The One Where I Clean Out the Fridge, Then Run Again

Last night was a mad flurry to cook and eat anything that will probably spoil while gone this weekend. Despite the heat (it was a whopping 73*) I decided to bake some chicken and a root veggie hash.

Chicken was a simple look-at-all-this-cheese concoction of chicken tenders, herbs, leftover pasta/pizza sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan.


Root veggie hash consisted of red potatoes, parsnips, turnip, and a gigantic rutabaga – about 1/2 of a Squish head – seasoned with salt, pepper, and a whole lotta buttah.


I was too hungry and distracted to take pictures of the “after”. But it was good.

We also had some greens, carrots, and beets to use up so I broke out the juicer and made the perfect juicy dessert – spinach, the last of the sad salad greens, an enormous beet, the carrots that were starting to wilt, lemon, apple, and a chunk of ginger. It was beety-riffic. But I was too distracted with quickly cleaning up the beet juice disaster that inevitibly follows juicing a beet to snap another pic. Didn’t want to stain the cutting board.

This morning I drug my butt out of bed and finally hit the road for my run maybe an hour after my alarm actually went off. I procrastinated a lot.


Note to self: don’t wear the shirt with thumbholes if you’re wearing a Garmin.

I completed my 4 miles with 3 stride intervals in just under 45 minutes. I felt like craaaap, but as they always say, you never regret a run. As cliche as it is, it’s so true.

Breakfast with the Squish was fast and furious since I dilly-dallied so much getting ready, then my run took longer than I budgeted time for. I tossed a huge 3-eggy puff with some of the root veggie hash and split it with Squish. My walk to work was slow and painful despite the hurry I was in. My legs, I believe, were in revolt from the lack of hydration yesterday (I just kept forgetting to drink my water) and the long-ish run today (haven’t ran that far since the SF Half). I needed all of this to get me going.


Tonight’s going to be a flurry of activity. I have a bunch of work stuff to wrap up before next week, then I have to run pre-vaycay errands and pack for the Squish and me. Then it’s off Friday morning to lovely Wisconsin to visit the whooooole family! It’s the first time since Squishy’ first birthday the whole clan’s been under one roof, and the first time in years we’ve all been at my parents’ house. So there’s a huge bbq party planned for Sunday, and I’ve heard some gossip afoot that my dad’s band, The Screamin’ Deans, might make a surprise performance! Squish better hold on to his eardrums …

If I don’t get a chance to check in before next week, see you Tuesday! I will most likely need a nap.

P.S. I hate getting political, opinionated, or controversial in general (life’s too short! Let’s agree to disagree), but regardless of what your inclinations or influence is, I thought this was a pretty well thought-out and generally agreeable post: Don’t Be a Jerk About Twerk

The #Fail Blog, and More Peachy Glory

20130828-154519.jpg (Source)

Sigh. I didn’t pass my test last night. As Hulk told me, this isn’t high school, and I actually have to put in effort to get ahead now. So, I’ll look into taking a class, regroup, then reapply later on. I have a year to pass it, so there’s still time.

I shredded my indignant disillusionment away this morning at the gym with a good leg session.

– w/u: smith machine squats, 3×10
– Smith machine squats, 3×5 @ 50 lbs
– Deadlift, 5×5 @ 95 lbs
– Leg ext, 3×10 @ 25 lbs each leg and 50 lbs both legs
– Lunges, 1×5 @ 10 lbs, 1×5 @ 12.5 lbs, 1×5 @ 15 lbs
– Plank to failure, 2:08 (uh-oh, have we a new see-if-I-can-plank-for-5-min challenge? I think we do!)
– c/d: stretch & foam roll

After my shower, Squish thought he’d play with my makeup brush. At least it’s clean now.


Squish got to share in the glory of the peach-and-yogurt breakfast glory with me this morning, + eggs. I didn’t take a picture because I feel ridiculous having the same meal on my camera roll for 3 days in a row. So here’s one from the other day.


