The One Quick Link


Ahh! Mark, it’s like you’re IN MY HEAD. Except I like eating fat.

The One Where I Cheat, then Cheat Again.

I cheated.

I weighed myself this morning.

I’ve gained three pounds.


I am not surprised. I’ve been having a tough time getting dressed for work, and my sweats don’t even feel comfortable anymore. So I weighed myself to confirm¬†what I already knew – all of my “little” wine and candy indiscretions have been adding up.

Oh, and in case you are confused – I don’t share all of the food that goes in my face on my blog. I’m not that disciplined, and I’d be too embarrassed to put out in public the mass quantities of candy I can eat.

Whelp, I guess my little sugar bingeing is done-zo for a while. Time to climb back on the horse. It was a fun detour, but it’s time to head back to Reality and Clean Eats.

I was super exhausted last night (another sign I’ve been eating like crap) but managed to put together a simple dinner of chicken and peas while Hulk made a Costco run.


Then Hulk brought back the spoils. He needed to borrow one of the bellhop carts to get it upstairs. Everything but the booze:

I don’t even know what half of it is. All I know is that our fridge is stocked again! Wheee!


Still, I packed a pretty lame breakfast/lunch. Turns out Costco quantities of food is only good if you cook & prep it ahead of time. Six pounds of raw hamburger does nothing for me at 7:30 in the morning.


Mixed baby greens with evoo & a can of tuna, 2 hb eggs, 2 carrots, AB, and an apple.

I did get a quick run in this morning. Despite my fears from the article I read yesterday, I was really itching for a run. I did some speedwork and intervals when I felt like it, and walked for a couple of the scenic stretches. It was “very nice”.


20130418-100255.jpg¬†(I don’t know why this picture won’t turn over)

And now it’s time to start the day. Or afternoon. Depends on what time this post is scheduled to go up.


Have a happy almost-Friday!