The One Where I Clean Out the Fridge, Then Run Again

Last night was a mad flurry to cook and eat anything that will probably spoil while gone this weekend. Despite the heat (it was a whopping 73*) I decided to bake some chicken and a root veggie hash.

Chicken was a simple look-at-all-this-cheese concoction of chicken tenders, herbs, leftover pasta/pizza sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan.


Root veggie hash consisted of red potatoes, parsnips, turnip, and a gigantic rutabaga – about 1/2 of a Squish head – seasoned with salt, pepper, and a whole lotta buttah.


I was too hungry and distracted to take pictures of the “after”. But it was good.

We also had some greens, carrots, and beets to use up so I broke out the juicer and made the perfect juicy dessert – spinach, the last of the sad salad greens, an enormous beet, the carrots that were starting to wilt, lemon, apple, and a chunk of ginger. It was beety-riffic. But I was too distracted with quickly cleaning up the beet juice disaster that inevitibly follows juicing a beet to snap another pic. Didn’t want to stain the cutting board.

This morning I drug my butt out of bed and finally hit the road for my run maybe an hour after my alarm actually went off. I procrastinated a lot.


Note to self: don’t wear the shirt with thumbholes if you’re wearing a Garmin.

I completed my 4 miles with 3 stride intervals in just under 45 minutes. I felt like craaaap, but as they always say, you never regret a run. As cliche as it is, it’s so true.

Breakfast with the Squish was fast and furious since I dilly-dallied so much getting ready, then my run took longer than I budgeted time for. I tossed a huge 3-eggy puff with some of the root veggie hash and split it with Squish. My walk to work was slow and painful despite the hurry I was in. My legs, I believe, were in revolt from the lack of hydration yesterday (I just kept forgetting to drink my water) and the long-ish run today (haven’t ran that far since the SF Half). I needed all of this to get me going.


Tonight’s going to be a flurry of activity. I have a bunch of work stuff to wrap up before next week, then I have to run pre-vaycay errands and pack for the Squish and me. Then it’s off Friday morning to lovely Wisconsin to visit the whooooole family! It’s the first time since Squishy’ first birthday the whole clan’s been under one roof, and the first time in years we’ve all been at my parents’ house. So there’s a huge bbq party planned for Sunday, and I’ve heard some gossip afoot that my dad’s band, The Screamin’ Deans, might make a surprise performance! Squish better hold on to his eardrums …

If I don’t get a chance to check in before next week, see you Tuesday! I will most likely need a nap.

P.S. I hate getting political, opinionated, or controversial in general (life’s too short! Let’s agree to disagree), but regardless of what your inclinations or influence is, I thought this was a pretty well thought-out and generally agreeable post: Don’t Be a Jerk About Twerk