Lunch was a massive turkey sandwich. I only ate half of it, and am saving the other half for an afternoon snack.


Grabbed an afternoon iced coffee.


It was really awkward taking this photo on a busy intersection. Just saying.

Time to wrap up the day, head home, make dinner out of whatever’s in the fridge, and do some cleaning up before we leave for the weekend. Must go tackle Laundry Mountain.

Uh-oh, condensation from my iced coffee dripped on my keyboard. I hope it doesn’t fry any of my keys. #firstworldproblems.

See you tomorrow!

The One Where I Start Training, For Real This Time

So, a couple of things.

1. I take my PMP test in, like, two hours. Beyond. Freaking. Out.

2. I started for-real training for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series race today.

It’s real, yo. I got myself a training plan and everything. I hope to dedicate more time to my next half marathon than I did for my professional credential certification test. At least we shall see where my true priorities lie – professional project management or running like a maniac in the woods for hours.

Last night I wanted to blast home and get my learn on in the few wee study hours left, so I was a bad mom and wife. I picked up some Jumbo Jacks for dinner. Yes, I let myself and my family eat fast food, the devin incarnite himself. Forshame. Bad healthy living blogger! Bad!

All right, I’m over it.

I ran this morning. Around 3-ish miles in the pre-dawn darkness.


I’m glad I ran, but the run sucked something pretty awful. I was so sluggish and slow. It was running through molasses for 30 solid minutes and never got that “all right, we’re opened up now. Let’s enjoy this” feeling. Nope, it was just slug, slug, slug all up and down the Embarcadero. I did a good stretch ‘n’ roll in the gym right afterword thinking that I just needed a good leg flush. I did trash my leggies pretty good last week, so they might have needed a cleanin’ anyway.

Also, I like my training plan. I’m using the Runkeeper app and doing the sub-2:30 half training plan. I’m already digging the schedule, it’s so simple. If the day starts with an S or a T, I run! Hard for even me to screw up.

I had another eggy puff and peach “pie” for breakfast.


I put salsa on my eggy puff, but it was the “hot” version. Way too spicey for my Western-European mutt tastes! I choked it down.

The peach and yogurt saved it. Holy wow, that peach alone is just pure dessert. Farmers’ Market #winning.

Lunch was an act of desperation. We don’t really have any food that’s not spoiled, but I don’t want to go shopping since Hulk left for Omaha today and Squish and I are heading to my folks’ house for the weekend on Friday. So I’m challenging myself to eat what’s still edible. Hence, we have frozen veggies, and a hot dog on one of those mini-bun thingys.

20130827-151147.jpg (Why did that come out sideways?)

And a very figgy fig.


Autocorrect wants me to write “foggy fog”. Screw you, autocorrect. No one likes you, anyway.

I also ate a lot more frozen veggies than that, though. This pic was mid-nosh. Then I ate the rest of the bowl that Squish didn’t polish off.

Time to drink some coffee and cram some more for my test. I’ll feel much better when this is over and not hanging over my head anymore. Whatever happens, happens at this point.

Boo, grown-up stuff.

The One Where Labels Matter

Happy Monday, kids! It’s weekend recap time!


Friday night, Hulk and I had a date night. It was a special night, because we had reason to celebrate … I got a job!



No more uncertainty (job-wise, anyway) on what I will do when my contract is over next month. Now that he’s working and I am once again gainfull employed as well, that is a huge burden lifted.

Anyway, we partied like rock stars Friday night.

And Saturday night.


By Sunday, I was thoroughly, completely wiped.


I, too, want to crawl under the couch cushions for a nap, Squish-Squish.

We lounged all day, maybe did a few chores, and were in bed by 8pm, where I studied for my test to try and make up for my study abandonment the last few days. I’m worried this will end up like my GMAT fail, where I did nothing until the last minute, crammed a bunch of algebra and geometry proofs the night before, and ended up with a less-than-satisfactory score. You can’t really FAIL the GMAT, but let’s just say I won’t be applying to Standford anytime soon. Anyway, you CAN fail the PMP, so I’m trying to take it a bit more seriously this time. A bit.

