The One Where I … Crap. It’s Just Sad.

Um, I don’t really feel like posting today. It is a sad day. I mean, really? Really.¬†Fortunately, all of my friends and friends of friends in Boston are all okay and I am grateful.

In the avalanche of social media response, I noticed a lot of people saying how horrible the world is and how there’s faith lost in humanity. I disagree. ONE person (or maybe a handful, but still a disproportionate minority) did this. THOUSANDS are rallying in response. Just like with any tragedy, man-made or natrual disaster, people are comforting and supporting and giving whatever they can. Just like anyone who was able to finish a marathon will tell you, we are so much stronger than we think we are.

Oh, I hear people are wearing race shirts tomorrow in support of the victims. I’m going to dig out my NWM t-shirt from the depths of my forgotten running drawer tomorrow and do my small part.

Call your friends, hug your babies, and throw out some comforting, love-filled thoughts to those affected by today.