The One of Pie, Picnics, and Brilliance

Since my postings have been catch-as-you-can, I find that it’s hard to stick with one congruent topic. So here’s more randomness that’s happened since the last episode.

1. Our beautiful friends got married on Saturday! And I was too busy Squishy-wrangling to get any proper photos. But that’s okay; apparently at some point someone grabbed my camera to take a picture of the dessert table, which is really the most important thing about a wedding, anyway.


Check it out – instead of cake, there was PIE. Mmmboy!

2. Squish is 100% over being in a high chair. Most of his meals are now take in my lap. Which is totally fine, unless I’m wearing my nice work clothes. It reminds me of Amanda’s cartoon on how I was finding the juggle between work and baby.


3. I am such a genius. I actually did food prep yesterday (!!) and I wanted to steam beets and boil eggs. So I steamed the beets OVER the boiling eggs. I shouldn’t be so proud of myself for this, but sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.

And here is my lunch, with steamed beets and egg.


And massaged kale, goat cheese, tuna, homemade mayo dressing (it didn’t emulsify, dagnabbit), bell pepper, carrots. In a serving bowl. Duh.

4. Hulk just texted me to tell me he signed up for motorcycle classes next week. That’s all, I just wanted to share that.

5. We have some friends staying with us, and since it was all cold and fog-tastic last night we decided to picnic in our living room. Which was fine by me, it was quicker access to the bathroom and our living room view is kinda better than the roof view anyway if you’re not standing right at the edge. “Apples to Apples” may have been involved with our picnic.


That’s all.

Well, not quite. What is “Proto-Indo-European language”? Because that’s a recommended tag for this post. I guess I’ll rock it and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “The One of Pie, Picnics, and Brilliance

  1. Pie! OMG that’s awesome, I love pie. Will (our 2 year old) is not having a piece of his high hair, he’s got to be at the table with us or on Dad’s lap….thank goodness not mine 🙂

  2. Pie is a great dessert at a wedding! I would eat ALL. THE. PIE. My child at like 3 weeks I feel like decided the high chair wasn’t for him…although he was more like 2.

    Side note I have no idea what “that” is? Proto- what?

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