The One Where I Drink Wine and My Mommy Comes to Town!


I have exciting news, but I need to get the crap stuff out-of-the-way first.

You know, sometimes life hands you lemons, and sometimes it just backs a dump truck of lemons up to you and release the load on your head. At least it’s just lemons and not, like, dog poop or something.

I came home in a horrible mood yesterday. Horrible. For one, I had been ravenously hungry all. Day. I ate my lunch at 11:00 and proceeded to sit at my desk and talk myself out of heading to the nearest bakery and devouring every chocolate chip cookie they had (yes, it’s THAT week). Plus, we’re on Week 2 of the Hulk Is In Charge of Food experiment. Lunch was a spinach salad with tomato and evoo, can of tuna, edamame, and the last cran-raspberry sparking water. Also two unpictured clementines that my sister left the last time she visited.


Ravenous, I tell you. Plus it was just a crappy day at work. I arrived home to a raw roast in the fridge, no dinner being cooked, and a bottle of wine just sitting there. I was no match for that wine.

Fortunately, Hulk picked up some chicken on the way home from his interview (Interview #2! On a roll!) so he quickly roasted it with some peas. I devoured it.

But before Hulk came home and I was saved with Real Food, my friend offered her leftover Chipotle bowl from lunch. It had tofu, beans, and rice. I didn’t care, I killed the whole thing.

On the upside, I did NOT go to the store and buy my weight in candy like I had been telling myself to do all afternoon. So that’s a win. I’ll take tofu and wine over a candy bomb as an indiscretion any day.

On the other upside, I’ve worked out for three days in a row. Whoa, I know, right? This morning I went for an easy half-hour run. I felt soooo slow, I think my legs are still getting over the six miles I put them through on Sunday.


Aww, the city looks so sweet and innocent when it’s sleeping!

I think I forgot to mention my workout yesterday. Chest and Back day. Since I’m doing a triathlon in September I figured I’d better start with the biking again. I might need to even go on a ride soon *gasp*
– Warm up: 10 min bike ride on stationary bike
– Bench Press – 3×10 @ 40 lbs (I switched to the smith machine, and I don’t know how much the bar is, But I did put 40 lbs of plates on it)
– Lat Pull – 3×10 @ 35 lbs
– Bent over rows – 3×10 @ 20 lbs
– Stretch & foam roll

Then this morning was eggs with green pepper, spinach, and pesto again. Here’s my picture from yesterday, since it didn’t change. At all. I’m going to start calling this “green eggs”.


And now for the exciting news: my mom is coming today for a visit! Yay! I’ve got some fun activities planned so maybe I can talk about actual things to do rather than food and workouts this week. Oh gosh, you never know where I’m going next on this crazy ride. There may be more wine and cake consumed in the upcoming week, FYI.

3 thoughts on “The One Where I Drink Wine and My Mommy Comes to Town!

  1. It’s tough when it feels like you are running into road blocks at every turn. Shit day+ hungry= definite wine consumption. Can’t really blame you. Especially since you were so close to going and buying a crap load of candy 🙂 Nice you get a visit from your mama! My mom (and daddy) may be visiting next week…fingers crossed!! Hope your day is better today. Good job on the workouts!

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