The One Where I’m Back on Track


I am having a bit of writer’s block today. Normally, when I prepare a post, I scroll through the photos on my phone to remember what the heck I did yesterday and build the text around the pictures. Since I’ve stopped photographing every meal (I don’t think I talked about that; more on my eats later. If you care.) I’m finding that my camera roll is quite sparse. I mean, here’s what I have from yesterday,



And they’re just funny pins from Pinterest I grabbed to store for a more appropriate time later.

So I guess I’m just stuck with talking about the gym. After work yesterday I had another Ruby coding class to get to, so I did a flurry of an arm session before I had to grab my sad little PC netbook and head out:

  • W/U 5 min on the treadmill, combo of run/walk << this is about as long as I can handle being on the “dreadmill”
  • Bench Press 3×10 @ 30 lb dumbbells
  • Bent Over Rows 3×10 @ 20 lb
  • Shoulder Press 3×10 @ 15 lb
  • Bicep Curl 3×10 @ 15 lb
  • Lat Pulls 3×10 @ 35 kg (I’m pretty sure the lat machine measures in kg’s right now. The “35” plate about lifts me off the seat, and I KNOW I’m not that little)

And as I looked at my calendar from the past week I realized that I’m on a workout streak. I’ve done something every day the past 7 days in a row. Woo-hoo! Last Wednesday I had to drag my butt out of bed and bargain myself to get back in the program, and I have successfuly maintained my track all week. I rock.

Since I don’t think I really talked about it, here’s what the past week has been, work-wise:

Wednesday – Cardio & Legs
Thursday – Run 3.5 mi on the dreadmill
Friday – Lifting – Arms
Saturday – Run 8 mi
Sunday – Recovery, spin 30 min
Monday – Lifting – Legs
Tuesday – Lifting – Arms

You know, it is TOTALLY easier to list what I have done than listing a plan of stuff that I intend to do and will probably fail at. I feel much more accomplished this way.

Anyway, we’re doing the happy dance over here. And stealing Mommy’s phone because it’s great fun to take selfies.


The One Where I Ran 8 Miles

My 8 Mile run, by the numbers:

Distance: 8.3 miles

Time: 1:48

Avg Pace: 13:01 (I forgot about the hills …)

# of Gear Worn for the first time: 1

Rocking the Fuel Belt
Rocking the Fuel Belt

Times consulted the map thinking I’m lost: 3

# of Streets visited: 12 … Jackson – Steiner – Broadway – Pacific – Scott – Clay – Fillmore – California – Kearney – Market – First – Mission

# of Neighborhoods crossed: 5 … Downtown – Chinatown – Nob Hill – Pacific Heights – Presidio

# of water stops: 1, and it was glorious

# of Hills: lost count after 5

Minutes where I never wanted this run to end: 13

Minutes where I cursed myself for pickup up running as a hobby: 72

# of Times Stopped for a photo op:

Took this from my roof. See that little green sploch on the horizon? I ran there!
Fillmore Street
Pac Heights has the best private residential gardens
You can’t really tell, but this hill is STEEP
My favorite Pac Heights game – museum, church, or single-family private residence?
Again, museum, church, or single-family private residence? Give you a hint – this one has a backyard private tennis court.
More trails!!
Lafayette Park
Market St … and almost-home

Miles from home when my Garmin decided to die – 0.2

# of days until I can do this run again – 5 … can’t wait for Saturday!

The One Where It’s Almost Tuesday

Happy Monday … er, oh, it’s Tuesday? Hmm.

First, I ran 8 miles on Saturday. I have lots of lovely pics so this news will be it’s own separate post. I just wanted to start with something cheery. So fist bump to me, I rock.


Next, I had another amazing weekend of nothingness. Well, I actually did things this time, but they were sporadically inserted among long bouts of Netflix streaming.

bachelorette carebear periscope


(One of these things is not like the others …)

Finally, well, that’s it.

The One Where I Make Nut Butterrrrrrr!!

Yesterday I came home for lunch in total meltdown mode. I think I was stressing myself out on a bunch of little things, and since I’m an “emotional bottler” (you know, I bottle everything up, shake it, then watch the majesty that erupts) that happened to be the point where I “erupted”.

Fortunately, Hulk was there and able to talk me off the cliff. In a long and painful dialogue (for me; I’m not much of a deep emotions sharer) we discussed life, the universe, and everything until I felt better and could come to work.

I started to go somewhere with this story, but then changed my mind on revealing the details. In due time, I suppose, my first-world-problems shall be unveiled. Sorry for the teaser.

In other news, homemade NUT BUTTERRRRRR!!


We were out of AB (boo! – probably contributed to my meltdown, but not really) and I was too broke/lazy to go buy more. And I’m too broke/lazy to buy almonds. So what’s a nut-butter-lover to do? Get creative. I found a half bag of walnuts in the back of the pantry and decided to give it a whirl.

Homemade walnut butterrrrrr!!


I celebrated my nutty success with an apple. It’s the small wins.

Happy Friday! Go do nothing this weekend, but not too much nothing that you lose your zest and zeal for life. I know this.


The One Where I Give Up Coffee, and the Results

My head hurts. I’m tired. I’m cranky. When Squishy gets tired and cranky, we say it’s “bottle and bed” time. He protests. I would probably sell him for a bottle and bed right now. Spoiled kid, doesn’t know how good he has it.

Who’s idea was it to give up coffee again? Oh yeah, mine.

I can’t figure out how to get gifs to work when I add them from my phone. It’s such a cold, hard world.


This is supposed to be moving.

Yesterday, I ate food. This food.





And I worked out. At the gym. It took me 20 minutes to convince myself to get out of bed and go, and another 20 minutes to actually get there from my bed.

Elliptical 20 min with intervals
Lunges: 1×10 @ 10 lbs, 1×10 @ 7.5 lbs, 1×10 @ bw
Stretch & some yoga

It’s only Thursday. I was packing my lunch thinking it was Friday. But it isn’t. And I’m out of food for tomorrow. I hate everything.


The One About Persistence

First, off, big congrats to my bloggy friends who have completed their April Whole30! Yayyy!

Amber at Busy, Bold, Blessed
Jess at Paleo Jess
Kristen at Change of Pace
Tiffany at Skinny Jeans and Healthy Me

Nicely done, ladies!

It’s Wednesday already, and I have yet to recap my weekend. So here it is:

I did nothing.

I did work out Saturday, but I didn’t do my long run. Instead I watched a lot of “Archer” reruns, played with Squishy at the park, and took naps. No chores or laundry, no food prep.

I think I was a little hung-over with lazy, because I could not drag my butt out of bed Monday. Or Tuesday. I think I’m just in the crummy craps that come more routinely than I like to admit or realize. So I made it to the gym this morning, am watching my veggie and caffeine intake, and batting down the hatches for the rest of the week.

I was browsing some blogs that I recently added to my reading list (um, I’ve added a LOT. I’m a wee behind right now!) and I stumbled on Cave Girl Eats. I’m a huge fan of the Balanced Bites podcast but had yet to peruse the blogs. Liz had an awesome post on successful habits. The one that struck a major cord with me was Habit#3 Be Patient and Persistent. Liz says,

Giving up or giving in to frustration is Diet behavior. Patience and persistence is lifestyle behavior.

I am not patient. Once I decide to change, I expect results NOW. I’m sure no one ever has that problem but me. But the changes I want to make (i.e. not being such a Candy Whore) are a new lifestyle I want to adopt. There is no “giving up”; the only failure is to not try again.

Oh, by the way, Happy May Whole30, Day 1! 🙂