The #Fail Blog, and More Peachy Glory

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Sigh. I didn’t pass my test last night. As Hulk told me, this isn’t high school, and I actually have to put in effort to get ahead now. So, I’ll look into taking a class, regroup, then reapply later on. I have a year to pass it, so there’s still time.

I shredded my indignant disillusionment away this morning at the gym with a good leg session.

– w/u: smith machine squats, 3×10
– Smith machine squats, 3×5 @ 50 lbs
– Deadlift, 5×5 @ 95 lbs
– Leg ext, 3×10 @ 25 lbs each leg and 50 lbs both legs
– Lunges, 1×5 @ 10 lbs, 1×5 @ 12.5 lbs, 1×5 @ 15 lbs
– Plank to failure, 2:08 (uh-oh, have we a new see-if-I-can-plank-for-5-min challenge? I think we do!)
– c/d: stretch & foam roll

After my shower, Squish thought he’d play with my makeup brush. At least it’s clean now.


Squish got to share in the glory of the peach-and-yogurt breakfast glory with me this morning, + eggs. I didn’t take a picture because I feel ridiculous having the same meal on my camera roll for 3 days in a row. So here’sĀ one from the other day.


Lunch was a massive turkey sandwich. I only ate half of it, and am saving the other half for an afternoon snack.


Grabbed an afternoon iced coffee.


It was really awkward taking this photo on a busy intersection. Just saying.

Time to wrap up the day, head home, make dinner out of whatever’s in the fridge, and do some cleaning up before we leave for the weekend. Must go tackle Laundry Mountain.

Uh-oh, condensation from my iced coffee dripped on my keyboard. I hope it doesn’t fry any of my keys. #firstworldproblems.

See you tomorrow!