The One Where I Make Nut Butterrrrrrr!!

Yesterday I came home for lunch in total meltdown mode. I think I was stressing myself out on a bunch of little things, and since I’m an “emotional bottler” (you know, I bottle everything up, shake it, then watch the majesty that erupts) that happened to be the point where I “erupted”.

Fortunately, Hulk was there and able to talk me off the cliff. In a long and painful dialogue (for me; I’m not much of a deep emotions sharer) we discussed life, the universe, and everything until I felt better and could come to work.

I started to go somewhere with this story, but then changed my mind on revealing the details. In due time, I suppose, my first-world-problems shall be unveiled. Sorry for the teaser.

In other news, homemade NUT BUTTERRRRRR!!


We were out of AB (boo! – probably contributed to my meltdown, but not really) and I was too broke/lazy to go buy more. And I’m too broke/lazy to buy almonds. So what’s a nut-butter-lover to do? Get creative. I found a half bag of walnuts in the back of the pantry and decided to give it a whirl.

Homemade walnut butterrrrrr!!


I celebrated my nutty success with an apple. It’s the small wins.

Happy Friday! Go do nothing this weekend, but not too much nothing that you lose your zest and zeal for life. I know this.