The One Where We Tried New Coffee

This morning, I got my butt out of bed and ran 3 miles. I realized that since I’ve done nothing but weight training after SF Half Marathon and I haven’t touched my bike in 2+ years, I’m going to have to punk out of Ukiah (sorry, Karen). But I’m still registered for North Face in December. And it’s a trail half marathon, so I should probably start running. Again. Maybe I’ll train enough this time where I won’t injure myself. Hahaha.

Since we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last Friday, I find myself looking at all of the things we use daily that were given to us as wedding gifts and thinking, “holy crap, this towel is over 10 years old.” The other day I took inventory of our wedding china. To all of the pieces I managed not to break over the last 10 years I said, “Well done. You have passed the first test.” I am not really sure what that means, but I wanted the pieces of china to feel good about themselves for making it this far.

Last weekend we went to a new-to-us coffee place, Epicenter Cafe on Harrison St. Okay, it was just new to Hulk. I had been there already.



It was a very cozy little coffee shop that does french press instead of drip for their regular coffee. Plus, they sell beer. I am a fan. While we sipped our large blacks outside, Squish grabbed my camera and took some artistic shots.


Then proceeded to read some BMW DriveNow literature.


It finally hit me a couple weeks ago that my contract with my current company is up at the end of September. Which means by October I may be unemployed. So I’m hitting up the job market again. Anyone looking to hire some awesomeness this fall? Skills include extreme couch fort building, making easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs, and random, useless knowledge.

Happy Wednesday, I hope your July went well!