The One Where I Went to Safeway Hungry

It’s Friday, so this’ll be short and sweet so we can all get on to celebrating that it’s Friday! Yay!

Breakfast was the usual kitchen sink frittata.


(frozen peas, broccoli, and some almost-petrified green onions I found in the back of the crisper drawer)

+ broth. And a couple of unpictured coffee.

I didn’t pack a lunch, so I held myself over with the last of the coconut flakes.

Then went to Safeway hungry.

20130425-153337.jpg (Oops, finger photo bomb)

Look, no candy! #winning

‘Booch, tuna, soup, big ol’ bag of almonds, orange, and a chicken, bacon & pesto sandwich. Yes, I had a sandwich. It was foccacia bread, toasted, and hard to say no.

+ a sweet potato, which I did not eat. I brought it home for a future meal.



Don’t worry; many of these selections were intended for the desk drawer, to ward off future oh-crap-I’m-hungry-with-no-food situations, or days where my lunch is a little lackluster.

Dinner was a quick ground beef hash with onion and some leftover asparagus I had marinading in the fridge that really needed to be used up. I think I might send Hulk on a Costco run over the weekend. No picture; ground beef hash is pretty unappealing in picture format. Plus, I had a very cranky-pants toddler dragging on my legs and demanding to “help” cook.

After dinner, I went to a programming Meet Up  I decided I want to learn how to program; I did Java in college, and played with a little SQL a while back, but nothing too formal. It would be a fun hobby, and I feel silly living so close to Silicon Valley and NOT knowing a language of some sort.

And now I’m off to do Friday things. My desk is being moved to a new cube, so I have to pack my stuff and figure out what I’m going to do while IT dismantles and (hopefully) reassembles my computer. Have a most wonderful day!

The One where Duke Wants Shrimp

How the heck are ya? I am so happy it’s almost Friday, just throwing that out there. Boo work. Yay not working. Unless it’s a permanent condition, then sometimes yay working. Yay balance of work and not work?

I don’t think I ate enough yesterday. I felt okay, but I got really hungry in the afternoon just before I went home. I fried up some hamburger and ate a banana before I went on my run. Well, I ate half a banana; Squishy was the recipient of the other half. He is definitely at that “Monkey See Monkey Do” stage where it’s impossible to do anything without a pint-sized shadow wanting to do it too. When I was frying the burger, he was pitching himself at my legs whining the whole time. Later, when the meat was cooked and the pan cooled, I picked him up, and he grabbed the spatula and proceeded to “cook” the meat. If he wasn’t so incompetnet and accident-prone, I would most certainly load him up with chores around here.

Anyway, it’s probably a good time to mention that I’m not really doing the Whole30 anymore. I really haven’t been doing it since about Day 5, but I kept telling myself that tomorrow’s another day, and don’t worry that there’s one after that … and so on. But it’s been three weeks and I have yet to fully commit, so I’m going to stop stressing about it and move on. As long as I’m not shoving cookies in my face, I’ll consider it a win.20130424-200124.jpg (from Pinterest)

Breakfast was a kitchen-sink frittata, since we’re getting low in the fridge again. I threw in last night’s chicken and broccoli leftovers, the last of the potatoes, a sausage, and some other bits and chunks of veggies.

Then I drank a lot of coffee.


Lunch was more frittata, a couple of eggs, an orange, carrots, and the last of the AB jar. As I said, I probably should have brought more substantial-ness with me. Could have used a can of tuna or something.


An empty jar is such a sad sight, and I don’t know when I’ll get more. I can’t justify a trip to Whole Foods for just almond butter, but it is ridiculously expensive at Safeway and Target. And before you tell me Trader Joe’s, there isn’t one nearby (*sniff*). I might have to make my own, gasp! Maybe I can sweet talk Hulk into getting one of those mega 5-lb bags of almonds at Costco next time he makes a run.

