The One With More Coffee, Pinterest Edition!

Just in time for Grandma’s arrival, Squish came down with a bug. Since I’ve been stressed-to-the-core-out-of-my-element lately, this means I, too, have come down with a bug. I haven’t told anyone or mentioned it because, you know, denial can cure me. If I don’t admit out loud that I’m sick, I must not be sick, right? Alas, I still have a couple of grapefruits stuck in my neck and have been making some interesting noises as I cough phlegm out of my throat. And the body aches. Oh, the body aches. But I’m not sick. I just need more coffee, right?

20130823-083143.jpg (Source)

I’m taking the PMP exam next Tuesday. I’m maybe 40% through the course material. No pressure there. I’ve been foregoing sleep to study before bed at night (gee, wonder why I’m sick …). I did really well with this plan until last Thursday through Sunday, where we had a bunch of activities and shenanigans going on in the evenings that derailed my ever-studious intentions. I ultimately came to the realization that if I forego a week of solid sleep to study and hopefully pass my exam, it’s not the end of the world if I wear myself down a bit. After next Tuesday it will all be over and I can go back to my usual feline-like sleep schedule. Times like these are why coffee was invented, right?

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I ran two miles yesterday. Go me.


Time to take a nap.