk blog reading (sorry if I wrote a stupid comment on anyone’s post Friday night) and went to bed. Woot.

Saturday Squishy and I had a mommy-and-me date. I fueled up with some coffee and coconut milk.

Coconut Coffee 3-23

And we checked out the Children’s Creativity Museum across the street. I had been meaning to check it out since we moved here since they do a 10:30 little tyke class for 0-2 year olds on Saturdays. That usually happens during Squish’s naptime, but Saturday he was pretty amped and didn’t want to go down, so I decided to pack him up and go for it. It turned out to be a great idea. There was tons of probably-won’t-kill-himself activities with plenty of supervision so I could just turn him loose. He spent the first 15 minutes running around like a maniac, then he settled on some giant blocks and foam noodles.

Squishy Museum

Yeah, I ended up taking the pool noodles away from him because he kept trying to eat them. I found him chewing on a huge chunk of neon pink foam as we were leaving. But it was still a lot of fun and he had a great time.

Then we chilled out at home for a while.

Reading Nook

Squish found a new reading nook.

I made another throw-together lunch trying to use up the last of the veggies and open cans in the fridge.

Lunch 3-23

Ground beef, canned tomatoes, carrot, mushroom, coconut milk, curry, cumin, and some parsley for garnish. Not bad, sort of turned out like a Thai beef curry.

Squishy napped, Hulk and I watched a movie, then we got ready to head out to the party.

I had a quick carrots and AB snack. Duke wanted in on the action.

Snack 3-23

Our babysitter came and Hulk and I went out for sushi before meeting our friends at the bar. We went to 25 Lusk in SoMa. I drank a lot of vodka. It was a good night.

I’m still putting together a maybe Attack List for today. In my head it goes something like this:

  • Run 4 Miles
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shop and Meal Prep for week
  • Make bed/pick up bedroom
  • Cook roast for dinner, avoid drinking because I’ve had enough for a weekend
  • Pack lunch and work bag for AM/lay out work out clothes

In reality, it’ll probably end up like this:

  • Watch Season 3 of “Archer”
  • Nap
  • Procrastinate until Hulk goads me into running 4 miles
  • Order pizza for dinner, drink a bottle of wine because it’s too damn tasty
  • Panic tonight at 10:30 because I really want to go to bed but I have no clean gym clothes for the morning, the kitchen’s a mess, and I don’t have any food ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

And now, some coffee.