The One About My Mommy-Son Breakfast Date

I like Saturdays. Since Hulk has the Squish all week, weekends are my turn opportunity to get some quality time in.

We usually start out with breakfast next door, so the house can catch up on sleep from the night before without a raging toddler pitter-pattering and smash-crashing around.


He was perturbed because they forgot his cappuccino.

Then we run around the park, do some shopping, and maybe take a coffee break.


Oh, I picked up some of this stuff after I heard some folks in the Whole9 forum rave about it. Yes, Squishy us eating his shoe in this one.


It rained in the evening, and there was the most spectacular rainbow over the Bay Bridge. I figured out how to use the Panorama feature on my iPhone just in time.


Pretty cool with the sunset.


Well, the Easter Bunny has the baskets all ready to go, and now (s)he’s going to meet some friends for some wine in the roof before hiding the eggs! Have a happy Easter!