This morning, in usual form, my alarm blasted me up for my run at 5:15, at which time I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. An hour and a half later, I then scrambled getting ready for work and cursing my laziness for screwing me out of another workout opportunity.

So breakfast was from the microwave this morning.


Two scrambled eggs nuked for a minute or so, topped with hot sauce. I don’t know why hot sauce; it sounded good at the time. I hate hot sauce.

Then I cut up a peach and topped it with curry cinnamon and greek yogurt.


So, the curry and the cinnamon are in WAY too similar jars in the cupboard. I usually grab the wrong one. Thanks to a tragic baked apple incident, I always double-check what I’m using nowadays.


Tonight will be a mad “cramble” (cram + scramble) to get as much project management professional knowledge in my potato-like head as I can, and maybe get a run in somewhere. The only thing getting me through this week is knowing that it’s a short week – I’m flying to Minnesota to visit the family on Friday! 😀 I can’t wait to feel actual heat, reintroduce Squish to his relatives, and (of course) eat like I’m not coming back to food at home.

Toodles, until tomorrow!

The One With More Coffee, Pinterest Edition!

Just in time for Grandma’s arrival, Squish came down with a bug. Since I’ve been stressed-to-the-core-out-of-my-element lately, this means I, too, have come down with a bug. I haven’t told anyone or mentioned it because, you know, denial can cure me. If I don’t admit out loud that I’m sick, I must not be sick, right? Alas, I still have a couple of grapefruits stuck in my neck and have been making some interesting noises as I cough phlegm out of my throat. And the body aches. Oh, the body aches. But I’m not sick. I just need more coffee, right?

20130823-083143.jpg (Source)

I’m taking the PMP exam next Tuesday. I’m maybe 40% through the course material. No pressure there. I’ve been foregoing sleep to study before bed at night (gee, wonder why I’m sick …). I did really well with this plan until last Thursday through Sunday, where we had a bunch of activities and shenanigans going on in the evenings that derailed my ever-studious intentions. I ultimately came to the realization that if I forego a week of solid sleep to study and hopefully pass my exam, it’s not the end of the world if I wear myself down a bit. After next Tuesday it will all be over and I can go back to my usual feline-like sleep schedule. Times like these are why coffee was invented, right?

20130823-083317.jpg (Source)

I ran two miles yesterday. Go me.


Time to take a nap.

The One Where Lightning Strikes

My mom is coming to visit for the week, so Squishy and I spent a couple of hours last night sprucing up his room. We were sort of using his room as a nursery/storage room/bike garage, since we have tiny apartment and lots of bikes and random sports/hobby equipment. But I was getting sick of “Fingers” a.k.a. Squishy getting into all of the storage totes and stuff, so I decided to do a blitzkrieg reorganize and clean of his room.

Of course I recruited Squish to help. It is his room, after all.


While we were cleaning, I propped one of the bikes up against the couch to get it out of the way. What I didn’t know was that Duke had been trying to get at a piece of petrified chicken that had fallen under the couch a few days ago. He repeatedly crawled under the bike to continue his fruitless attempts to retrieve the chicken.


Hence his new chain link tattoos. And he does have a tail, he just wags it frantically whenever I try to take his picture, it turns out in a blur.

I was working against the clock to Squishy’s bedtime, but we wrapped up the worst of it right at 8 pm. We have a window again!


City baby.

Amanda came over, and in an unrelated circumstance there was a huge lightning storm over the city. So we sat in the darkness of the living room watching the lightning streak over the hills and drank wine. My pictures all turned out like giant black squares, but they all would have looked exactly like this:

20130820-105924.jpg (Source)

Okay, maybe not. But it was still pretty cool.

