The One With a Free Lunch!

We had an awesome 4th. Hulk and I crashed a pool party in our building, while the whole family came up and watched fireworks. Here’s my one pathetic picture of the star-spangled splendor.


There is no point in photograping fireworks. Espeically with an iPhone 3 miles away. At least I was able to prove that I was there.

Grandma and Grandpa babysat so Hulk and I could have a date night. We were meeting some friends for drinks, but were a little hungry before we headed out. So we did what any sophisticated city couple woud do – found a local Safeway with a sushi counter in the deli. I like to keep it classy.


Squishy received a baloon from a restaurant we visied for breakfast on Saturday. He didn’t know what to do with it, but wouldn’t part with it either. I tied it onto his bike for safekeeping. Duke is very distrustful at Squishy’s ample access to things with wheels.


And I don’t know why he’s not wearing pants.

Also, Squish got sick three times the other night. THREE TIMES. I think he must have eaten something that didn’t agree with him, because he was pretty normal despite all of the puke. I was thanking my lucky starts I had just gotten caught up on laundry that day, as I threw the third puke-tastic load of crib sheets and pj’s in the wash.

Good thing Amanda got to deal with the aftermath of all that. She’s Squish-wrangling while Hulk is away on a work trip for a couple of days. We have all sorts of hijinks planned. Well, as many hijinks as two old ladies with a toddler can muster up in two days. Which means lots of “Futurama” reruns on Netflix and several bottles of wine.

Since the race I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard, which is fun. I hurt my neck somehow Sunday so I’ve taken a few days off to recouperate. The good news is I finally got to use the pain meds my doctor prescribed me right after Squish was born. I’ve never taken prescription pain meds before, but the pain was so crazy awful Hulk recommended that I try one and see if they helped. Holy happy clouds, unicorns and rainbows did they work. I popped one right before taking a nap, had the most awesome nap of my life, and woke up as happy-high as a kite, cleaned out the refrigerator, and vaccumed the rugs. I think I would be a very functional drug addict.

Finally, I won a free salad for lunch the other day!


At the salad bar I frequent when I don’t pack my lunch, they have a promotion where if your salad is exactly 1 lb it’s free. Now I just need to accurtely weigh out 1 lb of bacon and I’ll have free breakfast, too.

20130710-102536.jpg (Source)

I think that gets me caught up through this week. What’s new with you?