The One About an Awesome Day of Eats

First off, I finally had a champion day of eats! (*trumpet fanfare*)



Salad with 2 fries eggs, greens, bell pepper, baby taters from last night, and Greek dressing from “Make it Paleo” cookbook.

And black coffee.


AM Snack:


Some coconut and a big ol’ orange. Plus some green tea.

Then it was Free Starbucks time!


Starbucks was serving their tall house blend until noon. All free for me!



Chipotle carnitas salad with mild salsa & a massive pile of guacamole. I couldn’t finish it. Hulk didn’t seem to mind.



Spinach, more roasted taters, can o’ tuna, pickles, bell pepper, EVOO, balsamic. I shared it with Squish like a good momma. Turns out he likes tuna! Score.

Yup, I had an awesome day of eats.

Then we went to a friend’s party and I drank three glasses of wine. And ate a brownie. And woke up feeling like death. I probably need new friends. Ones that don’t stay up until 2:00 am drinking because they have 7:00 am runs planned. Do these people actually exist? God, I’m so old.

Time to hit the gym for some leg action. I heart deadlifts and squats. Have a happy Saturday!

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