The One Where We Tried New Coffee

This morning, I got my butt out of bed and ran 3 miles. I realized that since I’ve done nothing but weight training after SF Half Marathon and I haven’t touched my bike in 2+ years, I’m going to have to punk out of Ukiah (sorry, Karen). But I’m still registered for North Face in December. And it’s a trail half marathon, so I should probably start running. Again. Maybe I’ll train enough this time where I won’t injure myself. Hahaha.

Since we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last Friday, I find myself looking at all of the things we use daily that were given to us as wedding gifts and thinking, “holy crap, this towel is over 10 years old.” The other day I took inventory of our wedding china. To all of the pieces I managed not to break over the last 10 years I said, “Well done. You have passed the first test.” I am not really sure what that means, but I wanted the pieces of china to feel good about themselves for making it this far.

Last weekend we went to a new-to-us coffee place, Epicenter Cafe on Harrison St. Okay, it was just new to Hulk. I had been there already.



It was a very cozy little coffee shop that does french press instead of drip for their regular coffee. Plus, they sell beer. I am a fan. While we sipped our large blacks outside, Squish grabbed my camera and took some artistic shots.


Then proceeded to read some BMW DriveNow literature.


It finally hit me a couple weeks ago that my contract with my current company is up at the end of September. Which means by October I may be unemployed. So I’m hitting up the job market again. Anyone looking to hire some awesomeness this fall? Skills include extreme couch fort building, making easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs, and random, useless knowledge.

Happy Wednesday, I hope your July went well!

The One About a Decade

(Be forewarned – I was too lazy to scan some of the pictures, so you are seeing pictures of pictures. Yes, I know they’re crappy. If you want a photography blog, this isn’t the one for you.)

To my best friend,


My partner in crime,


The man who I’ve known in my life more for longer than I have not known him,

(Yes, this is high school graduation)

It’s our 10 year anniversary.


Feel old yet?


Yeah, me too.

But hey, we remembered this year!


“Lovely, never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it ?
Cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.”


The One Best Health Decision I Have Ever Made

I wrote a super deep and emo post last night, but it didn’t load for whatever reason. Y’all can thank my WordPress app for that.

I made pesto the other night. It gave me a little happy dance in my heart to put it on my eggs yesterday morning. Then I had the last of the duck broth, which turned the happy dance into a sad panda. We roasted a whole duck last week, and made the best broth ever from it. I don’t know if it was because it was duck or because Hulk made it this time instead of me. But it was rich and finally had that gelatinous quality that I never seem to get from chicken broth. Plus, I used the duck fat to fry my eggs! #primalwinning


I would love more than anything to take up Crossfit. But I’m cheap and those gyms are expensive. So I try to follow the main page program on my own sometimes, as long as it doesn’t involve any squat but a back squat, sleds, jump ropes, intervals, or pull ups, because I don’t have the skill and/or equipment to fully execute those moves. Which means I can do the full workout maybe once a month. I’ve for rest day down, at least.

So I make up my own lifts. I’m starting to have fun with it now that I’m stronger and can throw around bigger stuff. Plus, it’s really fun to go up to the big, beefy guy curling the 45’s and ask, “Can I have those when you’re done with them?”

Lat pulls – 5×5 @ 40 kg
Shoulder press – 3×10 @ 45#
Pull ups – 5 jump-assist, 3×10 on the floor
Dips – 3×10, the first 3-4 of each set from a dead hang
Bent-over rows – 1×10 @ 45#, 2×7 @ 65#
Elliptical intervals 30 min while watching “New Girl” on Netflix

I think putting the Netflix app on my iPhone is the most brilliant health decision I have ever made. I’ve gone to the gym everyday this week, because I can sit on a machine and watch “New Girl” while I work in my cardio intervals. And it gets me to the gym, so when the episode is over I’m like, “Oh yeah, weights” and BOOM I’m done. The only issue I’ve run into is that if my phone isn’t somewhat changed at the end of the day my battery dies mid-workout. That happened Tuesday and I was sad. So I had to catch up after the gym.


The family that watches post-sweaty-workout “New Girl” on Netflix together, stays together. Wow, creepy distracted “can I get Duke in this shot too?” face. Ha.

