The One About the Weekend, and my Six Mile Run!

Happy Monday!

I unplugged over the weekend, so I’m just getting back to bloggy business today. I was just feeling like a little break would be nice, and spent a lot of time with the family.

Friday was a complete 180 from Thursday. Thursday I wanted to smash everything that was beautiful in the world, and take a nap. Friday was about giving everything a hug, and running a marathon. Maybe a good AM workout makes all the difference? I refuse to believe it was the cake.

Work started with a nice surprise. Check out what I found in the break room!


SO excited it wasn’t a big ol’ bow of donuts. Oh yeah, I hit that.


I wasn’t hungry at the time, so I was just stashing it for later. Then I read blogs and all the food pictures made me hungry. Then I ate it.

Lunch was yet another not-very-photogenic pile of leftovers.


Leftover chicken, green beans, and squash from last night; Italian casserole from the other day.

At least plating it helped the aesthetics some.


Okay, maybe not. It was tasty, though.


Oh, and I decided to rock the “fashion mullet” for Fridy: blazer with jeans. Business up top, party down below.


Blazer & top from Ann Taylor
Jeans from Levi’s
Shoes from Tar-zhay (Target, for you non-French speakers)

Saturday I took the Dukester for a long walk by AT&T Park. The game hadn’t started yet, so it was a nice, quiet walk.


Since the rest of the family/roomies were still sleeping off Friday night, Squish and did a nice mommy-and-me coffee date at the nearby bakery. I had a rather un-Whole30ish quiche, which Squish received most of the crust.


Then we walked in the sort-of rain until a reasonable hour to go and wake everyone else up.


Saturday night we went out with some friends. I had ONE cocktail and drank a ton of water. It was just too weird to go to a fancy lounge and not drink, plus we were meeting some people for the first time and I just wasn’t down with immediately singleing myself out as the weird one.

Sunday morning was Zero Hour for the food situation. We were out of eggs. Out of veggies. Out of meat. Squish and I breakfasted on some frozen edamame I found in the back of the freezer and the last of the birthday cake. Yeah, that bad.

Then I ran six miles. I had to, after eating birthday cake for breakfast.


I found a new path that goes down some river behind AT&T park. It was game day, so I ended up running in the bike lane a lot. It reminded me of Husker Game Day back in college, only everyone was in Orange instead of Red, and all of the really cheesy marketing slogans referred to home runs instead of touchdowns.

I was only supposed to run five miles according to the made-up training plan I crafted, but my GPS didn’t pick up for the first seven minutes or so. And I started feeling AMAZING, so I just rolled with it. Longest run since I did Bay to Breakers 10k in 2011! Which was when I found out I was pregnant and put running on hold for 9 months. I felt pretty accomplished, like it’s all coming back. Oh, and a friend coerced me to doing a sprint triathlon this September. I might have to break my bike out of storge. *Sigh* 

Then I chilled out with the Masters of Chill.


Also the Masters of Cuddle.

Hulk FINALLY went grocery shopping last night. I will be eating eggs, chicken, and spinach all this week, because that’s all he bought. At this point it’s an experiment of wills.

As a result, breakfast of egg and spinach. Thank god we’re not out of coconut milk yet. I’m not ready to quit coffee.


And a sunny Monday morning to ya!



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