The One With Culinary Miracles

I’m blogging from my phone again because if I’m on my computer Squishy wants to be on my computer too and I’m tired of resetting all of my personalizations after he plays “Being a Big Human” on my laptop. So please pay no mind to typos and rambling, disjointed sentences since it’s, like, 937 times more difficult to proofread on an iPhone.

On the plus side, I have access to all of my pictures!


I had a weekend of culinary miracles. I don’t know how it happened. The kitchen gods apparently had mercy on me and my experiments and everything became edible for a change.

Culinary Miracle #1 – fried chicken


I have never, ever fried anything successfully. Ever. I’ve attempted frying, but it always ended up burnt, raw in the center, or the breading would drop off with the slightest flick or poke with the tongs. I don’t know if it was the custom breadcrumb blend I used (I had three random canisters of breadcrumbs and I had purchased none of them – Italian blend, Panko, and “regular”), the fact that I paid attention to the cooking process and didn’t get distracted by shiny things, or because I used coconut oil. I dunno. All I know is that this is all we ate for dinner Thursday night. No sides, no plates, nothing. We just stood around the pile of fried chicken like ravenous wolves devouring a deer carcass, hand-mouth-hand-mouth, grr. Squish just stood on the chair so he could reach the plate, too. I feel it’s very important to instill appropriate table manners on children as early as possible.

Culinary miracle #2: mayo!
I don’t think I’ve had a batch of mayo turn out well in maybe a year. And they’ve never been as fluffy and pudding-like as this one. Same recipe, same tools, same exhausting technique of the “slow drizzle”. No idea how it happened. All I know is that there is going to be a lot of tuna salad consumed this week. Nommmmm.


Random stuff related to culinary miracle #3:
Hulk and I hit the gym together again this morning. After a depressing round of legs (nothing ever feels good at 6 am), I came home to find Hulk made some eggs for me. What a sweetie! However, the eggs didn’t fill me up as expected, so I decided to experiment making hole-in-the-head.

Culinary Miracle #3:
I first saw hole-in-the-heads on “V for Vendetta” (yes, all I remember from that movie is the breakfast scene). I know you can make a “paleo” version using eggplant or something, but I had just bought some bread (pale-nooo!) and decided to rock it traditional. You cut a hole in a piece of bread (I used a shot glass. Nothing like using a shot glass at 6 am on a Monday), throw it in a fry pan with copious amounts of butter, and crack an egg in the middle. Then you flip it when the egg sets, and cook to your desired egginess. They were delectable, and Squishy and I enjoyed our breakfast treat with some cantaloupe.

So that’s how I survived in the kitchen this weekend.

The One About How Gravity Works

I’m digging this post-every-other-week thing. It gives me a false sense that more is going on in my life than there really is.

Hulk started his new job last week (trumpet fanfare). Because he now has a 9-to-5er like the rest of us, suddenly he’s friggin’ miss mary sunshine getting up at 5 am to work out. I was irritated by this until I realized that it means he has time to make the breakfast, giving me one less morning chore. Never mind, he’s now my hero.

I started running again. Like, legitly several times a week. Okay, it’s only been a week, but still. I have no idea where this motivation is coming from.


Squish was reintroduced to the perils of gravity a couple weeks ago. While at an outdoor restaurant, he was trying to climb on one of the picnic benches when he fell face-first over it onto the metal support. It took me back to the old karate days when we used to say, “Don’t block with your face!” Anyway, he had a super nasty bump on his forehead for a few days.


It got better.

The other night Hulk made some very meaty pasta sauce. Squish thorougly enjoyed it. I thought he looked like an extra from “The Walking Dead” when he was through.


That’s all the news I have, really.

Oh, I just realized why I haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t take pictures! Usually I take a bunch of pics throughout the day thinking, “this would be good to blog about,” then I go through them and use them to inspire content. Well, I just haven’t been doing that. Mostly because my iPhone is out of memory. But when I get my new one in November, I am going to clog my new photo stream with a vengence. Be forewarned.