The One About How Gravity Works

I’m digging this post-every-other-week thing. It gives me a false sense that more is going on in my life than there really is.

Hulk started his new job last week (trumpet fanfare). Because he now has a 9-to-5er like the rest of us, suddenly he’s friggin’ miss mary sunshine getting up at 5 am to work out. I was irritated by this until I realized that it means he has time to make the breakfast, giving me one less morning chore. Never mind, he’s now my hero.

I started running again. Like, legitly several times a week. Okay, it’s only been a week, but still. I have no idea where this motivation is coming from.


Squish was reintroduced to the perils of gravity a couple weeks ago. While at an outdoor restaurant, he was trying to climb on one of the picnic benches when he fell face-first over it onto the metal support. It took me back to the old karate days when we used to say, “Don’t block with your face!” Anyway, he had a super nasty bump on his forehead for a few days.


It got better.

The other night Hulk made some very meaty pasta sauce. Squish thorougly enjoyed it. I thought he looked like an extra from “The Walking Dead” when he was through.


That’s all the news I have, really.

Oh, I just realized why I haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t take pictures! Usually I take a bunch of pics throughout the day thinking, “this would be good to blog about,” then I go through them and use them to inspire content. Well, I just haven’t been doing that. Mostly because my iPhone is out of memory. But when I get my new one in November, I am going to clog my new photo stream with a vengence. Be forewarned.

2 thoughts on “The One About How Gravity Works

  1. Those headers suck! I have a few pictures of my kids with the noggin knot. Oh yeah and smashed fingers are awesome too.
    Have fun getting back in the running groove.

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