The One Where We All Take a Nap

We should all do this.


With our little puppy pillows.

I’m feeling super-blah today. Not sure if it’s from the stress of yesterday’s dramatic events, or becaue we had pizza last night. I’m finding that wheat makes me a raging cranky-pants of toddler-like proportions.


“Not funny, Mom.”

Clearly he has his father’s sense of humor.

Any-hoo, I’ve been trying to make up for my extreme lack of Whole30’ing today. Eggs, leftover salad for bfast, with 1/2 of Squish’s uneaten apple with a bit of AB.


Lunch: random leftovers salad, olives, 2 clementines. 


That’s about it. Time to see what’s for dinner, and maybe I’ll pull myself out of this funk by tomorow.


4 thoughts on “The One Where We All Take a Nap

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