The One where Duke Wants Shrimp

How the heck are ya? I am so happy it’s almost Friday, just throwing that out there. Boo work. Yay not working. Unless it’s a permanent condition, then sometimes yay working. Yay balance of work and not work?

I don’t think I ate enough yesterday. I felt okay, but I got really hungry in the afternoon just before I went home. I fried up some hamburger and ate a banana before I went on my run. Well, I ate half a banana; Squishy was the recipient of the other half. He is definitely at that “Monkey See Monkey Do” stage where it’s impossible to do anything without a pint-sized shadow wanting to do it too. When I was frying the burger, he was pitching himself at my legs whining the whole time. Later, when the meat was cooked and the pan cooled, I picked him up, and he grabbed the spatula and proceeded to “cook” the meat. If he wasn’t so incompetnet and accident-prone, I would most certainly load him up with chores around here.

Anyway, it’s probably a good time to mention that I’m not really doing the Whole30 anymore. I really haven’t been doing it since about Day 5, but I kept telling myself that tomorrow’s another day, and don’t worry that there’s one after that … and so on. But it’s been three weeks and I have yet to fully commit, so I’m going to stop stressing about it and move on. As long as I’m not shoving cookies in my face, I’ll consider it a win.20130424-200124.jpg (from Pinterest)

Breakfast was a kitchen-sink frittata, since we’re getting low in the fridge again. I threw in last night’s chicken and broccoli leftovers, the last of the potatoes, a sausage, and some other bits and chunks of veggies.

Then I drank a lot of coffee.


Lunch was more frittata, a couple of eggs, an orange, carrots, and the last of the AB jar. As I said, I probably should have brought more substantial-ness with me. Could have used a can of tuna or something.


An empty jar is such a sad sight, and I don’t know when I’ll get more. I can’t justify a trip to Whole Foods for just almond butter, but it is ridiculously expensive at Safeway and Target. And before you tell me Trader Joe’s, there isn’t one nearby (*sniff*). I might have to make my own, gasp! Maybe I can sweet talk Hulk into getting one of those mega 5-lb bags of almonds at Costco next time he makes a run.

After work I had aforementioned banana and small pile of ground beef, then I did a 3-mile run with some sprint intervals. Holy rush hour madness, batman. I am NEVER running right after work ever again. I was constantly running and dodging people all over the place, it was nuts. Hulk always complains about this when he runs outside, which is why he’s a treadmill guy. Since my runs usually take place early in the morning or on weekends, I’ve never had this problem. Ugh. And you feel like a jerk because you’re blasting by little old ladies, knocking their walkers out from under them, or pushing small children into oncoming traffic because you don’t want to quit your interval before it’s done. But I felt good, physically. My legs are still a little sore and sluggish, but I figured a little runnin’ would help work out all the junk left over.

Came home and sauteed some shrimp and nuked some green beans. Slathered everything in olive oil.


I would have liked a potato or something starchy, but we’re out and I didn’t want to resort to the rest of the tortilla chips. Tomorrow, dear chippies. Tomorrow.

This is Duke’s “Can I have a shrimp?” face. The answer is, and always will be, no, Duke.


I know, we’re cruel owners. Look at him, wasting away to practically nothing. Don’t feel bad for him, he scores gold with the high chair fallout.

7 thoughts on “The One where Duke Wants Shrimp

  1. Get the bag of almonds from Costco, make your own AB. It’s so easy and inexpensive that way. And shame on you for knocking over old ladies on your run! Didn’t you know you’re supposed to pick them up and toss them out of the way and get your strength done at the same time? Silly girl! 🙂

    • Argh! I failed on the lifting of heavy things! Haha, that’s awesome.

      I’m just hoping my cheap-o $30 food processor can handle all that almond goodness. Otherwise that’ll be a REALLY expensive jar.

  2. I never got into almond butter (except for the chocolate version), but you’re making me think I’m missing out! Aw Duke, so cute.

    Yay almost Friday!

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