The One Best Health Decision I Have Ever Made

I wrote a super deep and emo post last night, but it didn’t load for whatever reason. Y’all can thank my WordPress app for that.

I made pesto the other night. It gave me a little happy dance in my heart to put it on my eggs yesterday morning. Then I had the last of the duck broth, which turned the happy dance into a sad panda. We roasted a whole duck last week, and made the best broth ever from it. I don’t know if it was because it was duck or because Hulk made it this time instead of me. But it was rich and finally had that gelatinous quality that I never seem to get from chicken broth. Plus, I used the duck fat to fry my eggs! #primalwinning


I would love more than anything to take up Crossfit. But I’m cheap and those gyms are expensive. So I try to follow the main page program on my own sometimes, as long as it doesn’t involve any squat but a back squat, sleds, jump ropes, intervals, or pull ups, because I don’t have the skill and/or equipment to fully execute those moves. Which means I can do the full workout maybe once a month. I’ve for rest day down, at least.

So I make up my own lifts. I’m starting to have fun with it now that I’m stronger and can throw around bigger stuff. Plus, it’s really fun to go up to the big, beefy guy curling the 45’s and ask, “Can I have those when you’re done with them?”

Lat pulls – 5×5 @ 40 kg
Shoulder press – 3×10 @ 45#
Pull ups – 5 jump-assist, 3×10 on the floor
Dips – 3×10, the first 3-4 of each set from a dead hang
Bent-over rows – 1×10 @ 45#, 2×7 @ 65#
Elliptical intervals 30 min while watching “New Girl” on Netflix

I think putting the Netflix app on my iPhone is the most brilliant health decision I have ever made. I’ve gone to the gym everyday this week, because I can sit on a machine and watch “New Girl” while I work in my cardio intervals. And it gets me to the gym, so when the episode is over I’m like, “Oh yeah, weights” and BOOM I’m done. The only issue I’ve run into is that if my phone isn’t somewhat changed at the end of the day my battery dies mid-workout. That happened Tuesday and I was sad. So I had to catch up after the gym.


The family that watches post-sweaty-workout “New Girl” on Netflix together, stays together. Wow, creepy distracted “can I get Duke in this shot too?” face. Ha.

Happy almost-Friday! I might have a fun post brewing for tomorrow, too!

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