The One Where I’m Excited About Everything!

Oh man, there is so much going on that I don’t even know what to talk about today! I am simply quivering with excitement (and complete randomness) over here.

First, Hulk is at a job interview right now (squeeeeal like a 12-year-old girl)! I am super nervous and excited to hear how it goes. Excited because, you know, being employed is kind of awesome. Nervous because if they want him to start next week, um, we don’t really have any childcare plans for Squishy. Like, none. So we might be scrambling over the weekend to figure something out, since most daycares have a wait list. Fail to plan …

Next, my mom just got a role in a movie! Like, a real movie! It’s called “Matthew 18”. I am sooo excited, I read the plot summary on the movie’s Facebook page and it sounds really good. I just can’t wait to be related to someone famous.

This morning was a flurry of activity between me getting ready for work, Hulk getting ready for his interview, and we had a friend come to stay with us that didn’t get in until super late last night. Plus, we already have another friend staying with us. Four grown-up adults in our little apartment. Needless to say it was a very rambunctious morning getting everyone dressed, breakfast’d, coffee’d and out the door. Food pictures were not a priority, but I had an amazing veggie frittata with pesto. Pesto is awesome with everything.

That’s okay, Hulk made me a killer lunch yesterday. This may be one of my new favorites (sorry, tuna salad). Hamburger patty on a bed of greens & balsamic vinegar, with a sunny-side-up egg. Holy foodgasms.


Then last night we went to Chipotle for dinner with a few friends. Squishy made some great work out of my burrito bowl; there was shrapnel everywhere. I’ve been having a hard time taking pictures of him lately because as soon as the phone comes out for a picture, he wants it. I blame my distracting him with Elmo videos on YouTube. So, there will be fewer Squishy pics until I can sneak them here and there.

After dinner we went walking down the Embarcadero and enjoyed the light display on the Bay Bridge.


I’ll say it again; I ❤ SF.



In an anticlimactic closing, I found my watch I thought I had lost in an old bag. The battery is now dead. Sad Panda.


Whole30 Update:

I’d better start getting in the habit of these.

Who’s excited for April Whole30? This girl. I am pumped. And I am pumped for all my bloggy friends who have either coerced me or are joining in on the Whole30. So awesome. I even made Hulk take some “before” shots of me. Let’s just say I really hope this Whole30 makes a difference in my body shape, because right now I’m only comfortable using the pics as either burglar deterrant or rodent control.

2 more days … until “wine season” is closed for the season 😦

P.S. I forgot to run this post through spell check. You will see typos and misspellings. And since this is a post-script, it should really say that you have seen typos and misspellings. Meh.

3 thoughts on “The One Where I’m Excited About Everything!

  1. lol I love reading your post!! So I have the same problem with W and my phone…yes YouTube and Sesame Street are to blame. And eeekkkk my hubs is away so my 15 year old son took my before photos today (awkward!!)…and not pretty…
    Good luck with the interview!

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