After work I had aforementioned banana and small pile of ground beef, then I did a 3-mile run with some sprint intervals. Holy rush hour madness, batman. I am NEVER running right after work ever again. I was constantly running and dodging people all over the place, it was nuts. Hulk always complains about this when he runs outside, which is why he’s a treadmill guy. Since my runs usually take place early in the morning or on weekends, I’ve never had this problem. Ugh. And you feel like a jerk because you’re blasting by little old ladies, knocking their walkers out from under them, or pushing small children into oncoming traffic because you don’t want to quit your interval before it’s done. But I felt good, physically. My legs are still a little sore and sluggish, but I figured a little runnin’ would help work out all the junk left over.

Came home and sauteed some shrimp and nuked some green beans. Slathered everything in olive oil.


I would have liked a potato or something starchy, but we’re out and I didn’t want to resort to the rest of the tortilla chips. Tomorrow, dear chippies. Tomorrow.

This is Duke’s “Can I have a shrimp?” face. The answer is, and always will be, no, Duke.


I know, we’re cruel owners. Look at him, wasting away to practically nothing. Don’t feel bad for him, he scores gold with the high chair fallout.

The Versatile Blogger Award!

First off, this is my 51st post on Emily Rocks the Road! A milestone, yayyyy!

I was sort of planning on taking a blog day off. I wasn’t planning on posting anything or reading blogs. Then I said to myself, who am I kidding, I kind of miss my bloggy friends. So I headed to ye ole Bloglovin’ list for a quick lunchtime gander at what everyone’s up to. Low and behold, I found that I was nominated by Kayla at Blondes Have More Run for the Versatile Blogger Award!


Holy wow, thank you!

So I’m going to be a huge dork about this because I’m still kind of new to this blogging thing, and I am completely shocked and humbled. Another milestone, yayyy! Totally doing a happy dance over here.

Anyway, here are the rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award (Done! Kayla, you rock.)

2. Share 7 random facts about myself (Oh wait, this takes work? I thought I’d just get to wear a sparkly dress and look cute.)

3. Nominate 15 bloggers of my favorite versatile bloggers for this award (Share the bloggy love!)

7 Random Facts:

  1. Growing up, my parents owned and taught at a dance studio/karate dojo. I would demo for my mom teaching ballet, swap the tutu for a black belt, then partner for my dad teaching wristlocks and hip throws. This means I am one badass ballerina.
Amanda and I, in the ill-fated sister duo, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” competition tap number. Look, we won awards!

2. I live in San Francisco, but I grew up outside of Omaha, Nebraska. Despite popular opinion I did not grow up on a farm, and had never seen a cow up close until I moved to California.

But they’re sooooo cute!

3. I used to ride bikes competitively in college and rode for the University of Nebraska. I am the 2006 Nebraska State Road Race Women’s cat. 5 champion. That sounds really impressive until I tell you that I won the race because I was the only women’s cat. 5 contendor to show up that day. I should probably start leaving that part out.

Me racing some crit in Nebraska with Hulk cheering me on in his straw hat. And by cheering I mean drinking his post-race beer and yelling at me to go faster.

4. I am really short – 5’0″. Pants never fit.

5. In 2011, pre-Squishy, we took a Babymoon to London. Best. Vacation. Ever.

A six-month-pregnant me in front of Parliament

6. The Calvin & Hobbes comic series by Bill Patterson practically raised us. Between my brother, sister and I we had every volume. One snowy winter we developed our own “Snowman House of Horror” in the front yard, complete with red food coloring as blood (green for the Alien Tribe Massacre). I should mention that this was also during the time period when we were attending a Catholic school. Every morning three sweet, young, plaid uniform-bedecked children would skip into an awaiting minivan surrounded by a macabre snow carnage. Not sure what the neighbors thought.


