The One Where I Start Training, For Real This Time

So, a couple of things.

1. I take my PMP test in, like, two hours. Beyond. Freaking. Out.

2. I started for-real training for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series race today.

It’s real, yo. I got myself a training plan and everything. I hope to dedicate more time to my next half marathon than I did for my professional credential certification test. At least we shall see where my true priorities lie – professional project management or running like a maniac in the woods for hours.

Last night I wanted to blast home and get my learn on in the few wee study hours left, so I was a bad mom and wife. I picked up some Jumbo Jacks for dinner. Yes, I let myself and my family eat fast food, the devin incarnite himself. Forshame. Bad healthy living blogger! Bad!

All right, I’m over it.

I ran this morning. Around 3-ish miles in the pre-dawn darkness.


I’m glad I ran, but the run sucked something pretty awful. I was so sluggish and slow. It was running through molasses for 30 solid minutes and never got that “all right, we’re opened up now. Let’s enjoy this” feeling. Nope, it was just slug, slug, slug all up and down the Embarcadero. I did a good stretch ‘n’ roll in the gym right afterword thinking that I just needed a good leg flush. I did trash my leggies pretty good last week, so they might have needed a cleanin’ anyway.

Also, I like my training plan. I’m using the Runkeeper app and doing the sub-2:30 half training plan. I’m already digging the schedule, it’s so simple. If the day starts with an S or a T, I run! Hard for even me to screw up.

I had another eggy puff and peach “pie” for breakfast.


I put salsa on my eggy puff, but it was the “hot” version. Way too spicey for my Western-European mutt tastes! I choked it down.

The peach and yogurt saved it. Holy wow, that peach alone is just pure dessert. Farmers’ Market #winning.

Lunch was an act of desperation. We don’t really have any food that’s not spoiled, but I don’t want to go shopping since Hulk left for Omaha today and Squish and I are heading to my folks’ house for the weekend on Friday. So I’m challenging myself to eat what’s still edible. Hence, we have frozen veggies, and a hot dog on one of those mini-bun thingys.

20130827-151147.jpg (Why did that come out sideways?)

And a very figgy fig.


Autocorrect wants me to write “foggy fog”. Screw you, autocorrect. No one likes you, anyway.

I also ate a lot more frozen veggies than that, though. This pic was mid-nosh. Then I ate the rest of the bowl that Squish didn’t polish off.

Time to drink some coffee and cram some more for my test. I’ll feel much better when this is over and not hanging over my head anymore. Whatever happens, happens at this point.

Boo, grown-up stuff.

4 thoughts on “The One Where I Start Training, For Real This Time

  1. Hope your test goes well! And happy training. We eat fast food sometimes too. I’m not hung up on being perfect, or even strict paleo with the family.

  2. How did you do on your test? I ran Embarcadero once and loved it because it’s relatively flat compared to the stupid 95% (being a little dramatic) incline hills by my house.

    You can name your figgy fog “Karl”. PS: This is the twitter handle you commented about!

    • OMG, I am totally following Karl. That made my day.

      I’ve been lucky to have lived around decent places to run. Every once in a while I head up Russian Hill for a lark, but usually I’m too lazy 🙂

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