The One Where I Went to Safeway Hungry

It’s Friday, so this’ll be short and sweet so we can all get on to celebrating that it’s Friday! Yay!

Breakfast was the usual kitchen sink frittata.


(frozen peas, broccoli, and some almost-petrified green onions I found in the back of the crisper drawer)

+ broth. And a couple of unpictured coffee.

I didn’t pack a lunch, so I held myself over with the last of the coconut flakes.

Then went to Safeway hungry.

20130425-153337.jpg (Oops, finger photo bomb)

Look, no candy! #winning

‘Booch, tuna, soup, big ol’ bag of almonds, orange, and a chicken, bacon & pesto sandwich. Yes, I had a sandwich. It was foccacia bread, toasted, and hard to say no.

+ a sweet potato, which I did not eat. I brought it home for a future meal.



Don’t worry; many of these selections were intended for the desk drawer, to ward off future oh-crap-I’m-hungry-with-no-food situations, or days where my lunch is a little lackluster.

Dinner was a quick ground beef hash with onion and some leftover asparagus I had marinading in the fridge that really needed to be used up. I think I might send Hulk on a Costco run over the weekend. No picture; ground beef hash is pretty unappealing in picture format. Plus, I had a very cranky-pants toddler dragging on my legs and demanding to “help” cook.

After dinner, I went to a programming Meet Up  I decided I want to learn how to program; I did Java in college, and played with a little SQL a while back, but nothing too formal. It would be a fun hobby, and I feel silly living so close to Silicon Valley and NOT knowing a language of some sort.

And now I’m off to do Friday things. My desk is being moved to a new cube, so I have to pack my stuff and figure out what I’m going to do while IT dismantles and (hopefully) reassembles my computer. Have a most wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “The One Where I Went to Safeway Hungry

      • Hmmm, I buy Original at Safeway all the time. My top 3 are Original, Multigreen & Cranberry. I buy them so often Safeway sends me personalized “Just for U” deals 🙂 YAY.

    • The Safeway I go to is always out of the Original. Maybe I am mistaken and it is the most popular flavor? I would LOVE to get Kombucha on Just4U! My favorite is when I have coupons for baby formula and beer. At least I have my priorities identified.

  1. Awesome! What kind of office work do you do?

    Never go to the grocery store hungry, come on! However, I can’t say much because I did that two days ago and bought a donut…maybe two, cheesecake and a Kombucha. Whoops!

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