7. Hulk and I are celebrating ten years of wedded bliss this summer. Ten years. No wonder I feel so old.

And the Nominees Are:

1. Amanda’s Sketchbook

2. Alexis Marbach Yoga

3. Bekah Outside the Box

4. Bendiful

5. Busy, Bold, Blessed

6. Change of Pace

7. Crazy Running Legs

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11. Leading the Good Life

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13. My Neon Running Shoes

14. Paleo Jess

15. Skinny Jeans & a Healthy Me

Ahh! That was hard. I hate decisions. Hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, I’m sorry and you get a free pass to kick me in the shins next time you see me.

EDITED: Um, I totally misspelled “Versatile” in the title. Good thing I am not a professional writer. And I forgot to include the badge. This is fixed, and this is why you don’t write a blog post right before bed without proofreading.

The One Where Watching Crossfit Games = Rocket Fuel

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Or afternoon, if you’re not on the West Coast. Or tomorrow, if you’re not in the Western Hemisphere. I really need to put these up sooner in the day.

If you missed it, then I will not hesitate to brag about the Versatile Blog Award from yesterday. That’s right, I got a blog award. For reals. I’m a dork.

I have been on a killer workout roll! Hulk and I got a chance to work out together yesterday, and he in his Hulkly form put me through the ringer. Since I was super sore and walking funny from the weekend we just worked on arms. It still hurt.

The Hulk Arm Wringer Workout:
w/u – medicine ball partner exercises that Hulk pulled from some dark, demonic corner of hell
Dumbbell Kettlebell thruster thingys – 3×10 dumbbell @ 15, 20, 15 lbs respectively
Bench Press – 3×10 @ 30 lbs
Shoulder Press – 3×10 @ 15 lbs (my shoulder was bothering me after all the medicine ball action so I wend down a bit)
Single-arm rows – 3×10 @ 15 lbs
Incline Shoulder Press – 3×10 @ 15 lbs
Bicep Curls aka “Lady Killers” – 3×10 @ 15 lbs

I slept like crap Monday night. I had a hard time falling asleep, and Hulk and the roommate went out with my brother and everyone sort of started trickling back around 2 am and waking me up. It wouldn’t have bothered me too much, but the idiot dog barked every time he heard a noise.

20130423-080813.jpg (from Pinterest)

No, dumbass. It’s the same family and friends that have been around for months/years/since we’ve had you. Get over it.

Anyway, I slept in and packed my (totally random) breakfast/lunch for work.


Some frittata I made for breakfast and didn’t have time to eat, the last of the AB, banana, a couple of HB eggs, carrots, and an orange.

OMG, it’s been so long since I’ve had a banana with AB. Normally the bananas are reserved for Squishy purposes. Wow. That was an epic snack of foodgasms.

After work, I hit the gym. My legs are – get this – still sore from the weekend. I do have that triathlon in September to prep for, so I spun on the stationary bike and watched the Crossfit Games. I had never watched the Crossfit Games before. And now I will never watch anything else while working out ever again. That shiz was, like, rocket fuel. I saw the final heats of Fran, and was so absorbed in competition I didn’t realize that I had sprinted to the end of my workout and the machine had turned off. So my 20-minute gentle spin to warm up and work the legs turned into a 25-minute tempo pace. But it felt fantastic.

Then I did some lifts for stuff that wasn’t sore yet:

– Deadlift 2×10@ 25 lb barbells 1×10 @ 30 lbs

– Bent-over rows 3×12 @ 15 lbs

– Pronated chest flys 1×10 @ 10 lbs (never done these before, and my shoulder was not a fan. Maybe do them inclined next time.)

-Back Extentions 3×10; 1 set on the stability ball that was too large for me and I kept rolling off of it, 2 on the floor holding a 4-lb medicine ball

Then I ate a hearty dinner. I threw some frozen chicken breasts in the oven before I went to the gym and Hulk had just pulled them out as I walked in the door.


Chicken, the last of the taters I roasted last week, and broccoli. + beer.

Further proof that I’m a dork:

20130424-082311.jpg (from Pinterest)

This was hilarious.

The One Where I Ran Seven Miles

Happy Monday to ya!

