The One Where I Ran Seven Miles

Happy Monday to ya!

FYI, my posting might be a little off-and-on this week. I’ve been reorganizing my schedule and am trying to figure out the best time to blog. I’m going to do the ol’ fashioned trial-and-error to figure out what works. Ooh, a project! I know, right?

I, um, can’t walk today. Which wouldn’t be so bad except I forgot my badge at work this morning. Since all of the elevator lobbies require a badge to enter the floor, I’ve had to use the stairs to all of my meetings, which have seemed to average 3 floors away from my desk. Holy mother of dog, this was a bad day to forget my badge. I guess it could be worse. I could have to run today, too.

Ah yes, the Sunday Runday. To prep for my scheduled 7-miler, I fueled up with a delicious bfast of another sausage and veggie frittata.


+ unpictured coffee. Lots of it.

Squishy and I got a little park time in while I digested. It was such a warm, sunny day that it would have been a travesty to not get a little Vitamin D for the Squishers.


Another stealth photo while he’s not looking. Otherwise my phone is in his grubby paws.

Then I went on the most horrible, godawful, unscenic and hot run I’ve been on in a long time.

First, my legs were still shredded from yesterday. Stupid, stupid.

Then, as I was heading out I found my Garmin was dead. I’d blame Squishy because it’s easy, but really I just was too lazy to put it on the charger after my last run. So I had to figure out how far to run 7 miles with a combination of Google maps and counting the number of songs played on my iPhone. I can usually run a mile in 2-3 songs, so I just estimated it from there.

Also, it was HOT. Okay, not HOT hot, but hot for someone who hasn’t run in a temperature above 60* in several years. When you only run in the mornings in SF it doesn’t get much warmer than that. I was so glad I thought to bring a water bottle, but I still got home red-faced and a little sunburned. I do feel a little guilty whining about it being too hot and sunny since most of my relatives are still under several inches of snow, but you weren’t there and you’re not sunburned. So I’ll whine.

Finally, since I didn’t have my Garmin I didn’t want to experiment with prettier routes. so I just ran straight down 3rd Street and back. 3.5 miles down past the Port of San Francisco and back. Ugh. Treeless sidewalks and big, abandoned, industrial buildings were my scenery. There was a Giants game playing, so there were enough people out and about to make me comfortable, but it was still a pretty hot and dreary run. I’ll be experimenting with some of the side streets that looked a bit more scenic and inviting in the future.

I did find a bike trail on a small portion that offered some bay views. Still hot with no plants, though.


After I stumbled back to the apartment, I took an ice bath. That was another notch in the things-I-haven’t-done-in-years belt. But it actually felt really good after my toes went numb.

Then I did a lot of this. Pardon the finger bomb.


He just wishes he could have joined me. I just know it.

Then I ate a whole lot of food that I didn’t bother to photograph. I know you’re crushed, I’m sorry.
Down the hatch in no particular order:
– bunless burger
– monstrous salad with about every veggie we have on hand
– HB eggs
– a handful of Squishy’s cheddar bunnies
– Roasted chicken
– some chips and salsa (just a few; I have a superhuman ability to not eat a whole bag/jar)
– peas
– beer (to celebrate a running victory!)

Then I watched a lot of movies and sat on the floor with Squishy, rolling and stretching my argumentative hamstring.

Then we had a pillow fight.

And that was my Sunday.

How was yours?