The One About an Awesome Day of Eats

First off, I finally had a champion day of eats! (*trumpet fanfare*)



Salad with 2 fries eggs, greens, bell pepper, baby taters from last night, and Greek dressing from “Make it Paleo” cookbook.

And black coffee.


AM Snack:


Some coconut and a big ol’ orange. Plus some green tea.

Then it was Free Starbucks time!


Starbucks was serving their tall house blend until noon. All free for me!



Chipotle carnitas salad with mild salsa & a massive pile of guacamole. I couldn’t finish it. Hulk didn’t seem to mind.



Spinach, more roasted taters, can o’ tuna, pickles, bell pepper, EVOO, balsamic. I shared it with Squish like a good momma. Turns out he likes tuna! Score.

Yup, I had an awesome day of eats.

Then we went to a friend’s party and I drank three glasses of wine. And ate a brownie. And woke up feeling like death. I probably need new friends. Ones that don’t stay up until 2:00 am drinking because they have 7:00 am runs planned. Do these people actually exist? God, I’m so old.

Time to hit the gym for some leg action. I heart deadlifts and squats. Have a happy Saturday!

The One With Tips to Avoid Mindless Snacking


So, THIS was the post I meant to write last week when my phone ate it. It was tragic. Recovery was a difficult road. Things have not been the same. But somehow, I beat the odds and overcame my post being deleted.

Okay, that may be a little bit dramatic.

Any-hoo, every afternoon I battle a big ol’ snacky demon. I’m not hungry since I just had lunch, and it’s usually my notorious sweet tooth coaxing me to have just a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … but it never ends up as “little”. This was my big motivator for doing a Whole30 this month, and so far – let’s face it – I haven’t done very well.


I hadn’t expected it, but some of your kick-in-the-pants comments from yesterday helped. Ugh, I just need to get over myself and do the right thing, ya know? So I composed this little list of things I can do INSTEAD of eat candy.

Ready? I know ya are 😉

1. Breathe. Take a walk. Stretch.
I’m a stress eater, so espeically if I’m facing a deadline I’m prone to sniffing out a candy jar. Taking a few minutes to practice some tranquil, stress-relieving technique will give me a pause to reflect on what I’m really feeling and the best approach to handing it.

2. Talk to someone.
I don’t talk nearly enough to my coworkers. A lively over-the-cube-wall chat will kill some time, build relationships, and get my mind off of food.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

3. Take five.
I do this when I don’t feel like working out, too. I give myself five minutes, and after five minutes if I still feel ravenously hungry or snacky, then I’ll eat something nutritious.

4. Drink more water.
I’m probably just thirsty. Nothing wrong with more water. Or tea.

5. Use an Inspiration Board or Something to Recommit to Goals.
I’m a very visual person. I have my daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals written out in various spots of my planner. If I don’t write it down, I just forget what I’m trying to do. The trick is to actually read them when I’m struggling and remember WHY I’m doing what I am doing. I’m trying to get healthy. Pinterest would be good for this too, if I’m pinning other things besides funny pictures of dogs.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

What techniques do you use to avoid mindless snacking, or sugar cravings during a sugar detox?

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