The One Where Labels Matter

Happy Monday, kids! It’s weekend recap time!


Friday night, Hulk and I had a date night. It was a special night, because we had reason to celebrate … I got a job!



No more uncertainty (job-wise, anyway) on what I will do when my contract is over next month. Now that he’s working and I am once again gainfull employed as well, that is a huge burden lifted.

Anyway, we partied like rock stars Friday night.

And Saturday night.


By Sunday, I was thoroughly, completely wiped.


I, too, want to crawl under the couch cushions for a nap, Squish-Squish.

We lounged all day, maybe did a few chores, and were in bed by 8pm, where I studied for my test to try and make up for my study abandonment the last few days. I’m worried this will end up like my GMAT fail, where I did nothing until the last minute, crammed a bunch of algebra and geometry proofs the night before, and ended up with a less-than-satisfactory score. You can’t really FAIL the GMAT, but let’s just say I won’t be applying to Standford anytime soon. Anyway, you CAN fail the PMP, so I’m trying to take it a bit more seriously this time. A bit.

This morning, in usual form, my alarm blasted me up for my run at 5:15, at which time I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. An hour and a half later, I then scrambled getting ready for work and cursing my laziness for screwing me out of another workout opportunity.

So breakfast was from the microwave this morning.


Two scrambled eggs nuked for a minute or so, topped with hot sauce. I don’t know why hot sauce; it sounded good at the time. I hate hot sauce.

Then I cut up a peach and topped it with curry cinnamon and greek yogurt.


So, the curry and the cinnamon are in WAY too similar jars in the cupboard. I usually grab the wrong one. Thanks to a tragic baked apple incident, I always double-check what I’m using nowadays.


Tonight will be a mad “cramble” (cram + scramble) to get as much project management professional knowledge in my potato-like head as I can, and maybe get a run in somewhere. The only thing getting me through this week is knowing that it’s a short week – I’m flying to Minnesota to visit the family on Friday! šŸ˜€ I can’t wait to feel actual heat, reintroduce Squish to his relatives, and (of course) eat like I’m not coming back to food at home.

Toodles, until tomorrow!

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