The #Fail Blog

I was kidding around with a friend that I should rename my blog to The Fail Blog. Oh, the projects and themes that I have started and failed miserably.

My attempts to live life healthy usually result in a bottle of wine at night with an avoided workout in the morning.


I’m a mom but I don’t do any “mom” things since I work away from home. And I’m not a very good one.


And I’m a poor Paleo foodie.


And do you remember Post-Baby Fitness Fridays? Me neither.

My problem? Accountability. I have NEVER been able to keep something up without someone (usually Hulk) telling me to encouraging me to do it every step of the way. This too was my issue with Whole30+, round 2. My heart was half into it. We just scored a few cases of wine, I was in a tumultuous affair with dairy creamer again, and I may have had a bag of Swedish Fish in my desk drawer at all times. Plus, I loved that I could go out to eat with family and friends and not stress too much about where we were going. But now I sleep like crap, I have no energy, and I’m starting to notice an increase of “squishiness” that’s coming from me and not the toddler.

Fortunately, Kristen at Change of Pace is doing a Whole30 in April, and a little bloggy friend encouragement action is just what I need. We start April 1st (though in the back of my mind I’m trying to figure out how to turn it in to an April Fool’s joke). If anyone wants in on the action, leave a comment! Or if you know me personally, just tell me later today.

Any-hoo, since I’m still battling the run-down-it is, I had a lemon tea before breakfast.

(Oops, forgot the pic! There it is.)


I had intended on going for a run, but I woke up, got my shoes on, walked Duke, then said, “oh, HELL no” and had breakfast instead. My throat was throbbing like there was a grapefruit stuck in it, and the cold (okay, 50* but that’s cold for SF) air wasn’t doing it for me. So I wimped out and had breakfast with the Squish.


Who was not thrilled that I would dare pull my phone out for pictures and not let him play with it.


Seriously. So rude.


Went to work, then popped home for lunch so Hulk could work out during Squishy’s nap. I whipped up some pesto-mozzarella burgers (gotta use up the dairy before Monday!) and a quick salad, with more lemon tea.


And enjoyed the dining view.


Duke got kicked a lot. Accidentally, of course. Does anyone else step on/kick their dog repeatedly when in the kitchen? He is always right under my feet.


“You’re not going to eat ALL of that pesto burger, are you?”

And now back off to the Corporate Underworld. Hulk got a nice and sweaty workout in. At least someone did today.

4 thoughts on “The #Fail Blog

  1. I’ve just popped over from Kristen’s blog, I’m doing the Whole30 in April too…reading your post seriously sounds just like me lol. It looks like we’re all cleaning out our fridges/cupboards 🙂

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