The One About Super Cranky-Pants (Both of Us)

Hulk showed me a new squat the other day. Now I can’t walk right. Then he did some kettlebell throws yesterday. Now I can’t lift my arms right. I need to stop training with Hulk. Or train with him more often, I’m not sure which way is preferrable at this point.

In other mucho-awesome exciting news, Hulk got a new job! Yayyy! We are all full of excitement and possibilities over here.

I was in a super cranky-pants mood yesterday. I think Squishy’s displeasure for life in general was rubbing off on me. Plus, was pretty sleep-deprived from the weekend shenanigans. So last night Hulk insisted I go to bed and he read Squish the bedtime stories so I would stop being so grumpy. It must of worked because I am in a fabulous mood today. Heh, Hulk had to put everyone to bed last night.

Yeah, Squish is steam-rolling towards his twos. We experience pretty consistent vocal eruptions of the toddler magnitude throughout the day. It almost happened overnight; one week we were almost bragging about how chill our kid is, and now we are trying to keep him out of public as much as possible. I guess that serves us right for bragging. But being the closet-paranoid mother I am, I scoured the Google to see what the heck was going on. My conclusions:

  1. He’s almost two. Welcome to toddlerhood.Put some brandy in his bottle and get over it.
  2. We’ve had a lot of guests and events since the 4th, and maybe all the constant flux of visitors and disrupted schedules is getting to him. I know it’s gotten to me.
  3. (And this one is a stretch) He’s not talking yet. At all. By 18 months, he should have had at least a few words down, but although he babbles a lot in his own baby-ese, he does not say any legitimate English words. I read somewhere that before a big milestone is reached babies tend to fuss it up; I guess their little brains are gearing up for a big show and don’t have time to deal with the usual stresses. So maybe in a day or two he’s going to erupt in full-on sonnets with iambic petameter or something. That’s going to be scary.

At least Hulk only has a few more weeks to experience the awesomeness of stay-at-home-parenthood. I know I couldn’t do it.


And now I’m hoping that someone finds my blog with a search term “can I feed my baby brandy.” And if you are that person, and you made it to the end, I’m pretty sure the answer is no.


One thought on “The One About Super Cranky-Pants (Both of Us)

  1. As a mom of three, I can confirm that your conclusions are probably spot on where Squish is concerned. He probably is getting frustrated with the inability to fully communicate. Getting down to his level and talking to him in simplified terms (not baby talk, just simple) may help. Make him look you in the eyes as well when speaking to him. He’s also not too young for time out. If he’s screaming or throwing a fit, a time out is perfectly reasonable, but again you have to explain in simple terms. They understand a lot more than we give them credit for. Good luck. Toddlers can be difficult!

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