The One About Persistence

First, off, big congrats to my bloggy friends who have completed their April Whole30! Yayyy!

Amber at Busy, Bold, Blessed
Jess at Paleo Jess
Kristen at Change of Pace
Tiffany at Skinny Jeans and Healthy Me

Nicely done, ladies!

It’s Wednesday already, and I have yet to recap my weekend. So here it is:

I did nothing.

I did work out Saturday, but I didn’t do my long run. Instead I watched a lot of “Archer” reruns, played with Squishy at the park, and took naps. No chores or laundry, no food prep.

I think I was a little hung-over with lazy, because I could not drag my butt out of bed Monday. Or Tuesday. I think I’m just in the crummy craps that come more routinely than I like to admit or realize. So I made it to the gym this morning, am watching my veggie and caffeine intake, and batting down the hatches for the rest of the week.

I was browsing some blogs that I recently added to my reading list (um, I’ve added a LOT. I’m a wee behind right now!) and I stumbled on Cave Girl Eats. I’m a huge fan of the Balanced Bites podcast but had yet to peruse the blogs. Liz had an awesome post on successful habits. The one that struck a major cord with me was Habit#3 Be Patient and Persistent. Liz says,

Giving up or giving in to frustration is Diet behavior. Patience and persistence is lifestyle behavior.

I am not patient. Once I decide to change, I expect results NOW. I’m sure no one ever has that problem but me. But the changes I want to make (i.e. not being such a Candy Whore) are a new lifestyle I want to adopt. There is no “giving up”; the only failure is to not try again.

Oh, by the way, Happy May Whole30, Day 1! 🙂