Happy almost-Friday! I might have a fun post brewing for tomorrow, too!

The One of Pie, Picnics, and Brilliance

Since my postings have been catch-as-you-can, I find that it’s hard to stick with one congruent topic. So here’s more randomness that’s happened since the last episode.

1. Our beautiful friends got married on Saturday! And I was too busy Squishy-wrangling to get any proper photos. But that’s okay; apparently at some point someone grabbed my camera to take a picture of the dessert table, which is really the most important thing about a wedding, anyway.


Check it out – instead of cake, there was PIE. Mmmboy!

2. Squish is 100% over being in a high chair. Most of his meals are now take in my lap. Which is totally fine, unless I’m wearing my nice work clothes. It reminds me of Amanda’s cartoon on how I was finding the juggle between work and baby.


3. I am such a genius. I actually did food prep yesterday (!!) and I wanted to steam beets and boil eggs. So I steamed the beets OVER the boiling eggs. I shouldn’t be so proud of myself for this, but sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.

And here is my lunch, with steamed beets and egg.


And massaged kale, goat cheese, tuna, homemade mayo dressing (it didn’t emulsify, dagnabbit), bell pepper, carrots. In a serving bowl. Duh.

4. Hulk just texted me to tell me he signed up for motorcycle classes next week. That’s all, I just wanted to share that.

5. We have some friends staying with us, and since it was all cold and fog-tastic last night we decided to picnic in our living room. Which was fine by me, it was quicker access to the bathroom and our living room view is kinda better than the roof view anyway if you’re not standing right at the edge. “Apples to Apples” may have been involved with our picnic.


That’s all.

Well, not quite. What is “Proto-Indo-European language”? Because that’s a recommended tag for this post. I guess I’ll rock it and see what happens.

The One About Super Cranky-Pants (Both of Us)

Hulk showed me a new squat the other day. Now I can’t walk right. Then he did some kettlebell throws yesterday. Now I can’t lift my arms right. I need to stop training with Hulk. Or train with him more often, I’m not sure which way is preferrable at this point.

In other mucho-awesome exciting news, Hulk got a new job! Yayyy! We are all full of excitement and possibilities over here.

I was in a super cranky-pants mood yesterday. I think Squishy’s displeasure for life in general was rubbing off on me. Plus, was pretty sleep-deprived from the weekend shenanigans. So last night Hulk insisted I go to bed and he read Squish the bedtime stories so I would stop being so grumpy. It must of worked because I am in a fabulous mood today. Heh, Hulk had to put everyone to bed last night.

Yeah, Squish is steam-rolling towards his twos. We experience pretty consistent vocal eruptions of the toddler magnitude throughout the day. It almost happened overnight; one week we were almost bragging about how chill our kid is, and now we are trying to keep him out of public as much as possible. I guess that serves us right for bragging. But being the closet-paranoid mother I am, I scoured the Google to see what the heck was going on. My conclusions:

  1. He’s almost two. Welcome to toddlerhood.Put some brandy in his bottle and get over it.
  2. We’ve had a lot of guests and events since the 4th, and maybe all the constant flux of visitors and disrupted schedules is getting to him. I know it’s gotten to me.
  3. (And this one is a stretch) He’s not talking yet. At all. By 18 months, he should have had at least a few words down, but although he babbles a lot in his own baby-ese, he does not say any legitimate English words. I read somewhere that before a big milestone is reached babies tend to fuss it up; I guess their little brains are gearing up for a big show and don’t have time to deal with the usual stresses. So maybe in a day or two he’s going to erupt in full-on sonnets with iambic petameter or something. That’s going to be scary.

At least Hulk only has a few more weeks to experience the awesomeness of stay-at-home-parenthood. I know I couldn’t do it.


And now I’m hoping that someone finds my blog with a search term “can I feed my baby brandy.” And if you are that person, and you made it to the end, I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

The One With Four Random Facts

1. It was one of my dear friend’s birthday yesterday, and we celebrated at a Puerto Rican restaurant. I ate my weight in plantains. It was glorious.