FYI, my posting might be a little off-and-on this week. I’ve been reorganizing my schedule and am trying to figure out the best time to blog. I’m going to do the ol’ fashioned trial-and-error to figure out what works. Ooh, a project! I know, right?

I, um, can’t walk today. Which wouldn’t be so bad except I forgot my badge at work this morning. Since all of the elevator lobbies require a badge to enter the floor, I’ve had to use the stairs to all of my meetings, which have seemed to average 3 floors away from my desk. Holy mother of dog, this was a bad day to forget my badge. I guess it could be worse. I could have to run today, too.

Ah yes, the Sunday Runday. To prep for my scheduled 7-miler, I fueled up with a delicious bfast of another sausage and veggie frittata.


+ unpictured coffee. Lots of it.

Squishy and I got a little park time in while I digested. It was such a warm, sunny day that it would have been a travesty to not get a little Vitamin D for the Squishers.


Another stealth photo while he’s not looking. Otherwise my phone is in his grubby paws.

Then I went on the most horrible, godawful, unscenic and hot run I’ve been on in a long time.

First, my legs were still shredded from yesterday. Stupid, stupid.

Then, as I was heading out I found my Garmin was dead. I’d blame Squishy because it’s easy, but really I just was too lazy to put it on the charger after my last run. So I had to figure out how far to run 7 miles with a combination of Google maps and counting the number of songs played on my iPhone. I can usually run a mile in 2-3 songs, so I just estimated it from there.

Also, it was HOT. Okay, not HOT hot, but hot for someone who hasn’t run in a temperature above 60* in several years. When you only run in the mornings in SF it doesn’t get much warmer than that. I was so glad I thought to bring a water bottle, but I still got home red-faced and a little sunburned. I do feel a little guilty whining about it being too hot and sunny since most of my relatives are still under several inches of snow, but you weren’t there and you’re not sunburned. So I’ll whine.

Finally, since I didn’t have my Garmin I didn’t want to experiment with prettier routes. so I just ran straight down 3rd Street and back. 3.5 miles down past the Port of San Francisco and back. Ugh. Treeless sidewalks and big, abandoned, industrial buildings were my scenery. There was a Giants game playing, so there were enough people out and about to make me comfortable, but it was still a pretty hot and dreary run. I’ll be experimenting with some of the side streets that looked a bit more scenic and inviting in the future.

I did find a bike trail on a small portion that offered some bay views. Still hot with no plants, though.


After I stumbled back to the apartment, I took an ice bath. That was another notch in the things-I-haven’t-done-in-years belt. But it actually felt really good after my toes went numb.

Then I did a lot of this. Pardon the finger bomb.


He just wishes he could have joined me. I just know it.

Then I ate a whole lot of food that I didn’t bother to photograph. I know you’re crushed, I’m sorry.
Down the hatch in no particular order:
– bunless burger
– monstrous salad with about every veggie we have on hand
– HB eggs
– a handful of Squishy’s cheddar bunnies
– Roasted chicken
– some chips and salsa (just a few; I have a superhuman ability to not eat a whole bag/jar)
– peas
– beer (to celebrate a running victory!)

Then I watched a lot of movies and sat on the floor with Squishy, rolling and stretching my argumentative hamstring.

Then we had a pillow fight.

And that was my Sunday.

How was yours?

The One Where I Decided To Murder My Legs

It’s Sunday, and we have a play date scheduled for the park; plus, I’m sure you have fun things planned for today. So I’ll try and make this quick.

The Eats:

Breakfast – Hulk made a heavenly frittata with italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and spinach.


Lunch – peas and shrimp sauteed in garlic butter. I had about this x3. Note the Duke photo bomb.


Also, a small bowl of chili was devoured after my workout.

Dinner – roasted chicken, potatoes, and broccoli.



Once again, another sideways picture.

