The One Where I Eat Cake. Sorry. Well, No, I’m Not.

Yesterday was definitely a “kill all the things” day. Not sure if it was because of W30 or the drugs I took the night before. But I was a Cranky, Cranky Pants for sure.

Lunch was rather blah. I’m starting to run out of ideas from our meager fridge. A couple of weeks ago Hulk decided to take over all of the groceries and general food management. It’s a great load off me, but my total control-freak, OCD side is not comfortable with not knowing where Thursday’s meal is coming from, since I’ve been so used to weekly meal planning. Still, no matter how barren I think our fridge is I always manage something to eat, which is why this is America.

Anyway, I stirred a can of tuna in olive oil into some thawed frozen green beans. Sort of a lazy tuna nicoise salad.


Meh, it was all right.

It was our friend’s birthday, and my brother was babysitting. These two things are sort of unrelated, but really they are. My brother is a chef, so Hulk somehow tricked him into asked him to roast a chicken for the birthday dinner. No pics, as I was Squishy-wrangling at the time. But here’s a pre-dinner pic of Squish with his uncle:


“Dur, dur, dur. I’m a grown-up. Type type type. That report is due Friday, Mr. Johnson.”

Anyway, we had roast chicken, frozen butternut squash, and more frozen green beans. And then there was cake. And I had some.

Yes, I’ll need to start Whole30 over tomorrow. But it was damn good cake. I found solace in the fact that I did avoid the copious amounts of wine and vodka drinks everyone was throwing around. I feel no guilt. Well, maybe a little; but that’s pure social pressure.

This morning I was determined to wake up in time to work out. Especially after the cake. On Monday I started writing up a new training program to fit my fast-and-furious morning schedule. But I couldn’t remember it. So in the dark I took a picture of my notes to reference at the gym.


Simple enough, right?

Anyway I had a nice 40-minute cardio and strength session:

w/u Run 20 minutes in the rain, outside.


Arms & Shoulders:
Dumbbell curls – 3×10 @ 15 lbs
Shoulder Press – 3×2 + 1×7 (crapped out) @ 20 lbs
Arm Raises, front and side – 3×10 @ 7.5 lbs (these hurt!)

Stretch & be done!


Now I’m wrapping up bfast and listening to a morning Squishy serenade.


Egg frittata with onion, zucchini, basil and topped with pesto. Coffee w/ coconut milk x2. BTW, everything is better with pesto.

Enjoy your Friday, my friends!

6 thoughts on “The One Where I Eat Cake. Sorry. Well, No, I’m Not.

  1. Nice workout! Yummy breakfast. Sorry you were in a “kill all things” crappy mood 😦
    I would be a mess if I wasn’t in charge of the grocery shopping lol.
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. I would go crazy if hubs took over the grocery shopping, he wouldn’t have a clue what to get and I’d be in the same situation…staring at the empty fridge wondering what to eat! Hope your day is much better today, hey cake happens…dust it off and keep going 🙂

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