2. Squish is in full-on copycat mode. Whatever we do, he should do, too. He no longer wants to eat in his high chair with the usual plastic plate and silly cup. No, he wants to eat at the big table with the china. At least it’s a good opportunity to work on real table manners. Fork goes on the left, son.


3. There was a lot of this last weekend. I regret nothing.


4. In my final unrelated comment, when I got back to my desk after lunch I was bummed to find that I had lost an earring. So sad. Later I went to the restroom, and my earring fell out from my pants. I have no idea how that happened.

Keep having a great day.

The One Where I’m Ready for Bed

It’s not even 8:30, and I’m headed to bed. I’ve been a bit of a party animal this week; Amanda was here a couple of days, a lot of old friends have been coming through town, and we’re hosting a couple from Boston for a few days. So a bit more wine has been consumed that usual, and a few more bedtimes have been ignored. Time to get back to my “this is what healthy people do” routine.

I FINALLY made it to the gym tonight after almost of week of schedule chaos then hurting my back. I was craving some basic boring cardio for some reason, so I spun it out on the elliptical for a half hour and caught up on blogs. Then I did my normal squat-deadlift-lunges combination, mixing it up a wee bit by trading off sets of squats and deadlift. I’m up to the 40 lb dumbbells for both exercises, so by switching between them I feel like I take up less time and get some interval work in. Then I did lunges up and down the hall with 12.5 lb dumbbells.

I made another experiment for dinner. Lazy stovetop chili.


I did my usual sautee onion and ground beef with Mexican spices, then I threw in a can of roasted tomatoes and some zucchini (because we had a zucchini that needed to be eaten). I’m sure if I left it to simmer for a couple of hours the flavors would meld better, but I was hungry. At least I paused long enough to garnish it with parsley and take a picture.

Really titillating stuff, I know. Time to get some sleep so my brain shall function better tomorrow.


The One With a Free Lunch!

We had an awesome 4th. Hulk and I crashed a pool party in our building, while the whole family came up and watched fireworks. Here’s my one pathetic picture of the star-spangled splendor.


There is no point in photograping fireworks. Espeically with an iPhone 3 miles away. At least I was able to prove that I was there.

Grandma and Grandpa babysat so Hulk and I could have a date night. We were meeting some friends for drinks, but were a little hungry before we headed out. So we did what any sophisticated city couple woud do – found a local Safeway with a sushi counter in the deli. I like to keep it classy.


Squishy received a baloon from a restaurant we visied for breakfast on Saturday. He didn’t know what to do with it, but wouldn’t part with it either. I tied it onto his bike for safekeeping. Duke is very distrustful at Squishy’s ample access to things with wheels.


And I don’t know why he’s not wearing pants.

Also, Squish got sick three times the other night. THREE TIMES. I think he must have eaten something that didn’t agree with him, because he was pretty normal despite all of the puke. I was thanking my lucky starts I had just gotten caught up on laundry that day, as I threw the third puke-tastic load of crib sheets and pj’s in the wash.

Good thing Amanda got to deal with the aftermath of all that. She’s Squish-wrangling while Hulk is away on a work trip for a couple of days. We have all sorts of hijinks planned. Well, as many hijinks as two old ladies with a toddler can muster up in two days. Which means lots of “Futurama” reruns on Netflix and several bottles of wine.

Since the race I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard, which is fun. I hurt my neck somehow Sunday so I’ve taken a few days off to recouperate. The good news is I finally got to use the pain meds my doctor prescribed me right after Squish was born. I’ve never taken prescription pain meds before, but the pain was so crazy awful Hulk recommended that I try one and see if they helped. Holy happy clouds, unicorns and rainbows did they work. I popped one right before taking a nap, had the most awesome nap of my life, and woke up as happy-high as a kite, cleaned out the refrigerator, and vaccumed the rugs. I think I would be a very functional drug addict.

Finally, I won a free salad for lunch the other day!


At the salad bar I frequent when I don’t pack my lunch, they have a promotion where if your salad is exactly 1 lb it’s free. Now I just need to accurtely weigh out 1 lb of bacon and I’ll have free breakfast, too.

20130710-102536.jpg (Source)

I think that gets me caught up through this week. What’s new with you?

