The One With Four Random Facts

1. It was one of my dear friend’s birthday yesterday, and we celebrated at a Puerto Rican restaurant. I ate my weight in plantains. It was glorious.


2. Squish is in full-on copycat mode. Whatever we do, he should do, too. He no longer wants to eat in his high chair with the usual plastic plate and silly cup. No, he wants to eat at the big table with the china. At least it’s a good opportunity to work on real table manners. Fork goes on the left, son.


3. There was a lot of this last weekend. I regret nothing.


4. In my final unrelated comment, when I got back to my desk after lunch I was bummed to find that I had lost an earring. So sad. Later I went to the restroom, and my earring fell out from my pants. I have no idea how that happened.

Keep having a great day.