The One Where I Was Hungover on Easter, Whole30 Day 1

Happy Monday to y’all!

We had a satisfactory Easter. It probably would have been more eventful if Hulk and I weren’t hungover out of our gourds from Saturday night’s date night. We may have closed the clubs down and carried on to a hotel room afterparty. I am so glad the Easter Bunny had already prepped Squish’s basket as we stumbled back to the apartment around 3:30 am. But it was a way to send off the “old life” and welcome in a Whole30, let me tell you.

Anyway, Squish was totally excited for his Easter Basket.


Wait, what am I saying. The kid doesn’t even know what day it is, let alone Easter. Duke was anticipating some Easter Jerkey or something. He was disappointed.


But not one, but THREE Easter Bunnies showed up! Courtesy of Grandmas and Grandpas 🙂


Then we napped for about 4 hours. I was sooooo glad Squish was in the mood for a long nap.

After naptime, I picked up some burgers from down the street. I was craving a bacon cheeseburger; perfect hangover food. And I was caught in a freak downpour without an umbrella or anything. Totally didn’t see that one coming.


After lunch we went to a park in Potero Hill. Look, you can see our house from here!


I promise, he really does enjoy the swings.


“I hate it here.”

Then we walked home, and I made a scrumptious and totally Whole30 unapproved Easter dinner of:

– Honeybaked ham
– Roasted asparagus
– Peas with bacon and cream
– Dessert of fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Squish was beat from the park so he took an extra-long nap while Hulk and I had a candlelit dinner of just the two of us, the first in a looong time. It was so nice to play some jazz without a whining, squeaking baby voiceover and to eat without me repeatedly trying to catch Squishy’s sippy cup as he tries to toss it over the high chair.

And then I realized my massive fail. I bought a 7-lb honeybaked ham thinking we could eat the leftovers all week. But now I’m on a Whole30. Which means no “honeybaked” anything. I am sitting on a good 6 lbs of bone-in, tender ham that I can no longer help tackle in the upcoming days. D’oh.

Whole30, Day 1

I have two goals for this Whole30.

One is to work out every day. Okay, that’s not a real W30 goal, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do anyway, and I like the structure and pressure of a W30 to keep me honest.

The other is to kill off the Sugar Dragon once and for all. She (of course the Sugar Dragon is a girl, because she’s such a bitch) was not yet dead at the end of my last W30 and I should have stayed on it for a couple more weeks to really quench it. So now I’ll W3o until the Sugar Dragon’s dead.

I weighed myself and took all of my “before” measurements this morning, but honestly I don’t really care. My objective is to make healthy eating second nature to me, and if I succeed in that I think everything else will fall into place. So it’ll be really easy to avoid the scale. I’ve even talked to Hulk about getting rid of it, but he’s still a number junkie, so I’ll just ignore it for now.

I made it to the gym for my “Day 1” workout. I only have about 30 minutes in the morning so I have to make it quick. I can do a 10-minute cardio warmup and have time for about 3 exercises before I have to peace out. Since I avoided all physical activity last week, I decided to do just a smattering of my favorites to get back into the groove:

Warmup: 10 min on elliptical
Squats: 1×15 with 12.5lb dumbbells, easy warmup
Leg Press: 3×10 @ 50 lbs
Lat Pull: 3×10 @ 30 lbs
Bench Press: 1×15 @ 20lbs dumbbells, 2×15 @ 25lbs dumbbells
Cool down: 3×25 crunches, in between stretching

I also think it would be fun to work on my splits again, as sort of another goal. Don’t worry, there’s room for improvement.

br />

That is my “hurry up and take the picture before someone sees me” face.

Breakfast was quick and easy. I forgot that you could microwave eggs! Holy crap, why have I been trying to fry them on my insanely slow-cooking electric range?!? Three scrambled eggs zapped in a bed of coconut oil, and a quick spinach salad with evoo and balsamic. And coffee with coconut milk. x2.



I packed up my lunch for work – spinach salad with bell pepper, evoo & balsamic; leftover potroast and chicken curry (mixed together; we’ll see how this goes), carrots & AB, and a sweet tater I partially nuked before chopping up into the Ziplock container and adding coconut oil and cinnamon.


Off to tackle the rest of this Monday!