The Works:
Leg Day!
w/u 5 min on the dreadmill.
Hulk suggested I try utilizing dumbbells more instead of the Smith machine or barbells, to engage more stabolizing muscles. So my weight are all weird as I figure out how to do this.
Lunges – 3×10 w/ 10 lbs (I haven’t done lunges in MONTHS, and these totally killed me)
Deadlift – 3×10 w/ 25 lbs
Squats – 3×10 w/ 25 lbs
Calf raise (on the leg press) – 10 @ 80 lbs, 10 @ 90 lbs, 10 @ 100 lbs, because I couldn’t figure out where I was last time.
Thigh Ad/Abductor – 3×10 @ 70 lbs each
Stretch & cool down

My legs are dead to me. I haven’t done lunges in so long. I have to do my long run today, and it’s not going to be pretty. Why don’t I do my run BEFORE my leg day? I will never learn.

I did get some roof time in while everyone was napping. It was a little too breezy for comfort, but I can’t complain too much.


Ugh, so pasty.

Wish me luck on my long run, and happy Sunday!


The One About an Awesome Day of Eats

First off, I finally had a champion day of eats! (*trumpet fanfare*)



Salad with 2 fries eggs, greens, bell pepper, baby taters from last night, and Greek dressing from “Make it Paleo” cookbook.

And black coffee.


AM Snack:


Some coconut and a big ol’ orange. Plus some green tea.

Then it was Free Starbucks time!


Starbucks was serving their tall house blend until noon. All free for me!



Chipotle carnitas salad with mild salsa & a massive pile of guacamole. I couldn’t finish it. Hulk didn’t seem to mind.



Spinach, more roasted taters, can o’ tuna, pickles, bell pepper, EVOO, balsamic. I shared it with Squish like a good momma. Turns out he likes tuna! Score.

Yup, I had an awesome day of eats.

Then we went to a friend’s party and I drank three glasses of wine. And ate a brownie. And woke up feeling like death. I probably need new friends. Ones that don’t stay up until 2:00 am drinking because they have 7:00 am runs planned. Do these people actually exist? God, I’m so old.

Time to hit the gym for some leg action. I heart deadlifts and squats. Have a happy Saturday!

The One With Tips to Avoid Mindless Snacking


So, THIS was the post I meant to write last week when my phone ate it. It was tragic. Recovery was a difficult road. Things have not been the same. But somehow, I beat the odds and overcame my post being deleted.

Okay, that may be a little bit dramatic.

Any-hoo, every afternoon I battle a big ol’ snacky demon. I’m not hungry since I just had lunch, and it’s usually my notorious sweet tooth coaxing me to have just a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … but it never ends up as “little”. This was my big motivator for doing a Whole30 this month, and so far – let’s face it – I haven’t done very well.


I hadn’t expected it, but some of your kick-in-the-pants comments from yesterday helped. Ugh, I just need to get over myself and do the right thing, ya know? So I composed this little list of things I can do INSTEAD of eat candy.

Ready? I know ya are 😉

1. Breathe. Take a walk. Stretch.
I’m a stress eater, so espeically if I’m facing a deadline I’m prone to sniffing out a candy jar. Taking a few minutes to practice some tranquil, stress-relieving technique will give me a pause to reflect on what I’m really feeling and the best approach to handing it.

2. Talk to someone.
I don’t talk nearly enough to my coworkers. A lively over-the-cube-wall chat will kill some time, build relationships, and get my mind off of food.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

3. Take five.
I do this when I don’t feel like working out, too. I give myself five minutes, and after five minutes if I still feel ravenously hungry or snacky, then I’ll eat something nutritious.

4. Drink more water.
I’m probably just thirsty. Nothing wrong with more water. Or tea.

5. Use an Inspiration Board or Something to Recommit to Goals.
I’m a very visual person. I have my daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals written out in various spots of my planner. If I don’t write it down, I just forget what I’m trying to do. The trick is to actually read them when I’m struggling and remember WHY I’m doing what I am doing. I’m trying to get healthy. Pinterest would be good for this too, if I’m pinning other things besides funny pictures of dogs.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

What techniques do you use to avoid mindless snacking, or sugar cravings during a sugar detox?

20130412-133704.jpg (source)