The One Where Lightning Strikes

My mom is coming to visit for the week, so Squishy and I spent a couple of hours last night sprucing up his room. We were sort of using his room as a nursery/storage room/bike garage, since we have tiny apartment and lots of bikes and random sports/hobby equipment. But I was getting sick of “Fingers” a.k.a. Squishy getting into all of the storage totes and stuff, so I decided to do a blitzkrieg reorganize and clean of his room.

Of course I recruited Squish to help. It is his room, after all.


While we were cleaning, I propped one of the bikes up against the couch to get it out of the way. What I didn’t know was that Duke had been trying to get at a piece of petrified chicken that had fallen under the couch a few days ago. He repeatedly crawled under the bike to continue his fruitless attempts to retrieve the chicken.


Hence his new chain link tattoos. And he does have a tail, he just wags it frantically whenever I try to take his picture, it turns out in a blur.

I was working against the clock to Squishy’s bedtime, but we wrapped up the worst of it right at 8 pm. We have a window again!


City baby.

Amanda came over, and in an unrelated circumstance there was a huge lightning storm over the city. So we sat in the darkness of the living room watching the lightning streak over the hills and drank wine. My pictures all turned out like giant black squares, but they all would have looked exactly like this:

20130820-105924.jpg (Source)

Okay, maybe not. But it was still pretty cool.

One thought on “The One Where Lightning Strikes

  1. Lol Duke’s tail is just like our dog’s tail, except our dog is like a miniature horse and his tail is as thick as a tree trunk, well not really but almost. I love the view from your window!

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