The One of the Wipro San Francisco (half) Marathon Race Report

Um, wow. Just … yeah. Wow. I am humbly blown away by the response to my bloggy return. To all of my blog friends, internet-based and real-life, thank you so much for your kind words! I always feel weird reaching out and, you know, not being perfect, so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the love.

Okay, sappy stuff over with. I promised a Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon race report, and sweet 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus help me I will not let my computer eat this one.

Where do I start? I was a beautiful day for a half marathon. Sunny and warm on the East side on the Embarcadero, a friggen’ fog-tastic ice planet of Hoth over in Golden Gate Park. As all SF mornings start out, I suppose.

When I registered Hulk an myself for the race, we had two options: one was to run the first half of the marathon, and the other to (see where this is going?) run the second half of the marathon. The start/finish of the marathon was on the Embarcadero and Howard St, about a mile from our apartment. Since we’d need to shuttle one way or the other, I decided the preferrable option was to shuttle to the second half start line at Golden Gate Park, then walk home after the race. We’d have to wake up a littel earlier to battle the pre-race zombie hoards at the shuttle pick up, but at least we wouldn’t have to stand around on post-race legs waiting with the rest of the post-race zombie hoards for the return shuttle. This turned out to be a fantastic decision. My best one of the whole race experience, for sure. Hulk was impressed by my forthsight.

So impressed.

Anyway, we boarded the shuttle at 7:00 am near our apartment and headed to our 8:15-ish start. Hulk was in the wave in front of me since he’s a big, strong, manly man and much faster than my stubby little legs. So I got to do a lot of standing around alone.

Just me and my 5,000 closest friends.

Which made me hungry. And thirsty. And, since Hulk and I are cool kids (not to be confused with smart kids) I didn’t bring food or water or anything with me to the start. By the time my wave started, I was sprinting just to find the first water station. Which was about 4 miles in. And those little dixie cups with about 1/2 oz. of water in them was not doing it for my thirst monster. I pounded about 5 of them as I jousted with the other more prepared runners grabbing their little sips.

Somehow I survived and made it on to the Gu station finally. I grabbed the Gu’s or whatever the voulenteers had in their hands and them in my bra for later. I think I grabbed someone’s phone as well, I’m not sure. Anyway, after a spectator was also handing out full-sized water bottles in the Mission I was able to pound down sufficient water and feel good about life again. That was about 9 miles into it.

The Grant Ave. Lululemon also had a cheer section around mile 8 and were giving out bananas. That was awesome.

I also ran into one of my neighbors (not literally) who was running the second half. That was awesome, too.

Okay, then we came around AT&T park. I had fun at this point, because even though it was around mile 11, this is where we always ran to train so I felt like I was on my home turf. I (kinda) knew where the finish was, so I just cranked it and entered “mantra mode”. I try to forget about everything except making my legs go and I have a couple of phrases I cycle through to keep me focused. I repeat “just go”, “XX miles to go” and “almost there” the way a crazy cat lady repeats her cats’ names. I don’t think I annoyed too many people since by this point everyone is either too comatose to care or I’m passing them anyway.

Then I saw the finish line, sprinted and about tripped on my face, finished anyway, and met up with Hulk who was waiting for me by the medal chute.

As we were herded through the free food line I took a peek at our results. Here was me:


You can’t really read it, but it says right there – 2:21! Woot! My last half was over 2 years ago, and I ran a 2:36. So I was pretty happy that I about cut a minute off my pace. Hulk was a modest rock star, of course. His first running race EVER and he pulled a 1:46. So hot.

And then we walked home. And then we died.

It was like this, only not as cute.

And then we remembered my brother was watching the Squish and we should probably, you know, feed them or something. So it was Super Duper Burger all around!

I can almost say, “do you want fries with that?”

(Okay, this was from In-n-Out. But I didn’t take a post-race meal picture. Plus I felt the need to squeeze in another Squishy shot somehow.)

In other news, my friend reminded me on Facebook that I am still registered for the North Face challenge in December, since last year’s race was cancelled and I have a free entry this year. I completely forgot about that. So if you are going to ask if I’m doing another race soon, the answer is that I suppose I am.

The cool kids

Conclusion: bring water regardless if you think you’ll need it or not, and no one looks good posing with a “duck face”.